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    Haha I'm glad you loved it! Still makes me all excited that people still like Mekaias I really should add him to another story or make another adventure for him entirely. Maybe both!
  2. oh god it really does look like that doesn't it? Especially with that Yinx story... As for Zafiro not explaining anything...he wasn't allowed to...that's all I can say! Thanks for reading!
  3. Mekaias I yelp and swat Norian away. “Stop biting my butt!” I frown. He giggles and pulls me into lap. “But it’s so biteable!” I huff and cross my arms. “I’ll be fine Mekaias,” Norian smiles and leans down to kiss my cheek. All of a sudden he isn’t trying to distract me… “But what if you don’t?” I frown. “I seriously think you should stay.” Norian chuckles and pulls me into a hug. It only calms down a little bit. Not a lot, but just a little bit. Definitely not enough to feel like he’ll be safe. He hums as he thinks of something in his head. “Well if you are right, shouldn’t I be over there to protect everyone else in the pet store?” I grumble something under my breath but that only makes Norian laugh. “What was that?” He chuckles and scratches beneath my ear. “Hey, I will be fine. I promise.” Narrowing my eyes, I shake my head. “That is not something you can promise. I already told you this. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” He sighs but smiles nonetheless. “Alright. I don’t promise, but I will be back before you know it!” I groan and flop backwards on the couch, giving up on this little argument. Clearly I won’t be changing his mind. I really should be trusting him, but I just feel like something is about to happen. I can’t lose him again. Norian chuckles before sitting next to me. “Can I get a goodbye kiss at least?” Raising an eyebrow, I look up at him. “I could do more than that,” I say. His face starts to pink but he laughs. I do like that I can still make him turn pink. “Sadly, I don’t have the time for that,” He says. “Maybe when I get back?” I shrug and smile. “I don’t know...you are working rather late today.” “Hey! I already said that it is a small get together after work,” He frowns. “If you want, I can just skip it and come home immediately.” Smirking at that, I shake my head. “I am not going to keep you from hanging out with your friends. Just don’t bring any animals home with you.” Norian grins before placing a sloppy kiss on my cheek. “You know I love you right?” He asks after resting his forehead against me. I lean up and kiss his cheek. “Of course, I do. You know I love you too.” He hums with a smile on his face. He idly scratches at one of my ears and I can’t help with purring at his touch. Again, I hate that I still do that so easily. “I better get going,” He says while pulling me closer to his chest. “Are you sure we can’t just get a bunny or dog? I don’t like how you are alone when I am gone.” Chuckling, I sigh and lean against him, feeling rather sleep even though it is almost lunchtime. “Absolutely not,” I say, a bit bitterly. He laughs before moving to stand. I frown at the absence of his warmth. He leans down and pecks me on the lips before he grabs his coat, says goodbye, and then says one more then before leaving. “What is our rule?” He asks with a smirk. I sigh and roll my eyes. “Never let anyone in unless it is you, Remy, or Remelia,” I say in a monotone voice. He chuckles before waving goodbye. Then he’s gone. Now it is just quiet in here. Frustratingly quiet. Norian is a loud person. Not necessarily with his voice, though he is a bit loud in that department as well, but I can hear him walking all over the house. He’s a big man so I can’t blame him. It comforts me when I hear it anyways. My day runs by like every other day. I wear my pajamas all day, which is only a white tank top and black yoga shorts. I will dance in the gym for about one to two hours, then I would watch tv, get bored of that, go out back to look at our garden. The garden is very much dead. I just stare in defeat at it. Why did Norian say I should try this? I do not know Earth flora at all! About ten minutes of that, I go back to dancing, then I shower away all the pheromones since they stick to my body and clothes. Some days I get too lazy to shower and then Norian will walk in and practically pounce on me. Not that I mind… After I shower, I change into...you guessed it, more tank tops and yoga shorts! I seriously need to get out of this house. When I put on clean clothes and I towel off my hair, I move to the living room to watch the nightly news. Usually at this point, Norian and I would be watching a movie, eating dinner, or up in bed. Not sleeping. I was originally going to put on a movie to watch. There was this old movie about a princess with really long yellow hair. The green lizard thing in the previews for it were what drove me to buy it. I thought otherwise, however. If I want to watch a movie