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I Hate This Town

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

The plan was simple: survive high school and get the hell out of his hometown. 

Alec Kennedy failed miserably.

He fell in love. Unfortunately, he still carried out his plan and left town. Leaving his first love behind.

Years later, Alec's forced to return home to deal with an unexpected family emergency.

There was a new plan: desperately try to avoid his former partner.

He failed miserably again.

There seems to be a pattern here.



The main character struggles with mental health issues, namely anxiety.

Copyright © 2022 Demiurge; All Rights Reserved.

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  This chapter brings up questions that I hadn't really givin much thought 😄 is do a higher percentage  of home schooled kids have trouble socializing? Say what you want about ours school but it a good place to meet people .Many a__holes to be sure but also many good people I suspect Finn is one of them.Alec from his time on the internet seems to buy into the stereotype that all jocks are jerks

In my town in California(and school) seeing someone with Alec's appearance would  just get some rolled eyes nothing worst apparently its a lot different in this farm town.My guess is one of the kids at the lunch table Finn tried to get Alec to sit at  will try to start so s__t with him and Finn will step in.ALec through those limited encounters at the bakery must have somehow made an impression on Finn.

This is the second story of yours I'm reading in both  of them a character has blue hair what is it with you and blue hair?Kidding LOL.Loved the chapter




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@weinerdog hey, hey…I have blue hair. Haha. Well, for a while anyway…

I don’t think all homeschooled kids have problems socializing, but Alec definitely does. They can be a little different as they don’t have the same amount of interaction with people their own age that aren’t direct family members. They also live in a very small town. He could’ve looked completely normal, but kids are kids. Teens are worse haha.

They would’ve found something to poke fun at either way.

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It's kind of crazy how different schools have different ebb and flows. I was from a small town and the popular crowd was mixed with all sorts of characters. Sk8ers, jocks, nerds, jocks who were nerds, band geek/ homecoming king. I'm glad that was my experience. I didn't come out until I was a senior but I wasn't as nervous as most were. Everyone took it pretty well. Looking back, I don't think anyone was shocked. I'm pretty sure I didn't hide it as well as I thought

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The town i grew up in was better than the southern states but definitely not liberal lol typical small town with farming connections and coming out was social suicide. Didn't help that the few token gay kids matched the stereotype to a T. I found out years later a staggering amount of people i thought were hot or at least attractive were LGBTQ 🤣 go figure! 

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@SnowBear saaaaaame I moved back home from the big city and suddenly my old bullies were sliding into my dms 🤣

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Note: Even Finn's friend could not believe he would stay home and give up going away to college and accept his scholarship offers. Others should think the same about Finn's decision. It is not only Alec who wants to leave the town. It is a natural step for people who can handle college.

Finn will be the guy with options who gave them up. He reasons are noble: To help his brother and family at their business. He thinks he is needed so much that he would give up going to college.

He will be with the others who stayed behind to live in a small town. He will likely be seen by many of his peers as making a mistake and not taking what his high school friend's thought was the right action for a better career or for real growth.

We don't know what his parents and brother think. If he was as reluctant to bring it up with them as with Alec, then they will still need to discuss his future plans and staying at home.

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