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  1. Rod726

    YD Chapter 3

    I must agree with the other comments. Having read all the stories previously posted by you (Quokka), I know you usually go into more depth. I realize this may have been a quick endeavor but I agree there are many questions remaining as to what happens now. With the moneys the poorer three received will it improve their lives and what will his Grandmother's reaction be when he returns? Please start a sequel to reveal more of their story.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Rod726

    July 2015 • Part I

    Another great chapter. Always looking forward to the next one and they are never too soon. Love to keep up with CJ and the gang.
  4. Rod726

    Chapter 50

    Good as usual. Always interested in what's coming next.
  5. Rod726

    June 2015

    Another great chapter.

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