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  1. I just wanted simple food tonight. Fresh slices of tomato on toast, sprinkled with black pepper and chopped basil... yum
  2. Look after yourself Dugh A real shame about the frames, I hope they can be fixed
  3. Time for bed... Long day... long meetings... same thing all week... did I miss the memo? Is the world ending on New Years Day? Why does everything need to be done before the end of 2020? really going to bed now
  4. Hello young Albert How is life? Crossing fingers for some snow for you
  5. Not quite a cave of glow worms but a non-Christmasy photo from morning tea today. New season cherries from my travels. Picked Saturday, purchased Sunday and eaten Monday
  6. You seem to know quite a bit about it Dugh... are you an Alien Monolith Librarian perhaps?
  7. Sounds like an awesome day. Flirting with a sexy police man, giving him your name, seeing your friend win her award, a good day indeed. I have some pictures of a hay bail Santa and other Santa’s invading a small town. I will show great restraint and not post it until Tuesday when it will be December It is good to see some cheer around
  8. Country towns try to make themselves a bit more exciting. I stopped in Waroona (home of the glamour cow) because it has a community art gallery. If nothing else it makes the drive more interesting.
  9. Driving back tomorrow 3 hours I think I will take it slow.
  10. A long day here. Sisters birthday lunch and dinner. It’s been a good day catching up What about you?
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