like that, I want Norian here with me. I like watching movies with him because he will scratch my ears… The news station comes up with an alert to a city wide panic. Something about a gang has invaded a part of the city. My heart drops when I see a circle highlighting most of the northern part of the city. Norian’s pet shop is up there. Based of what that is saying, he is near the middle of that mess. The program cuts to footage from various phones who decided to capture everything that is going on. People wearing red and black are armed and are shooting at random things for sport. It makes my gut clench up to see them walking through the streets as if they owned them. A shiver runs down my spine. Not sure why, but those guns are making me think of...things. Old memories. Biting my lip, I quickly stand and look for my phone. I need to call Norian. Need to make sure he is safe and ok. I told him that something felt off today! I just knew it. Why did I have to be right? Maybe if I didn’t say anything, today would have been perfectly fine. When I find my phone, I look for his picture in my contacts and then press the green button. Soon it is calling him. I rock on my toes as I wait for him to answer. Each time it buzzes, I get more and more nervous. Come on, Norian. Pick up your phone! He does not answer the first time. Nor the second, nor the third. I press the green button once more and I take a deep breath. Maybe he is away from his phone. No. He makes sure it is always on him for emergencies. He is paranoid that something will happen to me. The phone buzzes Once. Twice. Five times. As soon as it stops, I drop the phone and barrel out the front door. I don’t bother changing into better clothes or anything. I run down the road and straight for Sector 4. ~~~ I reach the southern edge in about ten minutes. When I get there, I find a helicopter surrounded by a bunch of people. To my surprise, one of them happens to be Alicia. One of the only friends I made on Ember. She spots me immediately and her eyes go wide. “Mekaias?” She says in surprise before running over to give me a hug. I hug her back but not as enthusiastically. “Oh my god, it's been forever!” She grins. “How have you been?” I look past her at the people she is working with. They are staring at me in shock and maybe fear? “Mekaias,” she scolds. “You are not exactly presentable at the moment. Don’t you know what’s going on here?” I nod before looking back at Alicia. “I’m looking for Norian,” I say. “He is somewhere in the middle of that war zone. I need to get to him and bring him home.” She frowns and squeezes my shoulder. “I am sure he will be fine. He’s a big boy. Are you sure you want to go out there, though? It might...trigger things.” Oh god. How does she know about that? Does everyone know? Why does it feel like everyone knows. “I’m fine,” I glare. “I’m going after him.” I walk past her and her squad, ready to keep moving. Should I teleport? It has become a bit of a rule by me and Norian to never teleport more than ten feet. It leaves me winded and it makes me nosebleed. It is annoying and I hate it. “Wait!” Alicia calls behind me. I look over and see she is in the helicopter and has her hand held out to me. “At least allow us to bring you in closer,” She says with a smile. I nod and quickly climb in to sit next to her. She hooks an arm into mine and idly runs her fingers along my hand. It is a good distraction from the stares of her squad mates. One thing about staying home everyday, I never have to see them. They are everywhere. I could be out for a small trip to a interview with Norian, and the camera man will stare me down. It makes even worse to know that people across the universe are staring at the same time. Staying happens to keep me from getting used to the stares. Now I realize that I do look a little insane right now. I am running into battle in my pajamas. I could care less if I got a little bumped up. I just want to get to Norian. Alicia is texting typing something out on her tablet. When I read it, I see it is about my presence here. She is letting her superiors know that I am trying to find Norian. “He works at a pet shop called Nibbles and Snuggles,” I say, having to yell it for Alicia to hear. She raises an eyebrow at me and then bursts out laughing. I frown at her reaction and then tap her tablet so she knows to tell her people. She does do it, but she still has a grin on her face. “I see you both are trying to live that normal life,” She smiles. “That’s pretty cute.” Right...the normal life. I sigh at that and look out the window to my left. The city is sparkling with life. The buildings are gigantic and tall like pretty glass cups. They have colorful pictures that move and dance, advertising the latest things that humans like. Living here must be nice. Not at all lonely or boring. Obviously not boring. They have a gang running loose in their city. When I look through