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  1. I was really hoping the pandemic would be left out of this story. I have really enjoyed this series but will probably quit reading it now as I have done with a couple other stories where this virus has come in to the story. The stories I read are for enjoyment and as an escape from the real world for a time. We hear and live thru enough of this pandemic with out it being in our entertainment. At least that is how I feel. Of course the author is in charge of what he writes. Q
  2. quttzik

    The Open Highway

    Loving the story found it a couple days ago and couldn’t stop reading. I did find the one part pretty frustrating where everyone jumped Jamie after the Sam incident. But that’s behind them now and Jamie and Ben are getting married Woot! So glad to see they were able to work things out and get it together. Can’t wait for more.
  3. Yeah wow okay. So Jamie met up with Sam sure probably not the smartest move. But nothing even really happened. Sam tried to kiss him and Jamie stopped it big fricking deal. I think everyone really really really over reacted to this Jamie included but that’s just Jamie always in his head. I think Ben well maybe at first would have been upset he should’ve realized that Jamie didn’t even allow the kiss to happen that should have shown Ben that Jamie was all his. Nobody even really seemed to acknowledge that Jamie stopped the whole thing and just jumped him for being stupid.
  4. quttzik

    Eyes And Ears

    I’ll be sure to look that up thanks for the suggestion.
  5. quttzik

    Dark Chills

    Billy saw him talking to Toby on the cams probably. And hmm I was thinking Anita was Goldman’s mom but perhaps the other commenter is right it’s Rhy’s mom that kinda makes sense with what she said at the end there before she was laid out by Billy. Great Story Laura look forward to the rest I just found this story yesterday and binged it to this point now am actually wishing I wouldn’t have found it until it was finished because know I’m in the same boat as everyone else having to wait lol. Q
  6. quttzik

    Eyes And Ears

    I was just thinking this after reading another comment. Just started reading this story today. I’m hooked and will binge read to catch up to the current chapter. I love mysteries/thriller/horror like Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and Stephen King to name a few. I would say this story rates right up there. I think at this point in time Billy is a PI hired by Ora. This thought brought on by the long conversation they shared. Or it could be that Billy was hired by someone else and was trying to get intel from Ora. But I agree Billy knows to much just to be an Avid fan. off t
  7. quttzik

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start to this new story will be reading to see where it goes.
  8. quttzik

    Chapter 30

    Great story. I agree it’s over way to soon. Perhaps if you have time a new book could pick up on the boys lives. I always hate coming to an end of a great story I become attached to the characters as I’m sure it’s the same for you the writer. Alas all good things have to end somewhere. I loved again that this story was set in my area it was cool to see them making trips to Pittsburgh which I mentioned on the first chapter is 2 hours south of where I live and I have been there often but also their trips to Erie which is only about 50 minutes north from me and usually where I end up to sh
  9. quttzik

    Chapter 1

    Hmm I have a bad memory I want to say I read that but I would have to go back and read some again to see. Sometimes having the bad memory comes in handy because then I can reread a story lol
  10. quttzik

    Chapter 1

    White Tailed deer, Black bear, Coyote, Red fox, Grey fox. For the bigger animals. Chipmunks, squirrel, weasels, mink, possible river otters, rabbits bats, shrew to name a few. im about an hour northwest of Clarion 2 hours north of Pittsburgh. It’s cool finding stories set in my local area doesn’t happen often but occasionally. Off the top of my head tho I can only think of one other I have read W.A.R by jkwsquirrel tok place in the city of Donora in the Monongahela River area.
  11. quttzik

    Chapter 2

    I’m glad you didn’t post all at once even if I say I can’t wait. Otherwise I would just rush through the story. And I like the suspense of having to wait also. Even though I complain about having to do so from time to time lol.
  12. quttzik

    Chapter 2

    Well so far everyone feels the house is good, but if that is the case why did so many people decide not to buy after a tour through? The house or something in it was looking for the right person to live there possibly. Animals are usually a good judge about things to and moped seems to like it there too. Stupid posting rules lol. I can’t wait for the next installment it will be exciting to see what will happen as the boys spend 4 days here.
  13. quttzik

    Chapter 1

    Awesome I’ve been waiting for this one to come along. Been checking for the last few days. It’s so nice to visit with the boys again. I personally have to thank you for going COVID free I’ve had a couple stories I have been reading for quite a while now that has added that into the story and with it being what it is it’s just even more depressing to read it in something I’m using to escape reality a bit. I’m still reading one of the stories but I don’t how much longer I will be. I would hate to see Charlie and the gang dealing with this problem. And besides with all the entities they
  14. Hmm not sure how I missed the new book. I just discovered it Sunday. Actually I don’t know how you got unfollowed because I know I was following you through all the other books and I never unfollowed but whatever. I was so excited to see another Hotel story I have missed them all so thank you for continuing the series. So much happening as usual and even a couple new family members. Sorry to hear about your vision problems but I can sympathize a bit I am a diabetic and have double vision issues recently it makes it hard to read sometimes so I can just imagine what it’s like to wri
  15. quttzik


    Great finish to this chapter of the story. I was thinking what Harry proposed or Samson after the o2 performance. I think it would to both him and Tyler and what better way for Tyler to overcome his fears then working with one of his idols. Ash is happy sure he has some things that will take time since his coming out wasn’t planned or expected so sure there is the media thing to handle but it looks like 2 weeks away from everything and everyone will him set himself and Marcus up for dealing with that. I know Cliff was overly angry when it happened and it couldn’t be proved who leaked t
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