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  1. TasteofHome


    This might have just made my Monday! Love the interaction! I wonder if we can get a universal translator for Louie.
  2. Can I vote that Larry goes and climbs a very tall tree until Walker tells him absolutely everything? Walker would panic at the height ( because what if Larry fell from a cramp and her wouldn’t be able to physically soothe Larry to distract from questions). Maybe Larry can climb a pine tree and drop pine cones on Walker every time he avoids a question
  3. TasteofHome

    Chapter 18

    I feel for Brady. Between Ember and Katie I think that Brady is feeling rather helpless on what to do. Kind of hard for a person to put into words what is going on when they are overwhelmed and hopefully Ember will come to realize that. Or else I feel like Brady is going to pull away from everyone since he is feeling alone and Ember is going to face an uphill battle to get Brady even alone in the same room as him.
  4. Pack problems? I am sure they will melt when they see some sluppies!
  5. TasteofHome

    Chapter 30

    Sweet! Crossover and then they all bump into each other at a star port!
  6. Okay so what is a baby sloth called? Wolves have pups. I don’t know if I can wrap my mind around sluppies. There has to be a better hybrid out there.
  7. TasteofHome

    Chapter 40

    I wonder if Kohen will take a stab at interrogation, after all he has some skills from his previous enslavement that could be of use.
  8. TasteofHome

    Chapter 2

    The interactions between the characters is cracking me up. I guess Josh is going to have to find a new coffee shop. 😂
  9. TasteofHome

    Chapter 13 Brady

    It must have looked like a burglary when Justin came home with all the items they knocked on the floor. 🤣 No wonder Justin is flabbergasted. Finally some honesty between Brady and Ember. Looks like Ember figured himself out while Brady explained himself. I am thrilled that they actually listened to each other over Mikey, before the fireworks started.
  10. I just get this feeling that Ember is going to kiss him again and completely throw Brady off. I think Ember is closer to his realization that Brady is date material. Brady is going to take some work to convince that Ember likes him and isn’t just messing with him for pay back. Aaron just confirmed that this is courtship, based off of his experience with his wife that went the same way.
  11. I feel like Ember is going to do the same thing that Brady did in high school. He is going to pick on him, since he won’t admit that he likes him. I think the the question is what is Brady going to do about it. I love that he went on a double date with Pix. I think that Pix is going to catch on to what is going on before everyone else, since he used to working with children. I also wonder if an unstable drunken sod who has sworn revenge on them both is going to facilitate more than just explosive lip locks?
  12. I have been totally thinking about the Ember conundrum and no matter the way I look at it Monday is going to be awkward for Brady and Ember.
  13. I am only thinking Cameron, because Brady is staying with his folk for the moment. And I should probably read other comments bed opening the mouth.
  14. If I were to make a guess, I would say he was at Cameron’s place. What is Ember going to do if Brady starts to avoid him?
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