the other window, I see a part of the city that is dark and almost completely without light. It is depressing to look at. Strange. Why is it like that there? Shrugging to myself, I look back out my window. We are flying over an empty park. Well, empty of regular people. U.U.P.P. soldiers are running back and forth, yelling orders, sending people out and down a road. Armored vehicles travel with them. It really does look like a war zone. The city looked more peaceful in the sky. We land on concrete and I hope out of the helicopter. Alicia follows me. “Alright, this is the closest we can get you without taking fire,” She says. “Everyone knows you are here now. They know not to shoot you. You are pretty much free to do as you wish, so long as you don’t interfere with U.U.P.P.’s plans.” I nod along, not really caring. Soldiers walk by us. They stare at me as they walk. I stare back. So weird how everyone always, always stares. “Thank you, Alicia,” I say, turning back to her. She smiles and nods. “You be careful out there!” With a pat on my shoulder, Alicia climbs back into the helicopter, moving the pilot out of her seat and then she flies off. Alright then, time to find Norian. ~~~ After asking for directions, I am told that Norian is on the same road that all the action is taking place. Hearing that really did not help. I was offered a bulletproof vest, but it felt like it was choking the life out of me so I declined it. I was also offered a gun but I do not need them. I can make do without them. The one of charge could tell I really needed to go, so she let me follow along with some soldiers. They were the reinforcements. The soldiers of course stared. It was shorter than most people usually did so I am thankful for that. “I-It is an honor to fight alongside you,” A man says. He looked rather young for a human. Why is he out here? Not entirely sure what to say to that comment, I just smile and nod. Now I am not particularly comfortable. Finally we started running down the road. I could tell that all of them were on edge. My guess was that they may all be new. We reach an open area that seems a bit too quiet. My ears flick back and forth, following every sound. Rocks clatter together to our left and I quickly summon a shield around us. Three robots step out from behind their cover. Their arms were long and shaped into blades. They look like red and black skeletons. It was incredibly creepy. Not wanting the squad to waste any of their ammo, I send a line of violet energy that slices through the robots at once. For a moment they just stand there, then they collapse backwards, their stomachs cut in half. “Holy shit!” The man from before gasps. Smirking at him, I jut my chin forward to where we are supposed to go. We all keep moving, a few robots sprout out every now and then, but I just cut them in half easily. Usually I like to summon weapons during battle, but I need my Norian. Right now. We finally catch up to a group that was ahead of us. Soldiers break into buildings in order to bring back any civilians, others scout around for anyone dressed in red and black. Everyone seems alright. That is usually when things go wrong however. Me and my group continue on, ready to catch up to the main fight. Well, at least I think they are ready. They are still rather nervous. We had just left the main search party when we hear shouting coming up ahead. Frowning, I see a group of people wearing black and red. I guess now is the time to let my squad do their thing. I can’t just do it all for them. Stepping into cover behind the young one, I keep an eye on the others to make sure they aren’t in any immediate danger. They are all in cover and every now and then, peek to shoot at the gang. I peek as well, and see that there are a few who are already dead. Well these people are pretty good shots! That’s good to know. Narrowing my eyes, I see one of the bad guys holding a giant barrel of a gun. He hoists it on his shoulder and aims right for us. That seems more dangerous than regular guns. The man fires his weapon and a bomb jets right for us. My team cries out in fear and I quickly step out of cover to get more ground. My hands glow violet and a shield materializes in front of us. Orange fire and smoke is all I see on the other side of the shield. Surprisingly, this is not hurting. The last time I have used a shield against damage was in Ember. Maybe I really am getting better! The smoke clears and then I remove the shield. There are shouts of confusion and when the enemy sees me, they start running back up the road. Well...that’s new. After checking that everyone is alright, we continue on. In about ten minutes, we finally reach the main fight. A giant metal building is sitting in the middle of the road. There is a machine gun shooting down at the soldiers hiding. Almost as soon as I see it, someone takes out the shooter. In front of the building, there are about twenty