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  1. We need one of those Star Trek transporter systems. Hey, B.
  2. Hi, Albert! Are you back to abnormal now? Er... I mean normal.
  3. Hey, Albert! I saw that... thank you... glad you're feeling a little better. So am I.
  4. All I accomplished today was covering the central air conditioner with a tarp and bungee cords. Had a nice walk through the woods with Cookie, though... although my breathing was labored, which tells me I'm not quite well yet. I wore a wool hat to protect my ears, but it is a warm day.
  5. Hey, buddy! This is a tough time for both of them, but Boone has already backtracked. He's made the offer to Coy to come with him, but Coy's pride won't let him. Too much has been said, even though it needed to be. There's more conversation coming, so we'll see what happens, but it sure looks like they will be taking different paths. I agree it was sad... but I'm proud of Boone for admitting he needs to find someone like him. Appreciate the support, Albert. Thanks for sharing what you think... cheers... Gary....
  6. Good day, all! Beautiful and sunny morning here.
  7. No worries... sorry to hear that. Please take care of yourself.
  8. Just speaking the truth, bro. You're welcome.
  9. @dughlas is awesome! He's a thoughtful and perceptive reader and man.
  10. Ain't that the truth. Timeless search is right.
  11. Aw... I hate making you sad, but I get it. Yes, Boone couldn't avoid this conversation any longer, even if he might have wanted to. Coy knew what was up... he knew Boone was considering leaving. I don't think he realized the depth of Boone's sacrifice... re state of mind, though. It's opened his eyes. I'm pleased you brought up The Last Supper quote. I think it was Coy's way of dealing... Boone was leaving, but he chose to think of it as temporary, as if he was one of his brothers going on a trip. I found that part terribly sad to write. Deep down he knows Boone isn't coming back. As far as any afternoon interlude. Thanks for appreciating my attention to my interpretation of western speak. As I said, I'm sorry you're sad... we'll soon find out if they go their separate ways. Cheers and thanks, my dear friend... Gary....
  12. Hey, buddy. This is a really good point, and I have no doubt both men know going separate ways could mean forever. These were dangerous times, and there was a certain vastness to the land that inhibited travel. You can't just drop by for a coffee... as Coy said... Larkspur's 'a mite farther than a ride to Red Bluff.' Still, Boone has made a decision for what he wants from life, and after five years of loving someone, he's ready. Is he licking his wounds? I don't really think that's it. He stuck around a long time after that punch. Coy, on the other hand, is definitely licking his wounds. He feels shame for his brother... an evil cold blooded murderer he always stuck up for. It will take some time to let that go. All I can say is we will see what happens, but for the moment, both men have spoken, and I think they are both emotionally raw right now. So, maybe, are we. Thanks, Bard. As always, I love hearing your thoughts... cheers... G.
  13. Fingers crossed again, you won't be affected.
  14. My fingers are crossed. G'day, Marty. Dreary day here. I need to some up some energy today.
  15. Headstall


    I love writing haiku as well, and these are marvelous snapshots of the beauty imposed by a change of seasons. Stained glass dawn... so evocative and wonderful. Great work, buddy!
  16. Well said, my friend. Less? Well I guess it's closer to five now, and PATIENCE is a great virtue. I think you have it right that Boone moving on could be the best thing for both men. I guess we'll find out.
  17. Thanks, spyke. That's awesome feedback! It sometimes takes a story time to hit its stride and I think this one is doing that now. I loved Onim's comment, and I agreed with it... and now yours. In an ideal situation, the boys would stick together, and take this journey together, but it's looking like that isn't going to happen unless Coy changes his mind... that's where his 'nose' comes in. Boone , as you say, has sacrificed a lot, and for his own sanity, he needs to pursue a more fulfilling life. I'll go further and say Coy has finally been shown the truth now... as we can see in this passage... “Coy, don’t! Let’s not do this again. No sense tying each other down… I know you don’t understand that, but I haven’t been of a good mind for a long time. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to go up like a stick of dynamite, and other times I feel so hopeless I don’t even want to get out of my bedroll, and I have to think some before I can recollect what I did the day before… cause they’re all the same.” Coy’s eyebrows rose for a few seconds, and his head moved back as if he’d been slapped. “First I’m hearing this. Why didn’t you say something?” “Weren’t no one’s concern but mine.” Coy opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out before he closed it again, but Boone saw the hurt his words had caused before his friend turned away, clucking Mouse and Lee’s mare forward. Has Boone kept Coy in the dark about his state of mind? Absolutely, but now it's out there, and will likely factor in to what Coy does. I think he realizes Boone has done more than enough for him, so we'll see where he ends up. Yes, he'll be sad if he's left alone, but life is about challenges, and friendship is about sometimes putting others before yourself, and respecting their choices. I really like your two cents worth, buddy. So glad you shared your thoughts and are enjoying the story. Cheers... Gary....
  18. Hey, Ivor! It does sound enticing, doesn't it? Let's hope it lives up to Boone's expectations. Like Boone, I don't think I'd like to eat dust every day either. Coy has to figure out a path and take it. He's feeling terribly alone right now, and that hampers him, so I think he's having trouble with conclusions at the moment. Things have come to a head, and while it might be a shame Coy doesn't have a few weeks to clear his head, that's not how life works. He knows the truth of how his best friend has been feeling, and I'm sure it's opened his eyes to Boone's sacrifice. I suspect, though, the camp is going to be pretty lonely with Boone gone. Thanks for the support, buddy... hope you're enjoying the ride... cheers... Gary....
  19. My hay arrived this morning... nice stuff for the old girl.
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