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  1. One of the things I really like about Billy is that he thinks he's more brains than heart, but the people who know him best know he's got more heart than almost anyone. He's very deeply emotional, and will invest everything he's got into his relationships. I really enjoyed seeing how Brett and Dustin interacted away from Billy. These are two guys who never saw eye to eye on much of anything, but grew to respect each other. (We're just getting started on those two. As the story takes shape, you'll see!)
  2. It's the same crappy apartment complex Jake's dad lived in.
  3. You have an insight they didn't have. And by the way, does Dustin's apartment building "look" familiar?
  4. We'll find out about Billy's "condition" soon! I really enjoyed writing Mr. Johnston. We'll be hearing more from him! Know what we know about Dustin's "performance" with Emily, it's amazing Dustin was able to gut out a strong performance with Sarah!
  5. Protection from Abuse order. How'd I miss this?
  6. Going third person for this one let me explore some of the darker places I couldn't go with Billy. We're just getting started! The "bad guys" won in WAR, but how did it work out for them? Just Billy being Billy. Just don't fucking touch him, for the love of god!!! And a half one too! (Another blond...)
  7. Thanks! After writing WAR it was nice to get out of Billy's head! I enjoyed playing with the formula a little bit, like having Dustin and Nate hook up right off the bat, instead of waiting like Billy and Brett did. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. jkwsquirrel


    It was fun to play with a different perspective on Billy. I'm glad you enjoyed it! As for Aiden, he was a bit of a pain in the butt, but he got it together once he got away from Mr. Hartley's manipulation, and Tyler was good for him. I'm glad you liked Tyler! At least someone did! I do enjoy a conflicted character! There was no conflict with Mr. Hartley, though! Everything about him was about manipulation and mind-fuckery, preying on vulnerable boys to get what he wanted. He screwed up Dustin so badly, and Dustin was beginning to show signs of following in his destructive footsteps until he realized Hartley had used him just like everyone else had, even worse because he'd trusted Hartley so much. It'll take a whole other book to put him back together. (So now you have to read Dustin's World! ha ha ha!!!!) I had intended for this to wrap up WAR, but then the Covid came and all work and no play made Jeff write another story! Seriously though, you've got to check out Dustin's World now! It might be my best (and darkest) work!
  9. jkwsquirrel


    Yeah, the best Aiden could hope for with Mr. Hartley was a stalemate. All we know from String is that it won't end well for Jeremy, and Danny's dad will have to clean up the mess.
  10. I'm afraid I don't get the reference. Alas!
  11. jkwsquirrel

    Castle Manuever

    Curve balls gallore in this one. I thought about writing something vengeful for Aiden to do, but he's just as guilty as Tyler is. They're more embarrassed they got suckered thanmad at each other.
  12. jkwsquirrel

    The Gambit

    What I found intriguing when writing this is the idea that everyone is the hero of their own story. I thought of Hartley as an Iago or Palpatine type character, always stirring the pot, but staying out of the fray, being the Chessmaster. But the idea that Dustin and Aiden are willing to do terrible things, but think they're doing what's right because of that manipulation... that really intrigued me.
  13. I don't think Aiden cared all that much what Brett said about Billy at this point. His mind, manipulated by Mr. Hartley, is made up.
  14. jkwsquirrel


    It was fun to play with the diner scene from the other side!
  15. What we're seeing here is the undoing of all the work Dustin had put into recovery. Old habits die hard.
  16. Mr. Hartley knows what he's doing, choosing two of the most vulnerable boys to manipulate.
  17. jkwsquirrel

    Cutting Class

    Brett's a pretty good guy. This is kind of the first look at his perspective on his relationship with Billy. I'd go with Tyden over Aidler. Aidler sounds too much like Adolf Hitler! lol
  18. jkwsquirrel


    He's the hero of another story!
  19. I think you'll like it! Enjoy!
  20. Thanks Noah! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your comments. It's been fun reliving the story along with you. I enjoyed your take on the characters. When I wrote it at the time, I really did think I was done. But I have managed to milk a few more stories out of it! It was nice to come back around to the park again to finish it where it started. In the first chapter, Billy was reminiscing about aging out of the kids' areas. Now he's aged out of the baseball fields, and in a way, out of the whole town. You're right about Dustin, as he did drift away from Billy as the story went on. Guess where you'll find out what's going on with him? That's right! Dustin's World and Aiden's War! (Shameless plug, I know.) Anyway, I'm glad you've enjoyed the story!
  21. For me, it's the comments because they provide the best opportunity for engagement with my readers. "I liked this because..." or "I hate you because you hurt Dustin..." My personal favorite was "I don't usually like this type of story but I couldn't stop reading..." That kind of personal connection is why I choose this site. I'd trade a hundred views for a good comment, and I do my best to reply.
  22. And now you know why the coin collection was so important!
  23. jkwsquirrel

    The Last Screw

    Yes indeed, great moment for Paula as she has come to realize what's really important in her life isn't her standing in the community, but the love of her son - Opposite of where Dr. Reilly's head is. And how about Brett? Younger Brett would have had a complete meltdown over being slapped in front of everyone like that. "Brat Reilly" is no more!
  24. jkwsquirrel

    The Dance

    Yes indeed, corny but accurate! I draw a lot of inspiration from music when I write. Sometimes song lyrics or titles become chapter titles ("Going Down Swinging," "Hero of the Day," "The Kids Aren't Alright"). I get sucked into a good song in a similar way as you describe relating to the story.
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