gangsters shooting at the soldiers. Though, their numbers are falling quickly. Frowning, when I squint my eyes, I see a man standing on the very top of the building. He has his back to us and a gun aiming down. Strange. What is happening in there? Do I teleport for him? Surely he is the man we are after, yes? When I look around me, I see my squad has moved on without me. That is fine. Did not come here for this anyway. Looking to my sides, I see men with sniper rifles running into buildings. Well, that man will be dying soon. Scanning all the sign for the buildings around me, I bite my lip when I can’t find Nibbles and Snuggles. Is it further down the street? Moving forward, I ready myself to fight any of these people on ground level. Not really wanting to kill any of them, I summon my longstaff. I haven’t held this in awhile. Smiling at the glowing purple weapon, I get myself into a run and go straight for the middle of the enemies. They shout in fear and open fire. A small shield is placed in front of me and it revolves around me in a circular motion, stopping any bullets from touching me. Swinging my staff, I strike a woman in the head and she gets knocked out immediately. Other bodies fall down around me, there isn’t any blood. They fidget around on the floor so they appear to be getting stunned. So the man up top won’t be dying. That’s good to know I guess. Whenever I get close to most of the gang members, they either drop their weapon and surrender immediately, or they end up with my staff, foot, or fist to their head. Two try and attack me at once, and I strike one end of my staff into the ground, pulling myself into the air. I balance on my hands for a moment before flipping myself forward, landing on one of the guy’s shoulders. I pull backwards, and release my grip on him, flipping enough to bring me to my feet again. The other man aim his gun at me, but I kick it away, spin around, and swing my other foot into his face. He gets knocked down immediately. The other goes to stand again but he realizes his defeat and stays down. Moving to stand on a car, I see that all of them have surrendered. Other soldiers run up and gather them around. Looking up at the building, I see someone in a black suit flipping over the man up top. They manage to hook some kind of rope around the man’s neck and they almost pull him over the edge. Instead, the one in the suit, is using the rope to strangle the other man to death. Narrowing my eyes, it is then I realize I have seen this face before. I definitely have never seen them wear this outfit though. I am somewhat jealous of it actually. It’s the thief who stole from us. From what U.U.P.P. told us. His name is Zafiro. This thief is apparently famous about the U.U.P.P. Officers in this sector. The fact that he stole from me is rather annoying. At first I was angry about it and myself, but then I realized he maybe steals to get by in life. Sure, there is the possibility he does it for sport, but I like to imagine it is the first case. I watch as the thief struggles to make sure this man dies. His face is angry and determined to make sure this happens. Something must have happened to him. Something that pushed him enough to kill the man. In that moment, I do not see the thief, I see myself. It actually brings a tear to my eye. It is almost like I am watching myself kill King Talemo. Right now, it is both heartbreaking and satisfying. I could care less that he stole from us. At the moment, I am proud of him. I truly hope he gets that satisfaction like I did. Soon, the man stops struggling. He’s done it. He’s won. I almost smile as I watch him. Almost. A look of confusion comes on my face when I see red dots hovering over his chest. What is that? I look around for their sources and then I see it. The two snipers. They are aiming right for him. Zafiro has noticed and he closes his eyes. Without even thinking twice, I summon a shield around him at the same time that they open fire. There is a moment of confusion, even the thief looks confused. He looks down and then he sees me. His eyes widen in shock, yet no fear. That is not very common to see. Taking his chance, he fires a grapple hook from his gloves and he swings out and away to safety. Well. That was interesting. Looking around me, I see stares in every direction. Even from the enemies. I have a feeling this might get me in trouble. Running off, I look around the street, trying to find the pet shop. There are a few more of those red and black gang people running around. Some fight, most run away. Sector 4 has so many buildings with colorful lights, they are just starting to blend together. Why is this getting so hard? Biting my lip, I walk along the sidewalk, keeping an ear out for danger, or possibly Norian. After what feels like ages, I finally find it. It has green and yellow lights. In the picture, of all animals...there is a cat. The entrance is blocked off