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  1. Timejun


    Absolutely a wonderful chapter. Intrigue, mystery, and just the right amount of levity. Perfect
  2. Timejun

    Voices from Beyond

    Very well written, very intriguing
  3. OMG! You not only visited the rabbit hole, you moved in. This story is about two young men falling in love, being Prince's and helping to run Makrovia. Keep to that story line. 2 chapters of high school drivel is so over the top of boringness. You have caused me to lose complete interest in this story, and it makes me kinda sad. You started out so strong too
  4. Ok, enough is enough, you're gonna have to quit that damn job. Don't they know you're in a critical juncture of the story? Please lay a chapter or two on us soon
  5. Timejun

    Chapter 16

    God knows Adam needs a solid family. Adam would be a perfect fit. I think they will need a much bigger house. How many kids live there now, Pete, Charles, Adam?, Nicky
  6. Timejun

    Chapter 16

    Your micro-chapters are always a great read. A little confusing at times with all tbe kids you add so quickly. I thought Adam was one of the church's orphan boys? Maybe if you slowed down on adding boys, just for a couple of chapters, and focused on which boys are his...just saying. Maybe a longer chapter could help. I mean their wedding can't be done in a micro-chapter.
  7. Words cannot explain the excitement and thrill I feel as I become a part of this story. Wow! Is all I can express. I will be reading this chapter again several times
  8. I just read 101 and it was just as spectacular and action packed as 100. Kudos to you. You are truly a master of your craft.
  9. Timejun

    The First General 3

    Wow, so powerful. Awesome
  10. Timejun

    Chapter 34

    WAY TOO SHORT, but an excellent story. Can't wait til the next one
  11. Timejun

    Chapter 33

    Great chapter. And since its so early in the day...maybe another chapter? PLEASE. It will make up for the chapters being so short 🌈😎🌈
  12. Timejun

    The First General 2

    Very good chapter. Left with a cliff hanger of sorts
  13. Timejun

    Chapter 30

    Way too short but very enjoyable
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