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  1. Be careful about reading too much of Billy at once.  It's like a cartoon strip -- a little goes a long way.  And after too many, you lose the humor.

    But thanks.

  2. If you wait a bit, I'm going to reformat Quabbin for you, so it's easier to read.  I didn't know how to do that when I first posted it, and I keep meaning to get back to that.  Should be done in a couple of hours.  Meanwhile, thanks for reading.

    1. BigBob47


      I’m enjoying it immensely just as it is!!! 😁

      Thanks for posting your stories...

    2. RichEisbrouch


      Made it easier anyway.  I hope.  Again, thanks for the reminder.

  3. Hi, Big Bob -

    Thanks for reading and reacting to my stories. Without readers there's little point in writing. :)




  4. Welcome to GA. Seen you swung by my page. Hope you find plenty to read and enjoy yourself on the site.

  5. Welcome to GA ~!!~ To reply, click on the person's name and leave your reply at their profile... Glad you joined us here!

  6. Welcome to GA! :)

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