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  1. Also, thanks @Talo Segura for the information and the link about writing mysteries!
  2. Thank you for those recommendations! I'm eager to check them out once I finish a book I borrowed from a friend :P. To answer your post @Robert Rex, I enjoy each scenario! However, I've found it thrilling watching a protagonist go after a perpetrator whom they already identified, and the creative road blocks the perp uses to prevent being detected and caught. I wish I could think of a better example for this, but the best I could come up with is a few of the mysteries I've watched of this anime Case Closed .
  3. I liked this, AC. A well-written and in-tune description of the artist and their muse. The author seemed to be interested in their subject as well! Thanks for once again illuminating us on some queer history :D.
  4. This might be a derail, and my apologies if that's the case (I'll take a DM!), but do you mind if I hear from you all what mystery books you've considered well done and why? Could be on GA or published elsewhere. I've yet to read any mystery writing authors that I've enjoyed and would return to (with the exception of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky!) I've also wanted to try my hand at writing a mystery novel sometime! I attempted one back in middle school without knowing what makes a good mystery and would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. BDANR

    September Sonnet

    Fitting words and strong imagery to remind us the importance of solidarity and cooperation in these strange times we live in. Thanks for writing :)!
  6. @NoSkis Thank you for your dedicated reading ! Hope it's been a good distraction from our current state of affairs. .Take care and keep well!
  7. @centexhairysub Thank you so much for reading ! I'm glad to see the 1st book reach it's conclusion. I've been considering how the 2nd book might look, and am already expecting it to be difficult, but fun project for the future. I appreciate you taking the time to read!
  8. @centexhairysub And you'll see what that ends up leading to!
  9. @centexhairysub This made me laugh out loud! You don't know how right you are xD.
  10. BDANR

    Chapter 9: Revolt

    @centexhairysub: Funny enough, both of these questions should be answered in the next chapter!
  11. @centexhairysub Sorry for Amelia haha... I wanted to keep readers on their toes, making it hard to identify who is ally or enemy. I'm glad you liked her as a character!
  12. @centexhairysub There might be additional information for why they were attacked in the next chapter, when the creatures that attacked them are identified and given a name. Everyone they encounter can easily be neutral or an enemy, and their reason for being attacked can be as simple as a predator attacking its prey, or something more complex.
  13. @centexhairysub: I didn't end up going into detail about how they were discovered in this chapter. However, because they were outdoors to train and move around the city, we can assume the Royal Soldiers identified them somehow and went to investigate, leading to the final showdown.
  14. @centexhairysub Thank you! Fingers crossed that this story continues to hold your attentiveness :).
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