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  1. Tremendous chapter. Can't wait to see the fight. I hope you won't keep us in suspense too long.
  2. Timejun

    Chapter 67

    This is such a beautiful and enjoyable read. Keep them coming
  3. Timejun

    Chapter 20

    I have read MANY stories an a few are excellent, yours is one of the few. Aside from the excellent use of grammer and puncuation the story is beautiful. This story took hold of me and transported me into this world. I so wanted to challenge the mother and timid dad. I am very excited to see what continues... Robert
  4. Timejun


    Ok, it's going on 3 months. Be honest with us, are you gonna finish the story or you just gonna leave us hanging?
  5. I can't put into words how touched and emotional I was with the wolf and the panda. Both times I read it I was so moved. The rest of the chapter was just as phenomenal. Please hurry with the next several chapters. Thank you
  6. Timejun


    Ok, not that I'm counting or anything but it has now been 2 months exactly since your last post. I realize that life gets in the way but, and I say this with all the love and respect, you have thousands of faithful readers that hang on your every word and expect more, many more, chapters. Respectfully, Robert
  7. Timejun


    Please, Any Time Now would be appreciated
  8. I've been so looking forward to this. They are wonderfully entertaining. Can't wait for more
  9. Timejun


    Ok, I just started over and read all 117 chapters again and would appreciate a new chapter. It has been a month and a day
  10. Timejun

    Chapter 86

    He should have married Tony
  11. Timejun


    Ok, just to remind you, you haven't posted since last year. If you only knew or realized what a treasure you are and how your story is so needed in these dark days...
  12. You are so cruel...you write this epic book and then just end it....you're a mean, mean, but brilliant author. Please don't make us wait too long.
  13. hello, . I have just finished a marathon read of all 32 chapters. I haven't commented on any of them yet. Honestly, they were so good I just rolled from one to the other. YOu have built complex yet believable and loveable characters and I find that Gorgeous. I love each and every one of them. Even the bad guys. My heart was truly broken when I realized I was at the end of the chapters. Please continue to produce such great writing. Oh by the way. I have noticed you are having grammer issues. If you need somebody to iron out the links I'd be more than happy to help.
  14. Timejun


    Please, for the happiness of your realm, for the people of this story, cast yet another magnus chapter quickly. Thank you
  15. Timejun

    Chapter 36

    You know, as much as I love the story line the chapters are so short. A few paragraphs doesn't make a chapter.
  16. This is an excellent way to both inspire the readers and to reward faithful followers. I love it.
  17. Timejun

    Demon Slayer

    EXCELLENT chapter. Well worth the wait.
  18. Timejun

    XD Ch 7

    So far this is the most boring story I've ever read. Where is the one-on-one interactions with people? Where is life, love, aggression, anything?
  19. Timejun

    Song of Soul

    It's sad to say but it's been so long between chapters I'm really losing interest. It's sad because it is such a phenomenal story and I really looked forward to each chapter. Now all we do is wait and wait and wait for a midsize chapter. Please do something soon. Robert
  20. Timejun

    Song of Soul

    First let me say thank you for giving us the next chapter. I was pulling my hair out waiting. Now, on to the story. I loved every part of the story. And I am really hoping for the next general.
  21. Ok, I never thought it would come to this but........PLEASE GET ANOTHER (sobbing) CHAPTER OR TEN PUT UP. (snot running, on my knees begging) PLEASE
  22. I've thoroughly enjoyed these last 5 chapters. I am looking forward to the next 10+ chapters
  23. I've thoroughly enjoyed these last 5 chapters. I am looking forward to the 10+ chapters
  24. Timejun

    Meet the Humans

    First, no democrat or worst yet...socialist. But all seriousness aside. Awesome chapter. Ethnar is the man.
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