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  1. I'm making mulled wine tonight! It should go well with the cloudy, snowy mid-November weather outside.

    1. MarcW


      make a lot then :)

  2. Here's another one. Especially the lines about the brother in Vietnam. Gets me every time.
  3. You've summed up my feelings, my rage at this subject, very succinctly here. I agree 100%.
  4. I had a close friend who took her own life in high school. When I first heard this song a few years ago, it stopped me in my tracks and I just wept for hours. To this day, it still makes me cry to hear it.
  5. Absolutely, I completely agree. I have no plans to just write this guy off. He's sweet, funny, kind, and very affectionate in private. I understand his struggle, and I'm a patient man. And I don't want to come off like I'm giving him some kind of ultimatum, or as an insensitive tool. But it does hurt, and I can't help but take it personally even though I know it's about him and not really about me. I guess I'm at a loss on how to approach the subject with him.
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