with great metal doors. My guess is they activated when all of this started. Hesitantly, I knock on the doors. “Norian?” I call, not too loudly, in fear of possibly getting the attention of something I don’t want. No answer. I knock again. “Norian, are you in there?” I call louder, panic setting in. For a moment, no answer, then I hear the muffled voice on the other side. “Hello? I can’t quite hear you. Who is this?” I hear Norian say. Without thinking, I step back and holds my hands out to the door. Violet light surrounds the outline of the doors. I put even more magic inside clench my hands into fists. The doors crumble up like crushing a soda can. I then pull my fists backwards and the doors fly out behind me. Norian is standing with a bunch of women hiding in the different aisles of the store. He looks as if he is battle ready, but when he sees it is me, he looks at me in confusion. “Mekaia-,” he does not even get to finish saying my name as I pounce on top of him. He grunts from the impact but then he ends up laughing and hugging me tight. “What are you doing here?” he asks. “You should be at home where it is safe.” I feel tears spilling down my cheeks but I pull back to glare at him. I don’t care how ridiculous I look. “Why didn’t you answer my calls?” I sob. “I thought...I thought-” He pulls me to his chest and rubs my back in circles. “Oh, baby,” he whispers. “I’m so sorry! I forgot my phone in the car! I swear it. I couldn’t get out until U.U.P.P. removed the security watch. Nothing would have budged those doors. Besides you of course.” I bury my face into his shirt and cry tears of joy. He is perfectly fine! Alicia was right. He was safe. “Did you really run all the way here dressed like this?” He chuckles and pulls at the bottom of my tank top. I simply nod and keep my chest in his chest. “Oh, Starshine,” he sighs and kisses my head. “You really are something.” Just wait till he learns about who I saw on my way here.
  4. Man now I feel bad! Not exactly, Yinx and Laneer bad, but close enough just from this comment Ok i'll give a small hint for next story... Zafiro was given time to say goodbye. As for who gave him time...I can't say. I promise it will come after the Raiyo story though!
  5. Zafiro The helicopter is still chasing me! They usually give up after awhile but it is still looking for me! Why? I killed the bastard. What more could they possibly want? “You commited a murder in front of them.” “...they do not like that, do they?” “No, no they do not.” With a curse under my breath, I hide behind the armored truck. I am hoping the helicopter will fly over and miss me. I do keep myself ready just incase. Since I am here, I grab some things since I lost all my weapons. I will need to be ready for everything. Everytime I peek out, I see the helicopter getting closer and closer. As much as I would love to just drive on as fast as I can, it would bring their attention. I might as well restock. When I have everything together, I even got a bandage wrapped around my thigh, I climb back on the bike and ride off. Instantly it grabs the attention of whoever was managing the spotlight. A small part of me thought that maybe they would not have noticed. Of course they did. I keep on the same road since it is rather empty at the moment. At some point I am going to have to dodge and weave through stuff to make them lose track of me, before I do that, I need to get away from all their soldiers first. Once again, too much is happening. This day might actually be the worst. Sure, I managed to kill Cody, but even after, all this shit just keeps on coming. “We are a mayhem magnet!” “Oh! That sounds fun!” “No, YOU IDIOT! WE ALMOST DIE EVERYTIME!” “...it’s still fun though…” Shaking my head, I turn onto a road that should bring me to the edge of town. If I am not mistaken, it should bring me to the bridge that leads to the next Sector. Surely I would lose them out there. They can only chase for so long. If only I had something to take out that helicopter...like a certain Mekaias. It is absolutely wild that he would actually save me. Me! The one who stole some of his crap. Why did he do it? I would not have done it. Sure, it helps that I know he can save himself, but if it were anyone else, I would have turned the other way. “You’re lyinggg!” “Awww, I do love thinking about shiny Roy!” “Wrongo! We call him Tin Can.” “He feels more like a Roy now, though.” Gritting my teeth, I shake my head again and almost veer off the road. Ok, so many not everyone. I would want to help Tin Can. I have done it already, haven’t I? Yeah, I would do it again. “Attention,” A woman’s voice speaks from the helicopter. “You are surrounded. Park your vehicle and lay down on the ground.” Surrounded? I don’t see anyone around me. Oh wait, there are people around me! Was I distracting myself that much? There are two cars behind me, two in front, and one on either side. They are a bit