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  1. Happy Friday, y'all! We are entering a hot stretch here...
  2. Thanks. I tried to pare it down and it ended up at almost 1500 words.
  3. I just wrote something for this, but I don't know if it will be allowed (which is fine). It's at twelve hundred words, and I wouldn't want to condense it. Is a thousand words a hard limit?
  4. 70 F and dark and rainy here. Perfect.
  5. My favorite essential oil is patchouli. It works on bug bites too, and I find the smell calming. Takes me back to the seventies when most of us young people smelled like patchouli.
  6. That's right. You do you, Tink.
  7. Safe travels today, dugh and Mum.
  8. Lol. Trust me, there was nothing sexy about my heavy lifting.
  9. I just replaced my mailbox (and straightened the post) and it was muggy as hell here too. Could hardly breathe by the time I was done... had to carry some really big rocks to brace the post while it sets.
  10. Happy Wednesday, all! Beautiful day here.
  11. Nope. Small SUV with fancy wheels. I ain't bragging, but I'm dragging.
  12. The bigger the car, the smaller the dick.
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