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  1. Happy Sunday, all. A bright, sunny day here.
  2. Hey, Ullyssess! Thank you. A perfect thing to hear on a sunny Sunday morning. Glad you liked it... it was a fun story to write, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Cheers... Gary....
  3. That's too bad, but leftover cottage pie is good. I had vegetable fried rice. Still hungry, though, so I'll have to find something else.
  4. No doubt in my mind you're special.
  5. Headstall

    Chapter 4 Lawman

    I like Sheriff Willard. He represents one of the good men who kept the old west safe for good people. I'm sure there were plenty like him, but there were also some who weren't. He was able to see the truth of what they presented, and knew they were deserving of his good friends' gold. And yes, he gave them good advice, showing he was a caring man. He really was a joy to write. Thanks for another good comment, Tim. I'm starting to get a fix on how readers are feeling about this western. Cheers...
  6. Thanks. I think the proverb fits. You're right that Coy opened Boone's eyes to who he was and what it meant. And yeah, Boone has kept Coy from being influenced by his brother. Integrity is a good word. Boone had made sure Coy kept his integrity, and someday Coy should be thankful for that. The gunny sack and it's contents were what Coy needed to see. There can be no doubt now, or no excuses made for Will. But, it's hard for Coy. I think he is feeling guilt for what his brother did, but he's not responsible. I doubt if he had stood up to Will about his ways, it would have made no difference at all. Will was a killer... no matter where he was or where he went, he would wreak havoc. He was a sidewinder, after all, and though dead, his effects are still being felt. Thanks and cheers... G.
  7. I don't think we can underestimate the religious influences in Coy's life, nor the bad influences of Will. His ma was god-fearing, and Coy carries that within him, and Will was his last brother. Of course he's been torn. Whatever Will's reasons were for Killing Wes and Lee, it was an evil thing to do, and Coy is carrying that as well. That old saying about the heart wants what the heart wants applies here. Maybe Boone could have learned to love Dan, but Coy has his heart... and his concern. The timing was all wrong... and now that things are different, Dan is no more. I'm glad you don't see Boone as being cruel in his directness about calling Will as he saw him. He believes it's what Coy needs. He can't make Will some kind of martyr in his mind... he needs to be thankful Will didn't drag him down... he needs to learn that lesson. I'd say it's working. Coy is coming to terms, now that Will is no longer there to bend his ear. Will obviously had some persuasive abilities where Coy was concerned, and yes, he was a fool, but losing his entire family probably contributed to that. It's going to take some time to sort through his grief, though. Meanwhile, Boone has to make decisions for himself. That's not an easy thing for him either. Appreciate the great comment, Tim... cheers... G.
  8. Yeah, that's exactly right. The wake is for Will's death, on the surface, but the mourning is for more... for the friendship Coy and Boone have shared for five years. I never considered the waking up part, but I reckon it fits. I'd say both men are struggling, and we don't know at this point where Coy is at. Yes, he's waking up to the truth of who Will was, but beyond that is too difficult to speculate. As far as Boone, he's pretty sure of his direction... he may waffle, but he knows he isn't happy. Four people who each played a close part in their everyday life are now dead, and Coy has lost the only family member he had left. I believe there is a lot of muddled thinking. Thanks for commenting, TIm... your thoughts are always perceptive. Cheers... G.
  9. So is mine, but we have to be firm. I don't know if I mentioned this, but there are four new kittens in my barn. They just came out of hiding in the last few days. So, two of them were just on the back veranda, and I managed to pick one up. The little bugger bit and scratched me... but I kept holding him till he calmed down. Then I took him in the barn and let him go. He was a little freaked, but he was okay. I don't know where the other one went, but I heard him meowing, and saw mama cat, so I left them alone. She'll take care of him. One of the kittens is white with big grey polka dots... so freaking cute...
  10. Yeah, I heard from her. She wanted me to see my family doctor so he could check how it looks, but he's off today as well, so that leaves going to emerge. I'm feeling better, so I'm going to finish these antibiotics first and see how I end up. The swelling's down a lot more on my face, so my ears almost match again, and I can hear out of the ear... have been able to for about three hours now. It's not normal, but it's pretty good. The ear still drives me crazy with itchiness and sharp pains, but it's feeling better as the day goes on.
  11. Hi, dugh. I hope you enjoyed your walk.
  12. Dino was great, but I couldn't never get that cat to stay out for the night.
  13. Not yet, but I did get my hearing(some if it) back for a few minutes.
  14. Hey, bro. Yeah, I should stop that. Still haven't heard back from the doctor.
  15. Waiting to hear back from the doctor I saw on Monday... the clinic office called and left a message that the swab found a bacteria in my ear and the doctor wanted to know if the antibiotic pills and eardrops were working. They're not. I told them this was the fourth day, and while the swelling has gone down some, the ear is still very painful, I can't hear out of it, and my throat hurts much worse. I think I need something stronger.
  16. That takeout place in the big cave was the best.
  17. Headstall


    I was on the edge of my seat when Rita was at the restaurant in the morning... felt as trapped as Rick, which is a compliment to your writing. So much relief when he managed to avoid her, and then you do it to me again. *shudders* It was heartbreaking when he kept calling himself an idiot. This man is a mess... and I understand that. Another hard hitting chapter, Parker. I think I would rather drive my car into a ditch than go to dinner with that awful woman, but Rick has to take some of the blame for the position he's been put in. I hope at some point he'll find the courage to rescue himself. Cheers!
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