spread out from me, but they keep getting closer and closer. Looking behind me, the two cars are pretty separated. Should make this fairly easy. I slow myself down, almost stopping entirely. The cars all jet past me and I drive the other way. I turn into the buildings and try and map out where I am going. Perhaps leaving through the southern side of the city will be best. Checking over my shoulder, the helicopter flies into my vision and chases after me. Below it, the cars are turning into the same street as me. If I go through the areas with civilians, that should make them overthink about chasing me. They do not want to get their own people hurt. Turning back to the road in front of me, I put in more speed. It is still a bit empty out here so this should be fine. I just have to be careful for all the abandoned cars in the middle of the street. “Keep going! Keep going!” “We don’t want to get caught now, do we?” “Don’t stop!” Clenching my jaw, I try and ignore the voices, and keep my eyes on the road. “You know, that is quite rude of you.” “Yeah! You can’t ignore us forever!” “It is because he is scared of us, you idiots!” “But why? We are his friends.” “We are?” “Shut up!” I yell. “Please!” They laugh at me. That starts to make my blood boil. “Poor Zafiro. Maybe we should leave him?” “He can’t just kick us out of our own house!” “This is not a house, dumbass.” “Oh...right. I knew that.” Growling to myself. I just try to ignore them, as hard as that is. I peek over my shoulder and see that U.U.P.P. is still fairly close. Why can’t they just turn back for Cody’s body? That is all they wanted in the first place! Hmm...what to do, what to do? There is the blackout button. Yeah I could use that. Maybe when I am in a better place though. I tend to have bad judgement with figuring out when to use it. “A bit ironic we have a button to hide in the dark, eh?” “How so?” “Well...wait a minute, I forgot my train of thought.” “How did you manage that? We are already trains of thoughts.” “We are?” “Will you all just shut your damn mouths,” I yell. “You’re giving me a headache.” They do manage to go quiet. Thank god. They really were getting annoying. It is now that I realize I am talking to voices in my head. A shiver runs down my spine at how insane that sounds. Am I really going crazy? No, no. This is Cody’s doing. He put a chip in my head. What does that even mean? Why did he even do that? It does not matter. As soon as I get it out, everything will be back to normal and all will be fine. No more voices, no more ringing, and no more headaches. “Silly Zafiro!” “You’re so funny!” More of them chuckle or outright laugh. Their voices echo around in my head. What even are they? How did my brain manage to make up this kind of shit? “We are the questions you like to bottle up!” “Well that is a bit of an exaggeration.” “True. We are the answers you choose to ignore!” “Forget about that, though! Consider us as your friends!” “Speak for yourself.” I almost laugh as how ridiculous this sounds. Instead, I gasp and jerk the motorcycle to the side to keep myself from running into a floating bus! Dammit. These voices are going to be the death of me. Looks like I have reached the part where everyone feels safe enough to walk around. That is, until they see me and the U.U.P.P. vehicles chasing me. There are a lot of screams of panic as I zip by them at high speeds. I sure as hell won’t be slowing down. Glancing over my shoulder, I hear the sirens of the cars trying to get through the streets. The helicopter still flies overhead, following me. Hmm. There is another bridge that crosses over a river. I think I have a plan of losing them there. The main problem with this is that there are all these cars standing in the middle of the road. Either that, or driving super fucking slow! Pulling out a gun, I fire three times into the air. Instantly, everyone starts screaming and running for cover. I pull myself onto the sidewalk and drive through there. Every now and then, I would fire three times again, trying to get more people out of my way. There are a few close calls. Some bitches are dumb and just stand there. I have to go around them but at least the sidewalks are fairly wide. This carries on for about a minute before I turn onto another road that leads southeast. There are four roads that lead out of the four corners of the city. The two on the bottom corners have bridges that go over a river. Those are always busy since everyone is constantly moving through the city. With all those shining lights, if I use the blackout button, I should surely lose them there. “Oooh! What a plan!” “A stupid plan.” “We are going to get arrested! Oh God!” “SHHH! Shut up will you! He needs to concentrate!” I chuckle out a “Thanks” at that. Looking back, I see that the helicopter is still on me but the cars are further back than before. I weave around cars, people, and if need be, the trees that line along