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  1. So sweet to see Marty and Clo bond over geography
  2. Hello Marty I saw some odd vision on the news about the Solstice - British folk rugged up at Stonehenge for Summer Solstice while 1400 crazy Tasmanians skinny dip for the freezing winter version
  3. It’s really bad in some spots, people are trapping hundreds of mice a night while the poor folk try to get some sleep. Just gross
  4. There is something so good about a nice meal from leftovers
  5. A friend is on holidays in the tropics, I’m so jealous. I need some warmth, thanks for offering to share
  6. It shouldn't break my bank balance. I’m all wrapped up trying to keep warm with a nice cup of tea
  7. Is that Cyberknife thingy going to be used on you?
  8. Hello young Albert Bluefish cold here, freezing 🥶 I bought a fluffy blanket, cheap but actually effective
  9. Had my second shot this afternoon… July 10 is not that far away I now have to wait before I can have my flu shot. I need both before I can visit dad
  10. Lol I am celebrating, it’s so damn cold here at the moment. Need more sun
  11. Happy Wrong-day-Fathers-Day September for us…
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