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  1. Happy Birthday, Albert! It's a pleasure to have you in our lives, buddy!
  2. Interesting question, Zombie. Here's my two cents. I believe I have done this from the beginning. As much as the characters are inside my head, I do my best to get in theirs. I not only want, but need to understand the people I'm writing about. Whether it makes it fully onto the page, there is always a backstory I explore in my mind. I need to understand why they act the way they do, or their motives and reasons for being how they are. I would suspect that is the way of a lot of writers. It's easy for a reader to see the opposite, when an author is struggling to pin down their characters, because a character usually acts 'out of character,' leaving us scratching our heads and saying WTF. That said, some characters are totally or partially unpredictable, but I feel as long a readers understand that about them, it can be okay in moderation. I always keep in mind characters are a part of a reader's life for a time, and they want to feel they really know them. You mention speech patterns and I think that is intrinsic to how I write. I hear my character's voices clearly, and I hear their little speech idiosyncrasies. Never has it been as important as in my latest story, Sidewinder, set in the Old West. I must be a method writer, because I find myself using the western dialect and sayings of my characters in my everyday thinking and speaking. Cheers!
  3. Christmas is going to be really difficult for me, but the main thing is to stay safe, and know my kids and their families are having good Christmases in their homes.
  4. Hi, Tink! The whole world needs to make a concerted effort.
  5. Happy Thursday, all. Nice, dull day here. Feels like more rain to come.
  6. Headstall


    "Jesus in a bucket" ? LOL. So, Dad is a steamroller who makes Rick's life hell. His only concern should be that is son is well and happy... I didn't hear any of that from the man. Poor Rick. Such a kind man, he is. I've chased chickens, and it's not fun. Another great chapter, Parker... cheers!
  7. Hey, Demented! Welcome, and happy writing... and reading... Gary
  8. Lol. Yes, a Bette Davis slap might be a bit extreme. Right, no more comments from me on dropping shoes... but I try every day to keep the faith that we will return to normal one day, and I can hug my kids and grandkids. Thanks for the support, buddy...
  9. Welcome, Aaron! There's always plenty of room at GA. Good luck with your writing... cheers... Gary....
  10. Ah... great quote for what's happening here. I love that song. It's okay if you want to slap them, David, but I find myself mostly wanting to hug the pair of them. Like you, I am strongly attached to these characters, and to be honest, I don't know exactly what it is either. Boone broke my heart as soon as he entered my head... I pictured him as a little fella, mostly fending for himself and watching a strange world go by. His mother was a tragic figure, and I don't think he was ever happy until he met Coy, and now he's leaving him, and an incredible friendship. Coy has been under the influence of his mother and his brother for much of his life, and he has known consistent tragedy himself, with the loss of everyone he loved... Boone was his rock... the one who he could always count on.... So, yeah, I get the emotion... I wrote this as a means to escape the reality of the pandemic, and my emotions were pretty raw during the whole process. Actually, not much has changed in that respect... it's like I'm holding my breath, waiting for some shoe to drop. Anyway, I'm glad you feel the connection you do for both of them... they've lived full lives already, but they are still young... and there is lots of life left to be lived. Cheers, my friend, and thank you for sharing... Gary....
  11. No, it isn't. Just talked to him and he's putting me on two different ear drops... said the amoxicillin wouldn't work on the bacteria the other doctor found in my ear. He also said the amoxicillin could have CAUSED a yeast buildup... so I have to go on drops for that. I wanted an oral antibiotic but he said zithro wouldn't work either... it did last time, so I'm confused. What the hell kind of bacteria is this? If it doesn't work I have to go in and see him in a week to ten days.
  12. No... amoxicillin didn't work last time I had an ear infection either... I had to go on a stronger one.
  13. Morning/evening, all! Waiting for a call from my doctor. My ears are acting up again, and there's a bit of swelling on my face. This telehealth thing is convenient... I don't know if he'll make me come in after I talk to him, or just prescribe me a stronger antibiotic.
  14. Hey, Brokenbind! I'm a sentimental guy too, and I don't like to see them parting, but it's what's happening. Both men are definitely sad, and I suspect most readers are too... but there are journeys ahead. This is Boone's story, but I won't leave you in the dark about where Coy's path takes him... I promise. Thanks so much for sharing how you feel... this is the best part of posting on GA for me. Cheers... Gary....
  15. Hey, spikey! Yeah, feedback helps me a lot, and not just for the story. It helps with my motivation and state of mind overall, particularly with the the way the world is now, and I appreciate you and other readers sharing your thoughts with me... but only do so if you want to. As far as the punch, we haven't had an exact play by play, but the fact it followed their one and only kiss is clearly something that has a message in it. I'm with you... if Someone punched me, it would be hasta la vista baby. Boone may opine on the kiss at some point, but for now, all we know is he stuck with Coy... and he thinks his presence confuses his friend. It was definitely a rougher, tougher time back then, but these are best friends, so I'm sure it was a shock. I agree it would seem they should have talked about it more, but the conversation was pretty revealing as it was. I think we get a hint of something when Coy mentioned Will keeping an eye on him, but yeah, it wasn't much of an explanation. The most revealing thing from Boone was that Coy didn't speak to him for weeks. Imagine how that must have made Boone feel after the fact. I would throw one other thing into the mix... the fact Coy was raised by a god fearing woman who had strong beliefs and opinions... and Boone had already felt the sting of that when he lived in her house... just saying.... I'm pleased to hear you feel bad for Coy. Of course he feels like he's held his friend back... and he's refusing to go with him out of care for him. As I said to someone else, it is a noble thing... even if maybe not wise. The separation is happening, buddy, and none of us like to see it... but there is a journey ahead... and not just for Boone. How will these two men fare? That's for me to tease. Thanks again for taking the time to give me feedback, spikeman... I hope the story isn't driving you crazy. Oh, and next Monday there is a double length chapter. Cheers... G.
  16. I won't. Still feeling rundown from the ear infection.
  17. Microwave... and a convection oven, but my daughter is giving me the one I gave to her. I bought it for her a couple of years ago, and she hasn't used it much. I already have the new light fixture, taps, and sink... but still have to install them... lots of work to do yet.
  18. Couldn't have said this better myself. Thanks, spyke! What I meant about instant gratification is that impatience has replaced 'savoring' for some with regards to some entertainment, but yes, a 'true' reader anticipates each page, and mulls over what he/she reads. I must admit, though, I do get affected by readers in turmoil over something in my stories, and I wish sometimes I could ease that, but I can't be all things to all readers. One thing I never do is play with readers... not intentionally... yes, my work can be cerebral, but I always try to keep the characters true to who they are. There is little so disappointing as having a favored character do something that doesn't make any sense at all, like it's just thrown in for drama's sake. That's when I'll stop reading too. That doesn't mean my characters will always act the way we might want them to... I like writing flawed characters... but they will be consistent in who they are. As far as cliffhangers, it's easy to tell when they are contrived... some are absolutely necessary, but I try to keep mine to a minimum. I don't believe in torturing readers. Thank you so much for the kind words... I take my responsibility as an author seriously, and want to feel pride when a story is done, but feel free to criticize (nicely) if you feel strongly about something I've done. Again, thank you for your thoughts... I can't hear enough that readers find quality in my work.
  19. Headstall


    Reminded me of Rick too. It's a great poem in its entirety, but I found it sad. It is so commonplace, and maybe it's what's needed at the time, but what is he left with? "Accomplished" in the final verse kind of stung me. Very evocative, Parker.
  20. Sunny but chilly morning. Happy Tuesday, all. My new air cleaner for the basement was delivered. One more level of safety for when my son moves back in.
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