the sidewalk. I keep going back and forth to keep out of the late night traffic. Why do these people feel the need to drive when their side was just attacked is beyond me. Then again, I would be moving around too. I am a bit surprised as to why the helicopter has not asked me to stop again. Do they already know I won’t or is this some kind of ‘you get one chance’ kind of deal? The closer I get to the bridge, the more crowded the streets become. Not only for getting out of the city, but also for coming in. A lot of people that lived outside of the city have decided to move in since U.U.P.P. decided to set up homes for all the Ember aliens that Mekaias brought in. As much as humans try to say they want peace, there sure are a bunch of racist bastards. Some even are angry with Mekaias for saving them! It is ridiculous. I am pretty sure the U.U.P.P. cars are stuck behind me now. There is no way they can get through this mess. There might actually be a car wreck ahead. All the cars have stopped moving. Gotta love that traffic! I keep in the middle of the cars. I am careful not to run into any of them but I keep a fast pace either way. I do not want to lose my ride. “Attention citizens of Sector 4,” The helicopter lady says. “Please put your vehicles in auto-pilot. I repeat. Please put your vehicles in auto-pilot.” Instantly, blue lights start to come on in their headlights. They all begin driving backwards at once. I frown at that. Not exactly sure how that is supposed to help them in anyway. If anything, it will make it harder for the U.U.P.P. cars to catch up. “Maybe they want us to leave?” “Good riddance!” “But what about Roy! Let’s stay with the shiny man!” I keep driving along, checking all directions to see what could be out of the ordinary. So far, everything seems alright. When I finally reach the bridge entrance, all the cars have retreated behind me. Now I see why they wanted everyone out of the way. About halfway on the bridge, there is a line of U.U.P.P. cars. They are blocking off my way out. Well, not like I can just drive back the way I came in. When I look back, I actually see the other U.U.P.P. cars, and even some civilian cars, are blocking me off as well. Great. Lifting my goggles into my hair, I look around for other places I could run off to. I could always just grapple away, but then I have to deal with the helicopter. That will be much harder to deal with without the bike. What to do, what to do? “Isn’t this just great!” “Right? Looks like our time is up.” “So should wrap one of the grapple lines around our neck ourselves or…?” “Oh shut up. He has a plan. We’ll be fine.” Hmm...I think I can pull this off. ~~~ ~~~ Roy As soon as Zafiro had swung away, we all ran out of the weird shaped building and ran for the armored truck. All I remember on our way back was the Alentian staring me down as we ran off. He could have attacked us. He could have easily just teleported on us and done...something. Who knows if he would have killed us or not. Instead he just watched us. He watches us leave and he smiled. That would be the part that weirds me out the most. As we ran back, a Helicopter seemed to burst out somewhere behind us. We all dove for cover, trying to hide, but it just flew past us. It completely ignored us. Instantly, I knew who it was headed after. Sophie must have as well because she pulled out her phone to call Zafiro. She told him they were headed their way and when her face paled, I got a little scared. Arturo told us we need to get to the truck so we kept running. When we got to the truck, we found one of the hatches open. We were careful incase someone broke into it, but nope, it was empty of any life. A few supplies were taken, so our guess was that someone just passed through, or Zafiro grabbed some stuff somehow. I notice the diamond pistols are gone. Somehow in this moment of slight panic, that makes me smile. Everyone crowds into the truck, everyone wants to open up the table monitor to see what is happening. There is no way this isn’t being televised! “Calm down everyone,” Arturo says, thought he sounds just as nervous. “He will be fine dammit.” Even I can tell that he is not entirely too sure about that. The most agonizing part of this would have to be when we learned that the monitor was not working. Everyone quickly pulled out their phones. I sat in the passenger seat next to Sophie while she drove us back to my house. After a few moments, I finally find the right channel. It shows live footage from a helicopter’s camera. Zafiro is being chased by a bunch of U.U.P.P. cars and said helicopter. He is surrounded by cars in the middle of the street. They have managed to catch up to speed with him and they are trying to cage him in. He slows himself down, making all the cars zip past him. He turns himself around and drives...south? Looks like we are all headed the same way. Now this is bringing back old memories of when we