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  1. Timejun

    The Summit

    I will say though that this was a particularly short chapter. Does that mean you had more time to get the next chapter out quickly?
  2. Timejun

    The Summit

    Yet another brilliantly written chapter. I am looking forward to the next installment. I can see King E and Chris...er...Prince Chris kicking some serious demon ass.
  3. Timejun

    Chapter 90 Morality

    Thank you for commenting and seeing it. Maybe we could settle for a broken foot or a brain hemmorage
  4. Timejun

    Chapter 90 Morality

    You know, shoot that FRIGGIN rabbit. I am so losing interest in this story. This story used to be exciting and interesting but now it's all diatribes of inane trains of thoughts
  5. After my second reading I've come up with a few realizations. 1. The writer is a gifted genius. 2. Chris will be stretched to his limits. 3. Most important of all though...i will be on pins and needles till I read more chapters, SOON
  6. Perfection. What can I say but simply...perfection.
  7. OH...MY...GAWD!!! Best chapter ever...the action, intrigue, and player placements have gone to not just the next level but up several levels. You sir are the Clive Cussler and Dan Brown of the GA. You really need to be writing this full time. I've said it before and I'll say it again...once you publish this I want 2 copies
  8. Timejun

    Titles 2

    Absolutely perfect. Chris has come into himself, Victor has his appt. And, the Tower is helping the 2 worlds. I'm excited for tomorrow and the next chapter. I've had a realization today. Even though I been a faithful GA and Nifty reader for years...and have read many excellent stories, I have read this story at least four times, and some chapters even more. Unprecedented. With great respect, Robert
  9. Timejun

    Titles 1

    It reads just as good the second time. You covered many questions we all have and you have started to pull Chris' head out of his ass. I wonder where Victor will live if he makes the VHC?
  10. Timejun

    Titles 1

    Most excellent! Can't wait til the next
  11. Timejun

    Visions 2

    Sir, You most assuredly are a phenomenal creator and story teller. I am excited to see where Chris and his staff will be working and living once they get back to earth. Also Victor should make the VHC and do great things. Leo should be moving with August soon and do I hear wedding bells for C&V?
  12. Timejun

    Visions 1

    I'm concerned, is everything ok on your end? You've given us 2 half chapters and several days between posting. Are you okay? True concern, Robert
  13. Timejun

    Visions 1

    Short but Great. I love how this is flowing.
  14. Timejun

    The Millennium King

    Great first half of the chapter but what happened to the second half?
  15. Unless you're under the weather then 'im sorry to hear that' But post soon. 😆
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