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  1. gor mu


    Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it 馃槉
  2. gor mu


    Thank you for commenting 馃槉 Hope you like the ending!
  3. gor mu


    It was 3:21 am when Lucas Valverde arrived at his small studio apartment in the Almagro district of Buenos Aires. He downed half a carton of Termidor as he waited for the bathtub to fill up; the other half, he finished in the tub. He woke up at 8:39 am, still in the tub, the water long gone cold. With weak, wobbly limbs, he wrapped himself up in a towel and stumbled into his bed, where he slept until 1:05 pm. He had hard-boiled eggs and a liter of water for lunch. Then, he opened a bottle of Syrah. Ex路tra路ter路ri路to路ri路al路i路ty: the applicability or exercise of a sovereign
  4. gor mu


    Thank you! These are definitely the emotions I strive to generate upon the reader when I write. I'm happy to know enjoying it so far 馃槉
  5. gor mu


    You'll have to keep reading to find out 馃槉
  6. gor mu


    Lucas Valverde had never counted himself lucky when it came to fathers. For instance, he never met his biological dad. He did know his biological mom, though the scarce memories he had of her were not particularly fun to revisit. He remembered her voice solely for one sentence she鈥檇 uttered sometime before he was taken away on his seventh birthday: 鈥淎ll your dad ever did for you was get you in me and sign his name on your birth papers.鈥 Growing up, he would sometimes wonder what his birth father was like. He would imagine him as a fireman, or a pilot, or a rock star, or w
  7. gor mu


    Pascual Di Falco鈥檚 father had been a mason. His mother, a housekeeper. He grew up in Villa Luzuriaga, a working-class neighborhood in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. His family was neither known nor well-established; neither of his parents made it to high school, but they ran themselves into the ground to make sure their only son did. And he made it much further than that. As a student, Pascual excelled by virtue of his own merit. While many of his classmates landed snug positions at their fathers鈥 firms or pulled webs of connections into lawmakers鈥 bureaus, Pascual worked, worke
  8. gor mu


    I'd been keeping this one in the drafts for a while and decided to flesh it out seeing as I was on a roll 馃槃 Jose (pronounced Ho-seh, as it doesn't have the diacritic like Jos茅) is short for Josefina.
  9. gor mu


    Mister, here is my complaint, I鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l understand; Love is killing me, But I cannot love. I chase after perfection In me and in others, I chase after perfection In order to love. I burn in my own fire, Mercy, Mister, mercy! Love is killing me, But I cannot love! 鈥 Alfonsina Storni, Complaint [Queja] (1920) 1. Lucas Valverde woke up in a pool of his own vomit. Finding the motivation to peel himself off the floor of his bleak studio apartment was harder still than actually doing so, even with the vertigo and the migraine and the urge to barf
  10. Law professor Pascual Di Falco was equally feared and revered by the students at Lucas Valverde's university. But when Lucas became one of the top students in Pascual's class, fear and admiration gave way to something else entirely: maddening, unjust, and wholly inappropriate 鈥 the love Lucas felt for his professor would eventually prove to be his downfall.
  11. gor mu


    It definitely gave Lauti some closure 馃槉 Thank you for reading and commenting!
  12. gor mu


    Thank you! Heartbreak can definitely help or propell creative process, but I suppose it just didn't work as well with me. And yes, the ending might've been a little foreseaable, but I think it fits nicely 馃槉 Take care as well!
  13. gor mu


    I took a long drag of the cigarette, letting the stinging substance sit around in my throat for as long as I could before releasing it into the air. The smoke dissipated beyond the balcony and into the street just as a coal-black bumblebee flew by, likely attracted by the cranesbills and begonias of the lovely old lady from the apartment down below. Today was the day, and I wasn鈥檛 quite sure how I felt about that. I heard the iron-framed door slide open behind me, followed by a loud sigh that carried with it the cadence of loving disappointment. 鈥淎gain, Lautaro?鈥 I turned
  14. gor mu


    Thank you so much! That means a lot to me 馃槉
  15. gor mu


    Thank you so much for reading (and for commenting, always)! No spoilers, but the epilogue might be set sometime in the future 馃槉
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