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  1. Please don't leave this ending, Praveen is amazing character and deserves a better ending then this. Whether its with Santiago or Antonio ending up alone and saddened. I truly believe this story hasn't reached its end yet.
  2. 20 Years Ago…… Leader had never felt such grief in his life, both his mate and himself could feel the moment their child had passed from this world. “daideó what's going on?” The soft little voice pulling him from his thoughts. Looking over at the ginger hair little boy, Leader could feel an immense love swell from within. Anlon, his and his mate’s pride and joy was their only grandchild. Destined to help lead this pack, the young boy was placed in courses to enhance his abilities to be the next Beta. Now all that seemed lost, especially with the death of…. “Oh, little one it's ju
  3. Jordn87

    Midnight Run

    Growing up as a wolf shifter with no pack was hard for Anlon O'Connor, harder yet was having a grandfather who did not want to give you any clues to your past. Having been raised by his grandparents. Anlon only knows bits and pieces of his past, something that made him and his wolf feel incomplete. Now his grandfather has passed and the most handsome of strangers has appeared. Will the stranger answer his questions about the past?
  4. Ten Years Later ....... Lights off, empty bar, and a life full of love. Nessay and Brady were both lost in their thoughts as they stood in the doorway of the bar. It had been goon long run owning it, now they were ready to move to the countryside and slow down their pace of life. Flipping on the switch, Nessay's eyes focused on a small keychain hanging above the til. Hanging there was a small stuffed Moogle holding a heart with the word love on it. A tear slowly falling from his eye. grabbing Brady's hand he pulled him into the building before throwing himself into his arm
  5. The big idiot, who did he think he is? I am not some child to be sent away to his room when I am not needed. I certainly did not need some big oaf being a bodyguard or babysitter. Though I suppose me struggling uselessly on his shoulder really isn’t doing much to show how mature I am. Though that big idiot makes me so mad, I thought we had made progress on our relationship. When I get my hands on him he will never be able to have kids again, and will need a permanent ice bag on his balls. One thing for sure, I wasn’t leaving here without him. “Hey uh agent sir you really don’t need to car
  6. Sometimes Odin Stormbringer really loved his job, and other times, like tonight assignment, it was really awkward. He was watching the video feed of Nessay Rodriguez’s house. For the last three months, him and his team had made it a priority to protect and watch out for the young man. Being forced to watch the video of his friend try to be dominant with his lover, something he considered hot but hilarious as well. There was such an innocence about Nessay, he truly brought out the best in the people around him. He had wondered what life would've been like if he would of met Nessay before going
  7. Hello all, 

    I am sorry I have been away for so long, I had always promised my self I would never be that guy thats starts something and never finishes it. I have had a rough last couple of years, but now I am ready to get back into. 


    Chapter 1 of Songs of my heart has undergone a massive redo with new scenes and a little bit of rewording. The story is going to go a little different route then it did the first time. Please give ti a reread and let me know what you think. 


    hi Jordn87, glad you stopped by, you have been pretty quiet these last few months. So let me start by wishing you a Happy 31st Birthday, party and all. Make this a year of positive thinking, looking forward and leaving the bad vibes behind you. It may not be easy, few things in life are. But if you keep moving one foot forward and then the next, you will get to where you are going. Which is better than where you were. You have to believe you can and you will. Best wishes to you.


    Take care


  9. How've you been?

  10. I am sorry I fell off the earth the last few weeks, I will miss you my friend and I will never be able to replace the sage advice and friendship you gave me. 

  11. Jordn87

    Chapter XXII

    I dont understand where this rule came from because it wasn't how I formatted mine and no one said a thing about it but the couple times I had double spacing issues. All did is remove formatting then pst the story in and just make sure no line breaks were in so that the system could automatically put the spaces in. I am sitting on three stories that I havent even bothered to send to the editor because of the format that is required on the story.
  12. Saw it in a thumbnail, and just had to see the real thing.


    Your avatar is adorable, Jordn87 :D 

    1. Wesley8890


      How have you been doing?

  13. Jordn87

    Chapter 10

    So theirs going to be s cross over ? ... lol sorry I couldn’t help my smart assery self
  14. Due to for unforeseen circumstances, my writing has to be placed on hold. I wish I could say when things will pick up, but it just isn't known at this time. 

    1. Wesley8890


      Take your time! It'll be fine

    2. mogwhy


      so sorry to hear this Mr. J, but like Wesley says, we'll be here when you can continue

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