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  1. Bucket1

    Chapter 63 Heroes

    Well said Gary and Parker
  2. Nicely done. Communication is the key. Being honest about their concerns, their past, their fears has made them stronger. Don’t think this will a smooth ride and Paul has a bit to work through but acknowledging his history, being open about it, is a good first step
  3. Happy Birthday!  :D  I hope you had an awesome, tea-filled day!  🍵  🍰  :D  

  4. That’s one bad dream I was going to ask about the pain meds...
  5. Very nice to see that each morning ☕
  6. Good to see Jimmy isn’t perfect, first spoiling their dog and then STOPPING MAKING LOVE TO HIS PARTNER TO HAVE A CONVERSATION 🙄 Timing Jimmy, there is a time and a place for chatting and that was not it A great wrap up to the story
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