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    hi Jordn87, glad you stopped by, you have been pretty quiet these last few months. So let me start by wishing you a Happy 31st Birthday, party and all. Make this a year of positive thinking, looking forward and leaving the bad vibes behind you. It may not be easy, few things in life are. But if you keep moving one foot forward and then the next, you will get to where you are going. Which is better than where you were. You have to believe you can and you will. Best wishes to you.


    Take care


  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Yes it’s getting a revamp just like it’s predeccessor
  4. How've you been?

  5. I am sorry I fell off the earth the last few weeks, I will miss you my friend and I will never be able to replace the sage advice and friendship you gave me. 

    1. Dmrman


       Still grieving and Missing you Dear Friend :heart: You are gone but won't be forgotten, your love pushes thru in the darkest moments your words of wisdom in the greatest times of need... your Friendship lingers like sweet perfume .:kiss:and words of hope in you poems still bloom...! Such pleasure and joy of knowing someone as graceful and Kind I do not deserve yet you chose to share it with all who received it... yes missed, yet not forgotten, yes  I am thankful for the moments you shared ... that can not be bought nor sold but given to remember, like the mist of the sea, or the glimmer of the skies, or the soft cries of a baby, all special and Fresh like you...!!! :kiss::kiss::heart::heart:

  6. Jordn87

    Chapter XXII

    I dont understand where this rule came from because it wasn't how I formatted mine and no one said a thing about it but the couple times I had double spacing issues. All did is remove formatting then pst the story in and just make sure no line breaks were in so that the system could automatically put the spaces in. I am sitting on three stories that I havent even bothered to send to the editor because of the format that is required on the story.
  7. Saw it in a thumbnail, and just had to see the real thing.


    Your avatar is adorable, Jordn87 :D 

    1. Wesley8890


      How have you been doing?

  8. Jordn87

    Chapter 10

    So theirs going to be s cross over ? ... lol sorry I couldn’t help my smart assery self
  9. Due to for unforeseen circumstances, my writing has to be placed on hold. I wish I could say when things will pick up, but it just isn't known at this time. 

    1. Wesley8890


      Take your time! It'll be fine

    2. mogwhy


      so sorry to hear this Mr. J, but like Wesley says, we'll be here when you can continue

