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Damian's Wolf 3. The Neko Astara

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Jordan is a reluctant werewolf in a world that celebrates monsters. Stuck with a curse that can never be lifted, his life seems like it will never improve. Until he finds a young man on the streets in need of his help.

Can this monster help a stranger in his time of need?

This story takes place in the same world as Wolf Pack and The Neko's Tail, but can be read as a stand alone story.

Copyright © 2019 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 1
  • Addictive/Pacing 3
  • Characters 3
  • Cliffhanger 1
  • Smoldering 1
  • Tearjerker 3
  • Unique 3
  • World Building 3

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I generally don't make a full-story comment until I've read the story all the way through, but this one is so much fun that I just have to recommend it to others. Only comments are allowed here until the story is complete, so just squint a little and pretend this is a review.

One thing I always look for in the stories I read are worlds where imagination is allowed to have its say, and that's what you'll find here. This is a story that is full of familiar character types, but not familiar characters. Each is unique, each has a heart (or a noticeable evil streak), and each one will either make you a fan or make you want to be among the other characters when it comes time to deal with them. There's a story here, a twisty sort of a plot, great characters, and best of all, I only have gotten a hazy idea of where it will all wind up.

What is perhaps most enjoyable is that this story seems almost familiar, because the world it's set in is maybe a few left turns from our own. It's definitely worth taking the time to visit.


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