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  1. There was so much guilt right around that time. It all seemed so unfair... that if only the cocktail had been available earlier... and it should have. Michael though, wanted everyone to survive even if he didn't, and that is the bravery and love of our brothers and sisters.
  2. It doesn't feel like that was more than twenty years ago now, when the combination drug therapies began to work. Michael was fortunate to be on the cusp, and it truly was a miracle he woke up from his coma. No one expected it at all. But, that was the beginning of real hope for so many who had lost it. Yes, Michael faced death with all those things, but no one enjoys life more than he does. I'm glad you had big, fat, raindrop tears, Mags. I believe we should all drop to our knees and be thankful for the way our community fought... and to remember those who were sacrificed before the wo
  3. Thanks, Marty. I agree that the horrible truths of that time should never be forgotten. As much as we need to remember those, we also need to remember the ones who were casualties of a war in which we had no weapons for far too long. They were brave in the face of such horror and disregard. So many fought until their dying breath. It's what we've always done and what we must continue to do. Happy Pride, my dear friend.
  4. I think there are many of us who needs to shed those tears, Albert, and Pride month is a perfect time to do it... to remember. I know what Pride means to me, and obviously you share those feelings. Yes, we both were lucky to have escaped it for ourselves, but we didn't escape it at all really. You're right that surviving is not as good as it sounds. Our hearts being broken in such a way changes us forever. Still, we recognize the sheer bravery of our community... the incredible spirit that brought us to 1996 and beyond, when hope had reason to blossom, and when HIV was no longer a certain deat
  5. Awww... thanks, Kris! I love a man (or woman) who is not afraid to cry. I cried too while writing this, and more than a few times. Sorry you had a rough day... but if this story helped in any way, I am well pleased. Happy Pride, my friend. G.
  6. Michael saw his own death, but was still able to think of the pain and sorrow of others, and not just the sick ones. I believe this letter is very revealing beyond and beneath his words. We can see that he really is the bringer of joy and laughter... and he was upon rising from the ashes. Thanks, buddy. I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts with me. Cheers, and Happy Pride... Gary....
  7. I'm pleased you felt all you did, Tim. Thanks and Happy Pride. While I took some license with the story, Michael is a real person, and really did surprise everyone by surviving. He still performs to this day. Cheers... Gary....
  8. In case anyone is interested, I have posted a new story as a nod to pride month...
  9. Hey! Marty's story is featured this week. Check it out!
  10. Never Surrender I’m so fucking frail I can’t do the simplest things for myself—I should be used to it, but I’m not. There is a desperation I feel that I can’t put into words. I want to get up from this bed, but my will and strength are as feeble as my mind has become. Death hasn’t come for me yet—soon, but not yet—so I’m doing the only thing I’m capable of as I lay here. We’ll see how it goes. I’m writing this while my achy, knobby fingers can still support a pen, not in the usual way, but I’ve figured out a grip that allows me to get the ink on paper. It’s awkward-looking—lik
  11. Being gay has always had its pitfalls, but nothing could have prepared us for the devastation of the last two decades of the twentieth century. Michael is very sick, but there is one more thing he feels the need to do as he lays in bed waging the biggest fight of his life. As an activist, he still wants to be of some use, no matter how little. It's not his nature to give up until he has to. This is a story about PRIDE, and what it represents to our community. Pride month means many things to many people. For some it is a parade and a chance to celebrate, but for others, it holds different conn
  12. Great little story. I recommend giving it a read. Cheers!
  13. Headstall

    Chapter 1

    Just gave this another read, and it's still a sweet story, perfect fare for pride month. Cheers!
  14. I'm picturing that filled with cats lounging on blow up floaties.
  15. I wrote a short story... it was for the pride flash story challenge, but it ended up being way too long. I might post it tomorrow if I wake up feeling positive.
  16. I've thought about it, but don't want the work involved. We had an inground when I was younger, and it was a lot of work. I'll just stay inside.
  17. Disgustingly hot morning here...
  18. It's too hot to do much outside, so I am binge watching Sense 8 on Netflix. I love it! I'm on the final season... season two. Apparently there is a two hour wrap up finale after that because fans had a petition to keep the show going.
  19. There are now ten kittens on the back veranda. The three youngest have been moved up there... the other seven are now eating cat kibble and drinking water. FREE KITTENS AVAILABLE!
  20. Yeah, it's a great cackle.
  21. Just put the central air on. Outside, the air feels thick as soup, and tomorrow will be well over 30 C.
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