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  1. such a great idea for a story but..... Brady was forgiven much too quickly. Nes tried to kill himself for God's sake. This could have been developed much much more. Nes should have been very fearful about letting Brady back into into his life. Very fearful.
  2. 7letcher


    ok...ok.. Let me say this. when a writer can reach through my computer screen and let me cry until my nose clog and my head hurt then you know you have found a fucking good writer. That scene with the mother in the supermarket did me in. wow.
  3. 7letcher

    From the Ashes

    Wow! You made me burn dinner! This was so engaging i forgot i was cooking. oh well.
  4. 7letcher

    Chapter 6

  5. 7letcher

    Chapter 1

    At the end there i was like, "Bumbo clawwt!! lol (hope there is no one here who understands my cussing so no one will be offended. LOL. Nice.
  6. I cant choose a story to read based on just the title. This is all i am getting when i want to choose a story to read. I would love a listing of stories with a little synopsis of what the story is about. It may be possible too that i am not very familiar with the platform. Help.
  7. Thank you soooo much Laura. I am in Quarantine in Jamaica and you made it so much easier. your story was just fantastic. i am gonna go read every damn thing i can find that you wrote. By the way, i have not signed in for a few years now. i did just to make a comment.
  8. 7letcher

    Chapter 39

    Why don't you write anymore?? You are so goooooooood! Please start writing again or if you are but not on this site please tell me where i can find you. I really miss you.
  9. 7letcher

    Chapter 23

    You are too good of a writer, i have not seen anything from you in a while. Whats happening?
  10. 7letcher

    Chapter 11

    I love this story. It is so well written and I really love the guys.
  11. 7letcher

    Chapter 2

    Why is it going so fast?
  12. I wish, wish, wish that you would complete this story. It is sooooooooooooo damn good!
  13. 7letcher


    Honestly, i started reading this and i was like, 'yes, a good read!', then it started to go south. The characters just became unbelievable in the end. Tracy, for one became the nanny for everyone's kids after they treated him like shit. It also became too 'syrupy'. My God, everybody loved everybody and although there were toddlers about everybody behaved.
  14. Wow!! Bracing for hurricane Matthew in Jamaica!! Damn it is huge!! I am normally a calm person but shit this system is huge!!

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    2. 7letcher


      Thanks Val.


    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      I remember playing in flooded streets after a hurricane when I was 6 or 7. Funny how 50 years later my perspective has changed. Living through Andrew may have had something to do with that. Let's hope Jamaica and Cuba survive with no loss of life and Florida escapes the fury of Mother Nature.

    4. 7letcher


      My kids are like "Yaaaaaaay!! No school, no school!" When you are a kid you have parents who worry for you. lol.


  15. 7letcher

    Chapter 41

    I read this story to see a little bit more of Davis and Ellis but i fell in love with this story. I think it is finished here.
  16. 7letcher

    Chapter 3

    Thank you Canuk for the kind words. I have always wanted to do this. Just do it, is my advice to you. It also helps me to relax, I've realized so it is a win, win hobby.
  17. 7letcher

    Chapter 7

    Spikey, I am happy that I still have your interest. Thanks for the meaningful and insightful comments; believe me, I am learning a lot as I go along.
  18. 7letcher

    Chapter 2

    Why thank you, my darling.
  19. When the Christmas break was over Nathaniel started the year high on his overpowering feelings towards Dane. There were days when Nathaniel felt that it just could not get any better and Dane topped himself yet again; surprising Nathaniel with simple things that sent him over the moon. Even his mom was softening towards him. “Hmm, he is caring, I’ll admit that”, she observed, when she came home to see Dane taking care of him when he got sick. She was even civil to him on occasions as he was now allowed to wait in the living room when they had dates. At school, Lana was questioning who t
  20. Nathaniel's good mood lasted for the whole night. He was singing in the shower, smiling while re-reading Dane's messages, touching his lips while smiling and worst of all he laid on his back, on his bed, and replayed the conversation that they had in the car, over and over again in his head. At some point he forced himself to open his Geography textbook and got some studying done for his exams tomorrow. Dane and his sexy kisses were never too far from his mind. Nathaniel woke up thirty minutes before his alarm went off and dashed around his room, taking great care with how he looked to
  21. 7letcher

    Chapter 4

    WHEW! I wanted to get Dane off the "creepy, stalker list". You are going to find out more about him in the next chapter. Thanks for the review.
  22. 7letcher

    Chapter 3

    Thank you for the advice Spikey. I need it. Damn! Writing a story is not as easy as I thought before I started. I realize that Dane has reached into "stalker zone". Going to try to redeem him though. lol. Thanks again.
  23. O.K, O.K, deep breath, just calm the fuck down. Nathaniel listened to his internal monologue. He took deep breaths and tried to clear his head of the Cab.....no, Dane, he reminded himself. He moved away from the door and walked briskly to the refrigerator where he gulped down water. He, Nathaniel George Farafax, made out with a taxi driver who he had met only a few minutes before!! Oh my God!! What the fuck was going on with him, anyway? It seems as if the closer he got to eighteen the more shit he gets himself into. He prided himself on being dependable, reliable and predictable for f
  24. "Ho... How.. How did you..........?" Nathaniel used his hands to finish the question. "How did I know your name? Well, you can thank your mom for that. She either thinks i am deaf or do not speak the English language". He finished with a wide smile which did strange things to Nathaniel's insides. "I know a lot more, but i can't give away all of my secrets on the first meeting, now can I?" He licked his lips and glanced at Nathaniel's for a second, he then turn his attention back to controlling the car as they moved slowly out of the park towards the outskirts of town. As Nathaniel tried
  25. "Time is up, ladies and gentlemen. Please remain in your seats while your transcripts are being collected and remember that you are not allowed to converse with anyone until you are outside. Thank you." The white haired, elderly lady spoke in a clear voice as a few other invigilators started to collect the papers. Nathaniel took a deep breath and exhaled trough his mouth. Now he can relax. This was his most difficult subject and he believed that he has done well on it. He glanced over his shoulder as his paper was collected and saw Lana rubbing her temple. Nathaniel sighed and remember
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