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  1. quttzik


    Great finish to this chapter of the story. I was thinking what Harry proposed or Samson after the o2 performance. I think it would to both him and Tyler and what better way for Tyler to overcome his fears then working with one of his idols. Ash is happy sure he has some things that will take time since his coming out wasn’t planned or expected so sure there is the media thing to handle but it looks like 2 weeks away from everything and everyone will him set himself and Marcus up for dealing with that. I know Cliff was overly angry when it happened and it couldn’t be proved who leaked the photo, so I’m taking it Cliff ended it with Ash? Whatever it’s good to see Ash no longer under his label. I see a lot of possibilities for another book to this story so here’s to hoping it’s in your plans at some point to continue so we know how things work for Samson and Tyler as they attempt there duo. And also what route Ash decides on would love to see Cliffs reaction when/if he signs with Tyler’s label or even Samson’s. Or then there is still the 2Good offer and that may work well for him for a while. Any way whatever you decide we can either imagine how things turn out for ourselves or you will write a new book and tell us how it turns out. Thanks for another great read and I look forward to reading whatever is next for you. Q
  2. quttzik

    The Dream Team

    Hmm Good way to think about that I guess. That thought didnt cross my mind tho when I read it the first time.
  3. quttzik

    The Dream Team

    Wow its about time Samson way to go finally listening and admitting how and why you felt like you did to Tyler and then sincerely apologizing even admitting to locking him out at the Stardust. I know sometimes people just instantly rub us the wrong way but you hadnt even met him at that point. And you did a great thing by inviting him to sing with you at the o2. I am sure that will go a long way with helping him with his fears. Oh no I always hate to see that message ONE CHAPTER TO GO.... I always hate seeing stories come to an end. I guess in a way to you the author thats a good thing it shows that the story has captivated the audience and is a great story to hold the interest and them wanting more. Thanks for another great story Q
  4. quttzik

    The Kiss

    Well I’m taking Hanks opinion on this and waiting to see if they actually follow thru. It will be great if they do but it doesn’t seem to fit Ms Roy. Ash may be in trouble now I’m glad tho to see him try and fix things with Marcus.
  5. quttzik


    WOW WOW! Both our singers got some balls in this chapter. I am very happy with what I read in this chapter. I am glad Samson’s team stood with him and they are finally putting his social media accounts to work for him. I understand how he feels about wanting to call Roy out personally but I think it’s a good thing they mentioned just the company as a whole instead that way it’s not really defamation of character. And Tyler my man WTG. Flo needed cut down a peg or 10 glad to see you sent her packing there are other managers out there that can help you even more and consider your thoughts and feelings as you go. So many hits and #1’s out there I’m sure there is a manager for you.
  6. quttzik

    One Last Dance

    Hmm. Cliff already screwed Ash with his next budget if it’s not in his contract about coming out then screw it and just do it. I’m not sure if that’s something that would be in there or not. But perhaps that would be enough for Cliff to drop him. Instead of ash having to break the contract.
  7. quttzik

    A Bold Move

    Good glad Samson stood his ground now he just needs to put social media to work for him. If not boycotting the radio stations perhaps go after the event. He really should have said something to Ash when they were on the phone but that probably wouldn’t have done much good because of Cliff. Ash is on the right track too.... Get the heck out from under Cliffs label he’s a real piece of work. He and Miss Roy should be a thing. Gonna try to wait patiently for the next chapter
  8. Wow did I really beat Wesley for the first comment... kinda exciting since this is the first time on any story I’ve been first poster.
  9. Cliff Sanders an egotistical bass. Ash was right tho if he would have left things alone with the release date chances are he would have had 1s on the charts. I am not big on how the business things work in the entertainment industry I know they have contracts and such what I do know all comes from the stories I read. But ash I think needs a new label let’s hope his contract is almost up and he goes somewhere else. hmm Samson so he hits number 2 on the charts I’m happy his hard work paid off for him but I’m still disappointed in him and his thing with Tyler jealousy does things to people they wouldn’t normally do. I know a lot f it is probably due to his family and him wanting to prove himself to them but still.
  10. quttzik


    Hmm again Samson is on my nerves... I was thinking what travelbug stated everyone has to start somewhere.. And Tyler I’m sure didn’t ask to do the Award show or have much to say about his album release date... So here is Samson telling Ash that he figured it was an order from higher up and yes he wasn’t thrilled with the idea he’s still friendly with Ash and all snubbish with Tyler. I’m sure it’s the same with Tyler that is after all what the label and his b of a manger are for setting all those dates and appearances. Again a lot happening in this chapter Stacey being upset, The members of 2good showing up and posing a reunion album. certainly looking forward to more Q
  11. Wow my expectations for this chapter was just so far exceeded. I love this story and the guys but this chapter all I can say is wow. I have read pretty much everything you have posted here and I have enjoyed them all I’m looking forward to more Barnstable an more of the Preachers kid. I need to go back and check out Johnny breeze my memory is not so great any more but that can be a good thing when I reread a story and it’s like new to me lol. And certainly looking forward to more Grey and Rafe. With hopefully some news of Lucas in there too with how things are going for him. Thanks for the great stories Geoff Q
  12. Hmm. Not sure what I am thinking about Samson right now. In one way yes it was shameful what he did but that spot had also been shamefully pulled from him. But I think when Samson finally meets Tyler things will be better. Tyler needs to be finding a new manager I mean Florence is a cold hearted person. It wasn’t right what she did at all nice to see his mother stand up for him there. Looking forward to more.
  13. Yay can’t wait. Oh there’s the impatience again guess I just have to wait I’m not the author lol.
  14. Oh what a cliffy. Right in the middle of the award show.... Need more story soon sooner then soon lol sorry my impatience showing there. I wil go be a wallflower and wait or we’ll try to patiently. love the story.
  15. quttzik

    Handling It

    Ok I’m ready for the next chapter already lol. Hmm a bit greedy I am. So much happening in this chapter so fast. Well we know it has to happen fast. Not sure what I am more excited to read about in the next chapter. Grey and his mom or Grey and Sanchez. Gonna be an exciting chapter. Thanks Geoff
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