  10. Yes yes he is, but grief does different things to different people
  11. "MIkeal . . . . . .Mikeal . . . . . . . Mikeal . . . . . . " Mikeal Scrooge slowly sat up and looked around looking for the sound of the voice. It was that exact moment when someone pounded on his office door. Mikeal just about jumped out of his skin, looking up at the clock he noticed it was just about nine pm. Curious as to who would be knocking on his office door at this time of night, Mikeal stood and made his way to the door and whipped it open. Ready to lay into whoever was on the other side, except there was no one there. Sticking his head out Mikeal glanced to his left and then to his right, there was no one in the hallway either. Stepping back Mikeal slammed the door shut, muttering some unkind words under his breath, and turned around to head back to his desk. It was that point that he let a huge scream and took several steps back until he resting against the door. The sight before him could not be real, this was a spirit from a past version of him. Standing there in front of him was a young African American male, somewhere between eighteen and twenty years old. He was decked out in a blue Air Force dress uniform, black polished dress shoes, and a set of ribbons and awards over his left breast pocket. Smiling the young man stepped forward and placed his hand on Mikeal's cheek, the eerie glow from his body lighting up the small office. "It's good to see you again Mikie, but I do not have much time. I am very disappointed in you and your behavior. What happened to my giving and caring lover? Where did the man who would spend a day walking around putting hundred dollar bills into the salvation army buckets so kids could celebrate Christmas? What happened to my man who dressed as Santa Clause and surprised the families at random homeless shelters? Mikeal could see and feel the sadness radiating from the ghost before him. How he hungered for the touch or to be able to touch the man in front of him. The ghost of his pass was not wrong, he had enjoyed doing those little things. What the ghost wasn't realizing, he buried his heart on a cold winter's night five years ago. When the very young man in front of him was slain while serving his fourth tour in Iraq. Eason had loved the service, and if he could save someone from facing the hell of war by volunteering himself, he would gladly do it. What were a couple thousand dollars when you were dating a man willing to risk his life? "Begone spirit, for if you were truly the one I love, you would take me with you! You would know my heart died that day we laid him to rest. My soul died when I held his mom as she sobbed that her only baby was not coming home. Be gone spirit, and do not bother to return. You waste your breath on ears that won't listen." With that Mikeal stepped forward and through the spirit and placed his hands on his desk. He needed something sturdy to hold him up, or what he really wanted was a nice stiff drink. It took him by surprise when he could feel the spirit wrap his arms around him. There was a warmth radiating from the spirit, a warmth that was able to melt little of the iciness that was inside him. Tears began to pour from his eyes, it was hard to be angry at a dead man. Mikeal was finding out that it was even harder to be angry at a spirit. Sadly the warmth pulled away as the spirit stepped back. "I love you, Mikeal! Now to all of eternity, and trust me I never wanted to let you go. Sometimes though the decision to say goodbye isn't ours. I hope you listen to me Mikeal, for there are consequences if you do not. Take care Mikie, and I will always be here!" Slowly the glow faded until the room was plunged into darkness one more time. Mikeal lifted both hands, clenched them into fists, and then slammed them on his desk. Why must he be tortured like this, what was he to do now? It dawned on Mikeal that he must be dreaming, and his irritation began to grow. One thing for sure, he was not going to listen to some stupid dream spirit. Pushing away from the desk he grabs his jacket and leaves the building. The bad thing about winter in Minneapolis was the cold and snow, the good thing was he would not be bothered as everyone with a brain would be inside on a night like this. Briskly he headed down the sidewalk towards the parking lot for downtown, thinking this would of been a good night to use his car service. He was just about to his car when a dirty figure stumbled out of an alleyway and latched onto his arm. Mikeal tried to shrug whoever it was off, but the latched on tighter, Finally, Mikeal was able to place a hand on the person's chest and shove them off. The person was sent stumbling backward and into a pair of garbage cans giving Mikeal the chance to look him over. The man was covered in dirt but still had a very young looking face. He was quite slim and really underdressed for this weather. His clothes appeared to be a very old pair of fatigues. Mikeal's face showed a look of disgust, how dare someone like that touch him? Did this idiot not know who he was? Turning back towards the parking area Mikeal was just about to start walking again when the stranger started to speak. "Please sir, may I bother you for a few dollars? I am fresh out of the military and have no job or home to return to. My ex-took everything and ran while I was overseas. I am cold and hungry, I just need a little help get back on my feet!" Mikeal scoffed and took off at a brisk pace. More filth asking for his money, maybe if they learned how to work and plan they wouldn't be in this situation. Once in his car, Mikeal took a second to check his phone, his face became a puzzled look as he noticed the clock was going backward. Tossing his phone over his shoulder onto the back seat, he blew it off to a defect in the stupid phone. Backing carefully up, he sped out of the lot and back towards his penthouse apartment. His desire for this stupid holiday to be over with growing by the minute.
  12. Well then you all will be happy to know Chap 4 will be finished off tomorrow night
  13. Sitting in the hospital room holding a small teenage girl, somewhere between fourteen and fifteen, in his lap as they waited for all the lab tests to come back. Luna Tamere was eight years old when she was sold to that piece of filth Van Jordan. Her parents were willing to sell her for few thousand dollars and a few pounds of heroin. Odin let a small smile slip as he made a mental note to stop to visit the lovely couple, there were several forms they needed to sign. Next on his list was to find that piece of scum Van Jordan and take great pleasure in coming up with a million a different ways of torture but not kill the man. Oh, the man was going to face death, but first, he would admit, publicly to everything he had done to these innocent kids. The thing Odin wanted the most is revenge for Luna, this young girl had melted his heart. Odin loved children but always assumed he would be everyone’s favorite uncle. That was until he met Micah, the man made him want to retire and find a house and a white picket fence. A sudden burst of vibration had Odin reaching into his pocket pulling out his phone, noticing he had received a text from an unknown number. Unlocking his phone he opens the message, the image inside making his blood boil. Another burst of vibrations brought another message, this one making his heart drop. The image was Micah in his hotel room naked, looking like he had just stepped out of the shower. A towel draped over his head, his five feet nine-inch muscled body looking incredibly sexy. Who in the hell had taken this picture? Odin himself had made sure the hotel that Jared and Micah were staying in had been swept for bugs and other devices The text below the picture though, that was the real chilling part, and one that left no mistake in who took the picture. Hey tall and stupid! I see you found my little present for you. Isn't she the sweetest? Have you tried her skills yet? Oh, wait you’re a pathetic fag like my son. Though you have good taste, and even though I prefer boys to men I will have to make an exception in this case. You will hurt before I end you, soon he will be mine and I am sure I can think of a few things to do with him Looking at the dry erase board hanging on the wall in the hospital room, Odin noticed the date, March 1st 2019, an idea of a plan to keep his friends and especially Micah safe formed in his mind. In a couple of months his best friends would be walking down the aisle, unfortunately now he would not be able to do that. This plan was going to be odd but he couldn’t risk Micah’s safety. A stirring and a whimper from the youth in his lap was all he needed to confirm he was making the right choice. Searching through his phone he found Micah’s number, hoping the smaller man would be up for his plan. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Colby couldn’t help but take a couple extra turns and making sure to long the way back to Isaac’s house. The older man had held on tight, and Colby really enjoyed the feeling. Coming down the street Colby instantly noticed the cars his partners were hidden in. A couple were stationed in a cable van, a couple more dressed up as a power company worker’s working on a line, couple more were acting like construction workers a couple blocks over. The house was completely surrounded by Defenders, but Colby could not shake the feeling that danger was near. Pulling into the driveway he parked his bike off to the side, glancing up he instantly fell in love with Isaac’s home. A two-story home that was bright and inviting from the curb. It looked very much like a home and not a mansion. A two car garage and a big front yard that was just made for kids to play in completed the homey look. Getting off the bike he helped Isaac with the helmet before attaching it to his bike. Following behind Isaac they headed for the door, and had just barely made it in when Isaac was tackled by two blurs knocking him backwards against the door. Dropping to a knee Isaac wrapped an arm around the boys, but left himself vulnerable for the final member of their family. Bounding from around the corner came an English Mastiff, Colby chuckled as the dog tried to stop but skated on the hardwood floor right into the pile of Isaac and the boys. The great big pink tongue gave Isaac a large lick. It took the pile a few seconds before everyone turned toward Colby, the dog and children’s heads cocking to the side. Colby heart melted at the site of the small family, making a silent vow to himself that he would give his life before harm met any of them. “Hi boys! I’m -”
  14. I can't wait for people to read the next chapter of In Search Of :) Though  I might need to hide from @Wesley8890 again hahaha 

    1. Wesley8890


      Oh god cliffhanger! Its OK I've been building a resistance to them:P

  15. he is an ass isnt he? I am glad you enjoyed this part. I was trying to keep enough similarities to bring up memories of a Christmas Carol while making it my own

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