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Nick Jacobs has had a pretty crappy life. His mother is a drug and alcohol abusing prostitute. He never knew who his father was. Sadly, Nick ends up in the foster care system in Austin, Texas. After seven years in and out of different foster families, he ends up in a group home. Everything changes when the White family takes him to lunch and spends an afternoon with Nick at their home. It's a world that Nick had never even dreamed of. Will he fit in? Will he ever experience the kind of unconditional love most others take for granted?

I'm probably a fool for doing this, but I had an idea bubbling in my brain for this story and had to get it started before I finished The Barnsable Chronicles. So I'm going to try to alternate stories week-by-week. But there's one rule! I fully expect a lot of you to fall in love with some of these characters. I have ZERO intention to write any spin-offs or sequels! Ha!

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Damn Noah, Billy and Nick are hot! Too bad they’re so young!😏

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Oh my! The gentlemen are SO hot. The ladies are so pretty. Hannah seems...stuck up. Lol.

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