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  1. What can I say but - big congrats... you've deserved that first place, Take care and enjoy your writting -.I'm sure we, I, all of us will enjoy reading it.
  2. Comsie, I've read a lot... and I mean a lot of your awesome work. So, it's safe for me to say - you rock. Very, very nice ... But, for me, your work on one particular story was truly therapeutical. Believe it or not, one of your stoiries helped me to come to terms with my past. To be honest, that single piece of your wast work became my only escape. So, yeah, it's much, much more than simple fun for me. It, kinda, saved me... Think about that and do not let anybody take you down. Because you're my hero. Anyway, thank you for everything you've done so far. I am aware that your work, al
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