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  1. Hi there Gary I see you are still quoting unreal temps. Are you living on Hoth, the ice planet?
  2. That’s a very Pagey dinner I will have to try the fried pickles one day
  3. I wish I had gone to sleep a couple of hours ago
  4. We did manage to save the recipe for honey dumplings (with the note that she makes twice the sauce in the written recipe). That’s a family treasure
  5. Doing ok - not sleeping but ok i hope it’s all good with you
  6. All good here. I hope it’s the same with you. My nephew has seen the price of restored cars and now wants to create a business empire. One small set back is he wants to keep them, I don’t think you can make money that way
  7. To be fair, it is his mother’s recipe and she may not want to share. My grandmother took her rice salad recipe to her grave
  8. My local supermarket is an exposure site
  9. It’s time for bed here One more stinker of a day and then a week of low to mid 30s. I went out to the supermarket to buy just a couple of items and ending up spending $150. That was not my plan at all. Grumpy here but none of it was extraordinary.
  10. His voice is amazing… and other bits are not bad either. Umm not suitable for this board
  11. Lucky you Although your mothers would have been better
  12. Hello young Albert Today was bin day and I put mine out early but then made the big mistake of going outside after lunch to bring them back in. I opened the front door and got hit by the force of the heat. Closed the door and realised I could take the bins in after sunset
  13. 8:30am and it’s already 32C It will be like this until Monday I'm bored with the scorching hot temps now. Can I have some moderate days now?
  14. I have been rewatching the first three seasons of The Expanse - NASA got it pretty close to the real thing
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