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    I enjoy the romance stories as they have most appeal. I'm not averse to BDSM stories but find them incredulous.

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  1. joebuck

    I Owe You One

    Loving the mixture of the supernatural with day to day reality. Interested to see how the relationship with both Ryan and Alex develops for Owen. Looking forward to reading further chapters.
  2. Hi, It's great to see a further edition of the Barnstable Chronicles. When Hunter appeared in Vic Greenley's story he was an engaging character. Great to see he gets his own story😃
  3. joebuck

    Saturday (Evening)

    Hiya, how can you keep piling misery upon misery for Simon. From reading through the chapters all he seems to have is people dumping on him. It's difficult to want to continue reading as there is little happening to Simon that brings any joy to his life. I know that sometimes life does have a way of pulling the rug from under our feet but to have your main character lead a joyless life there doesn't seem to be any purpose to it, the story that is. Presumably Simon is living in the 21st century in the UK where there is far more acceptance towards gay people than there was back in the 70s through to the 80s. Yet from reading your story and the way it casts such a downbeat attitude on Simon and his family you'd think that the environment you have placed your characters was somehow stuck in a period when acceptance was nonexistent. I'm going to read the next chapter but if things don't improve and become more upbeat I'll stop
  4. I echo TonyR's comment, this is one of the better stories on this site and Eddie is a strong and likeable character. Can't wait for the next chapter
  5. joebuck

    Chapter 18

    I enjoyed the Lex story and the tatoo was beautifully described> I am enjoying this story as well. My concern was with the element of BDSM which crept in. I am looking forward to Nash adapting to life sans foot. Would like to see them adopt Liam and have that as a cornerstone to building a family life. As with Lex a nice piece of writing and a thoroughly engaging story
  6. joebuck

    Chapter 30

    Hiya, I've been enjoying the story from the beginning especially with the raunchy start ofthea pissing contest. I like the way it is unfolding.
  7. joebuck

    Chapter Thirty-Four

    Thanks Ethan Brilliant story which kept me enthralled. Great chpater
  8. joebuck

    Chapter 1

    I'm taking a page from @Cynus IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT, PLEASE QUOTE THIS POST FIRST SO THAT I'LL SEE A NOTIFICATION ABOUT YOUR POST!!!! I have been reading TJ's story on Niffty not realising that you also posted on this site. I have just finished Chapter 10 of TJ and am thoroughly engaged with how the story is unfolding. Coming across this story regarding Scott adds another dimension to the story concerning TJ. I'm looking forward to how Scott deals with the fact that he has been outed and now has to deal with the same approbation TJ dealt with. Thanks for two great reads,
  9. joebuck

    Chapter 1

    I too would like to add my comment on what a great opening chapter. Looking forward to what happened in the past and how it effects the present.
  10. Great chapter. I feel for Robbie living under a mistrustful and possible homophobic household. The promises made to Robbie when they collected him from the airport after he chose to go and live with them rings very hollow. There is a strong sense of oppression and control where Dan and Sue are concerned and it is worrying to see Robbie in this predicament.
  11. joebuck

    Chapter 20

    This story gets better and better. After meeting Kyle and reading his side of the story it's going to be interesting to see what Mike has to say. Something which I hope will happen
  12. joebuck

    Chapter 16

    WOW, did not see that coming. Adding AIDS into the mix as well. Can't wait for the next chapter to find out who has been shot, if at all. And to see how Kyle deals with Mikes sadistic betrayal of their friendship
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