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  1. Definitely creepy. Probably some new kind of killer spider, compliments of Down Under.
  2. Thanks, belisima! Glad you think it a winner. The reaction to this story far exceeded my expectations, and that's an understatement. You're right that life is messy, and I wasn't sure this journey would appeal to readers, but I felt the need to write it. People change... circumstances can make people need to change... and depression is not something we can ignore for long if we want to have a good life. When things hit us all at once we have no choice but to deal. We can only hide for a while before life makes demands. Not everyone gets a smooth ride or has a happy ending, but there are ways t
  3. Thanks... we'll see, buddy. Inspiration is a little different from motivation. The characters inspire me, but staying motivated is something I've been struggling with. I wrote a short story recently, and I took that as a good sign.
  4. Oh crap! Yes I can... yes I can... but... I'll do my best to git er dun. Hey, Dan. I should have known you'd be watching. Seriously, writing has been slow and motivation low, but I'm trying.
  5. Old man Corker appeared to me already completely characterized. I saw him so clearly. Glad you liked him. He illustrates not only the hardships of the times, but also the spirit and determination these pioneers had. I found his good bye to the team very touching too. Those little moments, which show humanity at its best, are what makes both reading and writing so special to me. Yes, they boys have all the pieces now to build a good and happy life with... and yes they have each other. They've found a magical place to call home, and so the story is wrapping up. It just so happens, though,
  6. Headstall

    AOC 1

    A good beginning, Ivor. I like what theme of their project will be. I immediately thought of Windtalkers, and the fact over 400 Navaho were used for their language as a way to communicate in code. They movie on the subject was great. Either way, Native Americans should get their due for their contributions. I can get very passionate about the injustices they have borne from the white man... we in Canada have much to feel guilty for. It's shameful and disgraceful what we've done. Okay, so good character introductions... and their connection felt realistic and believable. Good luck with thi
  7. I will cross my fingers and say yes.
  8. Sounds to me like you've done enough to prove it. Still, you are right to take the second chance exam as a backup.
  9. Ransomware is a huge threat to world stability. Hi, Marty.
  10. Sounds nice. Welcome back, dugh.
  11. Headstall

    Chapter 1 Story

    I liked this, Adi, and I'll tell you why. I could totally relate to Zane and his caution. It can be debilitating, and I think it almost was for him. At some point you have to become the person you're are deep inside, even if you worry that it won't turn out well, or that it will be too late. I thought you handled his mindset beautifully. Some might think he lacked courage, but I don't. I think he took notice of the world around him and saw what the journey could entail... and waited till that thing inside told him it was time. It's different for everyone, and there isn't a wrong way to come ou
  12. Lol... yeah... the little details that make a story. Howdy, JR Tittle. I'm happy to see a new reader enjoying this one. I love westerns... movies, TV shows, books... and always have, so I had great fun writing this one. The dialect was a mite challenging to get right, but it seems to have gone over well enough. In fact, I'm writing another western at the moment, with Boone in it. He's a special character to me... and so is Coy. Thanks so much for commenting, and if you are enjoying it, please give Sidewinder a story like and a recommendation... if you feel it warranted. I hope I hear from yo
  13. Maybe... I don't know... I did post a short story this week... but I'm feeling quite vulnerable now when I write and post. We'll see....
  14. Ah... it is, and it's wonderful! Thank you, my friend... reader support is what keeps me producing new work. Cheers! Gary....
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