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  1. It's today for me too. Happy Father's day, bro. I already got my saw a while back as my present they all went in on. My oldest just called and said her hubby wanted to go out on the boat with the kids but she was going to come see me... I told her to go on the boat with her family. It's a beautiful day, and she can come to see me Monday or another day. I saw my oldest son and his family last evening, and my youngest daughter is coming to see me today. My youngest son is working right now, but he lives in the basement so I'll see him when he gets home.
  2. Happy Sunday, all! I should be able to book my accelerated second dose at midnight. Fingers crossed I can get Pfizer. Ontario dropped the recommendation(if possible) to get the same second dose as the first.
  3. Headstall

    Liam's story

    What a great surprise, northie. Witty, clever, harsh, bitter, gut-wrenching, and impossibly romantic... and as hot as it was amusing. I absolutely loved this. This short little journey through El's head had me spinning about with the quick sprinkles of madness, my emotions not quite able to keep pace, yet the step behind allowed for a better punch. Marvelous. I'm going to read this again. Cheers... Gary....
  4. Headstall


    Child abuse is child abuse, but even worse when racially motivated. This story subject is timely (and upsetting) given the unbelievable horrors coming to light about residential schools. We in Canada have a lot to answer for. How anyone could think separating families in a concerted effort to decimate a culture thought inferior, but was anything but, is shameful. And this all happened under religion's warped sense of what is Christian, and they have much to answer for as well. People have to wake up to organized religion and realize that it doesn't always attract good people. Okay... rant over
  5. Just one more scene and chapter eight will be done.
  6. Thanks, and Happy Birthday to your brother.
  7. My youngest granddaughter turned two today.
  8. Happy Friday, all! I've decided to hold off on getting the Moderna vaccine. Thanks for the input.
  9. Twenty eight days... I'm well past that. I had my first Pfizer dose on April 29th. I have a scheduled second dose for Aug. 19th, but the Ontario government is trying to move them up. I can call and rebook on July 19th. That one would be Pfizer. They keep updating the website... last week is was Aug. 2 before I could rebook. In hot spots, people in my bracket can book for an accelerated second dose already. These drive through clinics near me are offered because we have received a lot of Moderna doses this week.
  10. The Ontario doctors who are on TV every day are saying it's fine to mix them, but they also say data is limited because no clinical studies for mixing doses have been completed yet. But, they say there is no reason to suspect issues. The official Canadian website says both things as well... get the same dose as the first(recommended) but if it's not readily available, it's okay to get the second from a different vaccine. The US FDA recommends getting the same vaccine for both shots. Hence, the confusion... the sooner I get the second dose the sooner I can hold my grandchildren. Three of my kid
  11. Anyone have an opinion about mixing Pfizer and Moderna doses? There is a drive through clinic near me and I could get a second shot this afternoon if I accept the Moderna. I had Pfizer for my first shot.
  12. Definitely creepy. Probably some new kind of killer spider, compliments of Down Under.
  13. Thanks, belisima! Glad you think it a winner. The reaction to this story far exceeded my expectations, and that's an understatement. You're right that life is messy, and I wasn't sure this journey would appeal to readers, but I felt the need to write it. People change... circumstances can make people need to change... and depression is not something we can ignore for long if we want to have a good life. When things hit us all at once we have no choice but to deal. We can only hide for a while before life makes demands. Not everyone gets a smooth ride or has a happy ending, but there are ways t
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