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  1. Since you mentioned them, I guess I can let you in on a little secret...they will be in another story 🤭 The next story will be involving Zafiro so we won't see them for awhile, but their story does not end here
  2. Oh gosh xD Yeah made the mistake of putting two sad stories back to back!
  3. I was a little confused as to what i did well, but then I remembered what i wrote this chapter lol its weird coming back to it now
  4. Oh wait I'm dumb and didn't answer the second part of the question I did have a Ghanaian friend before I had moved. She was my neighbor and her name was Ama! She was a pretty nice mother figure for me and my siblings I based the character on her! She was Ghanaian but she loved to make korean food xD
  5. nope! I'm Mexican Zafiro would be someone I most relate to from all the characters I've written
  6. JujuTheDruid

    The Museum

    Wow you read crazy fast o.o
  7. Haha well I hope you enjoy it!
  8. Omg xD well im glad you gave me a second chance!
  9. Thanks for reading ❤️
  10. ??? I frown as I stare at a mother holding a young child. The mother sings in a soft voice. The child sleeps against her chest as they gently rock in a rocking chair. Carefully, as if the image were as soft as snow and could break, I walk closer to the two. Kneeling down on the floor next to her legs, I rest my head on her thigh and watch the woman’s face as she sings. We all sit in front of a fireplace. Behind us is an open balcony door that has moonlight shining dow
  11. Tobias I grab Laneer’s arm and quickly pull us to run as far away from Raiyo as we can. Morgoren stands on the bridge with Luno floating just behind him. Luno’s eyes shine with starlight. “You no longer have that ability to shy away from death,” Morgoren says. “Do you really think you can take me?” The ends of Raiyo’s blades glow orange as they heat up. “Last time this happened, you ran scared,” he says. “I was a mere human then. The real question is can you take me?”
  12. That would be nice but the last thing Raiyo would want is to still be considered the thing he hates!
  13. I may or may not be a cat person lol Also, thank you for those other comments with correcting things! They will definitely come in handy when I go back to edit everything after I finish my latest story!
  14. Tobias “What the fuck do you mean he’s gone,” I snarl. “Where did he go?” The automaton lets out so much steam, I am almost certain it is the one responsible for the overheating of this realm. No I know this land is connected to Raiyo now. His rage is boiling right now if this is any kind of indication of what is happening. “I do not know,” The giant thing says. “He said he was going to fix the world. I do not know what that means but it scares me.” Well...that is slightl
  15. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the next part It is definitely my second favorite story that I've written!
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