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  1. GJJ

    Chapter 63 A Brilliant Move

    Moooree chapters please
  2. GJJ

    Destiny Begets Destiny

    Hi, Gary I just clicked on the follow button I've also read Cards On The Table and am waiting on the next chapters I know I can't rush you, but please hurry! Hehehe
  3. GJJ

    Destiny Begets Destiny

    Hi! I just finished this great story for the second time. I would love a second (and a third ) book!
  4. GJJ

    Born Wolf

    Loved the story, when will the sequel be posted?
  5. GJJ

    Chapter 2

    How do they know the story if he hasn't talked?
  6. GJJ


    I hope that Bridgetwitch and her partners in crime suffer a similar fate as Ali. Love the story, great writing. I'm hooked!

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