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  1. Proverbo


    The story is flowing very nicely, no confusion, but thanks for asking!
  2. A riveting tale of growing up - eventually - and finding your truth, even if it does mean having to take the extra scenic route. As always, a reliably entertaining read. Highly recommended.
  3. A charming little story that was well worth the read. Thanks!
  4. Naked Calendar is a lovely story skillfully weaved with wit and humour that I can heartily recommend. Well done!
  5. Proverbo

    A New Day

    Thanks for an excellent story! At first I thought their new purpose might be to find the other children that the slavers took, but that might have turned a perfectly good story into a soap opera, so this will do nicely.
  6. Also, this is not intended as a parenting guide. Seriously. And there I was sitting ready with the notebook and everything. Good start! Love your stuff.
  7. Proverbo


    Your stories never disappoint. Really enjoyed this one!
  8. Proverbo

    Chapter 15

    Loved this story!
  9. Proverbo

    Chapter 1

    At first I wasn't so sure I wanted to read this story, but I'm so glad I did!
  10. Great story! Enjoyed it a lot.
  11. A delightful story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
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