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  1. Gotta say, this literally was anything but calm. But it was still one of the most calm chapters in the story. Not as much turmoil.
  2. csalazar

    Chapter 11

    But that being said, I loved your story! It was a rollercoaster for sure. And I think I found the hint but I’ll keep that to my self.
  3. csalazar

    Chapter 11

    I so very badly wanted more!
  4. csalazar

    Chapter 10

    I mean, we all know who we’re rooting for right? Ali by a long shot. I feel like there’s a lot that they both need to say and hear in order to heal. I don’t know if it’s the pessimist in me or being observant. By I feel like Oliver is someone hired by Ali’s parents to make sure Ali and Jamie don’t end up together.
  5. Love it. Realistic doubts and trying to work through it.
  6. It’s good seeing Jasper handling everything in stride so far. And his ability to use his experience with Ry’s trauma and notice the ticks in Grace is fantastic.
  7. I love seeing the character growth in both of them. And definitely the maturity and sincerity coming from Jasper.
  8. Loving how Jasper is being responsible. I kinda hope the band deviate from Chris’ plans little by little. Or a lot.
  9. csalazar


    My heart! Ermagherd! What am I gonna do with my Friday breakfast without having a CJ chapter to read? 😭😭 Congratulations on an amazing 4+ year run! I very much look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future!
  10. csalazar


    This was such a heartwarming cutesy chapter. Buuuuuut I can’t help thinking it’s all sugarcoated to prep us for something bad next week. But that might be the Game of Thrones ptsd talking.
  11. csalazar

    Chapter 16

    I knew he was gonna show up there. It shows how much help Ryker has been; rather than right away freezing in terror or just shutting down and telling himself that he deserved it, Jesse reacted to protect himself. Best of luck on this new project! I’m bummed there won’t be more chapters soon but I understand needing to make a living.
  12. I usually don’t get intrigued by straight love stories just because the market is saturated with them. But I’m hooked on this to see what happens with Gwyn!!
  13. Definitely worth the wait! I can’t believe Kaleb is a daddy now! And the triplets thing was not expected!
  14. csalazar

    The Ace Of Spades

    Daaaaaang. I remember being that age and not only having to deal with the changes in my body, fighting what I knew I was (gay), and just being a clustfuck of emotions. Salem isn’t handling his emotions right, but at that age not many of us do know how to.
  15. csalazar

    Fan Service

    Ryan did really well!! Though I do worry about his comment about people liking him. Cause people are surely going to be vicious and I hope he doesn’t get too affected by it.
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