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    Chapter 15

    You better go ahead and make it an octagonal room. If you haven't overlooked a couple then you can bet there will be more to follow. It's always better to over build. Been there, did that, many times. Even got expelled. Not too afraid of @Mrsgnomie. I wasn't the one who threw her under the bus yesterday morning. 不不
  2. spyke

    Chapter 15

    Nat/Chusi is still a snake. You pet a snake, you get bit. I don't trust her in the least. That was a very effective way for Sebastian to neuter Alberts at the beginning of the meeting. Throwing out the 'Ancient Orders' decree was exactly the train derailment that was needed to stop the council in their tracks. I had a feeling that Robert would be useful in the fight and I'm glad that he can now be trusted. The fight has just begun, but it's going to be a long war.
  3. spyke

    Chapter 15

    Ahem, Please review from chapter 14 comments @chris191070 and I weren't the ones sent to the corner. 不 and you did post while I was working out, so my plan worked!
  4. spyke

    Chapter 14

    Love that! I'm going to go work out, so it'll post then. That seems to be the pattern. LOL
  5. spyke

    Chapter 14

    Yeah you did... LOL
  6. spyke

    Chapter 14

    I thought it was really interesting how Sebastian has planted the seeds of his dominance with the "underlings" like Robert and the bedchamber guide before making his big move. He's lulling the council into a sense of false security by appearing to be fine with the seating arrangement, but we know that's all about to change. Can't wait until the council gets a "sniff" of the boys' cologne! LOL.
  7. spyke

    Chapter 14

    Here you go. It deserves much bigger than just an emoji.
  8. Must be the cousin to the dryer sock thief that resides in my house! 不
  9. Wait, what? You're going to Costco on a Saturday morning for your sanity?? Sweet Jesus and I thought my family was bad! 不
  10. spyke

    Chapter 13

    I have nothing more to add. In fact, I think I've given myself a headache going over all of the possibilities everyone has raised. You've probably given her ideas @chris191070, so now we'll probably get hit with back to back cliffhangers in a few of the remaining chapters. LOL
  11. spyke

    Chapter 12

    The safe bet would be a combination of all three with a particular emphasis on the last option because, well, it's you. LOL I'm glad that Kellen's family and Reilly's sister made it out. Given Jack's position with the pack, I think their disappearance may have triggered an alarm and they're probably being hunted as we speak. I'm also curious as to what pack(s) the new members were from originally? It's time to send a Karen to that council and demand to speak to a supervisor for answers! 不
  12. Three words: Electronic Door Locks Or train Zeke to open the door or fetch a key. LOL Seriously though, I have one on the door that leads to the interior of my house from the garage and it has saved my bacon many times.
  13. I wasn't prodding @Wayne Gray to write, merely speculating on what may have happened if he had written and posted. I know he's been sick, so I'm not about to pester him. My only wish is for him to have a speedy and complete recovery. Now @Mrsgnomie is another story. That sister has been laying low for way too long and needs to get clacking on the keyboard. We are long overdue for a new novel! 不
  14. I hope you all had a good week and we are ready to roll into the weekend like champs! I think I'll start everyone off with a little round of Jeopardy! Me: I'll take 'Ring My Bell' for $1200 please. Ken Jennings: 82 notifications on Gay Authors in a 8 hour time frame Me: What is how you know that @Carlos Hazday, @kbois, @Laura S. Fox, and @northie have all posted on the same day. Ken Jennings: That is correct So if @Wayne Gray had posted a new story, would the bell counter have broken? Or does it go past 99? Enquiring minds want to know.
  15. I'm self employed, so it has it's perks and pitfalls, but I wouldn't go back to working for someone else! I have to pay for my own health insurance. I fell into an insurance black hole a few years back when I needed an expensive treatment. The prescription co-pay for me was $56,000 and that was after the pharmaceutical company coupon that would kick in up to $21,000. My doctor was just dumbfounded by it. This wasn't an experimental treatment, it was just a really expensive drug. I accidentally found a loophole through Obamacare, waited a few months, switched over and was approved for treatment within 2 months. The pharmaceutical coupon counted as my deductible and full year out of pocket expenses too. I paid a $5.00 co-pay for each of the 3 prescriptions needed to complete the treatment. That's $15 versus $56,000. Oh and by the way, it was with the same insurance company that originally wanted me to pay the $56,000. Health insurance in the US simply sucks.
  16. spyke

    Return Match

    Eric has made such tremendous strides. It must be such a strange feeling for him to be out in the modern world without things like a cell phone, yet he makes do quite well. What a wonderful meeting with Rob. There was that bit of a snag with regrets from days past, but they moved past it quite nicely. And then to end it with a peck on the cheek--why that Rob is such a sly dog! LOL A really lovely chapter northie.
  17. spyke

    Chapter 11

    I was going more for the Twitter aspect, but since you're the architect of this plan, I will of course abide by and fully promote what ever you decide to do with the suggestion. Of course, there's nothing wrong with doing both!
  18. spyke

    Chapter 11

    You forgot Howler LOL
  19. spyke

    Chapter 10

    Nope, that's a pass. Lol
  20. spyke

    Chapter 10

    That's fine. What ever it takes... lol https://natashasfoodadventures.com/skrewball-whiskey-milkshake-recipe/
  21. spyke

    Chapter 10

    It's chilly in Florida, so you should add some to your morning coffee. Go ahead and have a second cup and we can talk in about 90 minutes, K ? LOL! I'm really nervous about Kellan's father and family knowing how diabolical Reilly's father is. The six wolves are about to come together... This is going to be good. Really good.
  22. It does work wonders. And if that isn't you're speed, then I'm sure a Fireball hot toddy would also do the trick, right @kbois?
  23. spyke


    Foreshadowing. I'm betting she spotted someone evil lurking in the crowd.
  24. I have to admit, my jaw dropped when you said $5 a pound for chicken. I went into Aldi and another grocery store this morning (granted, not in your area) and chicken was sitting right in your price range. I think organic was a little bit higher than $2.49. So I'm wondering if that store jacked up the prices to make the BOGO seem like a good deal? Hmmmmm....
  25. I'll vouch for her 100%. She's in property management and the stuff you hear and deal with-- most people would never believe. I tell folks that I served my 5 year sentence doing that and I'm not ever going back. 不
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