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  1. I love the movie, song and dance and the message of Alex coming out to his father that he is a ‘dancer‘
  2. if the story was in Australia then it could drink booze legally
  3. I’m just starting my first story, it’s going take me a while for me to make the first chapter since I’m a amateur but I hope with some help and editing I could have it summited here 

  4. ha it reminds me of those FBI shirts you can get at men gag shops.
  5. Gypseytails

    Chapter 34

    I can’t but to wonder what Wesley’s own pack would look like. I do hope comicality builds the arch more.
  6. Gypseytails

    Chapter 31

    Great chapter as always, see ya again next year
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Hello Gypseytails! We don't hear from you often enough. All of your comments so far have had meaning and encouraged the authors mentioned. You should I think try one of our chat room threads, you have some to say to say and many would love to discus/exchange thoughts with you. Try it, you have nothing to loose and might find a kindred spirit.

    This note today is to wish you a Happy Birthday and that you have a great and wonderful celebration. Take care, be well.


    Only good thoughts


  9. My favourite charcter is again kiorl since I'm a furry lol and I like vruuaska since is a pup with a adult fox body very cute. I got to say that Jahke is very good fap material hehe.
  10. Hello Sasha and guys, I like how some of the couples is breaking the normal erotic story cliche of the demon that's the dominant and human that's submission and some couples turn that on it's head.
  11. Gypseytails

    Chapter 7

    Hello Sasha please forgive me, I dont really used to making reviews but I got to tell you that I love your series and your latest story and it chapters. I like how you have give the demons that they are their own persons but they are still demons and I like how it shows the difference relationships in the underworld. My fave character so far is kiosk (I'm a furry, figures lol) I also like the edging over arching plot with the son vs father and hope there's going be a epic fight hehe. Anyway enough of me thanks again.
  12. Gypseytails

    Chapter 29

    Com you was the first author and Savage moon that I followed when I first started reading gay stories and showed to me that erotic fiction can have more then a simple porn story plot. More to me Savage moon is like a drug dealer that I haven't seen for a while and got me on back, I need my SM fix X3 other then that the latest chapter is ace note: This is my first review yay
  13. In Austraila, Aussies would usually go to the beach for a Christmas picnic lunch or go. To the park to have a picnic lunch or use the barbie to grill snags
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