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  1. Clo must be hiding the warm weather still… It was chilly today, down to 4C tonight. that’s the same temp as my fridge
  2. recent repair bills have not been exciting
  3. Almost Wednesday here, definitely time for bed Enjoy your day everyone
  4. This is amazing… 150 whales working together to catch and eat bait fish off the coast of NSW. Blowing bubbles to herd the fish into a great mass of food. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-13/150-humpback-whales-captured-on-camera-in-rare/13539372
  5. Yay, back to work With a new boss and hopefully a step close to finding out about my job… Happy almost Monday to you Gary
  6. Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday Albert (and the rest of you too)
  7. One of the women at working is leaving for a new job. We had some drinks this afternoon, a little bit sad, a little bit of celebration. It was a good opportunity to chat with some folk from the other areas who I haven’t seen in a while. Catch up on the gossip
  8. Have a great hump day everyone Time for bed here
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