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  1. My grandparents had a huge tree, great for climbing and great for getting clothes covered in mulberry juice
  2. With some crusty bread mmmmmm yum so good in winter
  3. I haven’t opened it yet… it was like someone told me Santa wasn't real
  4. What a disappointment I had… After coming home from a nice meal, I checked the mailbox and found a parcel. My excitement died when I saw it was from the Health Dept. Bowel Cancer screening test kit
  5. I like a sheet-pan dinner, nice and easy with little cleanup
  6. Caught on the morning news… Good news is that it has mostly caused minor damage, cracked walls and alike.
  7. Beautiful day today, nice walk at lunch
  8. I have no idea what a rust module is so I wouldn’t have got one either
  9. Is the corn on the cob roasted? I love mine zapped in the microwave then a bit of butter and pepper… yum Usually husk on to help the steaming
  10. Hey Gary, I see Clo was right and it’s you who have been stealing my Spring weather… It has been a very blah weekend weather wise… overcast and cold. None of the flowers were out, not very Spring-like. The “good news” is that next week should be beautiful weather while I am at work
  11. Clo must be hiding the warm weather still… It was chilly today, down to 4C tonight. that’s the same temp as my fridge
  12. recent repair bills have not been exciting
  13. Almost Wednesday here, definitely time for bed Enjoy your day everyone
  14. This is amazing… 150 whales working together to catch and eat bait fish off the coast of NSW. Blowing bubbles to herd the fish into a great mass of food. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-13/150-humpback-whales-captured-on-camera-in-rare/13539372
  15. Yay, back to work With a new boss and hopefully a step close to finding out about my job… Happy almost Monday to you Gary
  16. Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday Albert (and the rest of you too)
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