would chase him through the city. Except, this time there are way more people involved. I have faith. He can make it. He fucking better. I have a few words to speak with him about how this night has played out. I told him not to kill that man. He should not have done it, but he did. Somehow he had choked the man to death and gotten away. Maybe he had planned to kill Cody from the beginning, but that will not fix all his problems. We could have just turned him in and everything would have been alright. Not going to lie, I was pretty surprised to hear myself tell Zafiro that he should come home with me. I haven’t even thought of that...much. Yet, right there, I was more than ready to have him stay with me. Shaking my head, I look out my window. Looking at Zafiro just makes everything more confusing and stressful. How has this infuriating thief wedged himself into my life? “He’ll be alright,” Sophie says. I am not sure if she said that to me or to herself. I simply nod and look back at the screen. He is in the shopping district at the moment. My eyes widen when I see him pull one of the diamond pistols out to shoot. He fires a couple times into the air. It takes me a moment to realize he is doing that to make everyone scatter from his path. My brow scrunches up more and more as he gets closer to the southeastern bridge. The camera flicks back and forth with different U.U.P.P. vehicles. I see a bunch of cars lining up on the bridge and more cars coming up behind Zafiro. They are about to cut him off on the bridge. Seeing that starts to make my chest tighten. The ones behind Zafiro just keep getting closer, they weave their way through the traffic like snakes slithering through grass. Zafiro stops driving at the bridge entrance and looks around himself. He looks so small in that moment, I just want to reach through the screen and hide him with me. The camera zooms in on him and you can just barely manage to see those strange blue eyes. I bet everyone who sees that would think something is wrong with him. Which they wouldn’t be so wrong about… Zafiro seems to sense the camera on him, he looks up at the helicopter and he smiles with a glint in his eyes. He puts his goggles back on and reaches into the small bag attached to his belt. I frown since I could not see what he pulled out. All of a sudden, the tires screech on the bike as Zafiro starts driving at full speed for the wall of cars in the middle of the bridge. Shouts can be heard from the woman in the helicopter. Those don’t even register as I stare at Zafiro. I swear my heart has taken a pause with me. Zafiro slaps something on the bike but keeps driving for the line of cars. When he is about ten feet away, all the lights in the bridge, cars, and the spotlight from the helicopter go out. It is just dark. At first I am relieved, I completely forgot about that weird button that shuts down power everywhere, but then an explosion goes off where the cars were sitting still. As soon as that happens, the screen cuts off to static. A news reporter then comes up on the screen, informing us that all power has gone out in that area. Did...did Zafiro do that? Or was that pure coincidence? I am pretty sure that explosion was from the bike. Everyone is quiet in the truck. Most likely unsure of what to think of that. He’s...He’s fine. He has to be. This is Zafiro! He can’t die. Cody tried twice and he failed. This...this was just another death he managed to dodge. Nothing more, nothing less. I try and breathe to calm my heart down. It is beating like crazy now, hoping for Sophie’s phone to ring at any minute. The drive back to the house is completely silent. Sophie keeps checking her phone every few seconds. I get my hopes up every time. We reach my house and I jump out, expecting to find Zafiro in my room or on the neighbor’s roof. When I see the roof is empty, I am absolutely positive that he is hidden in my room. I bet the dog and cat are just swallowing him in affection right now. Pushing open my front door, the dog instantly starts barking like crazy. I expect Zafiro to calm him down, but he does not. When the dog sees that it is me, it calms down and lays back on my couch. The cat jumps up and curls against him. Frowning at that, I quickly run up the stairs. Wouldn’t they be up there if Zafiro was? No, no it’s fine. They probably didn’t hear him. He isn’t here. Why the fuck isn’t he here? Zafiro should be in my room right now! He always is, so why not now? I know he was close to the house anyways, dammit. He’s...he’s fine! He has to be. He always plans things out so everything is fine. Maybe he is just a little late. For all I know, he could be climbing up the side of my house right now! I walk out to the gym and wait. And wait… And wait some more. Sophie manages to come upstairs as well. She sits next to me on the bench and we both wait. An hour passes. Two hours. It gets to around the three hour mark when Sophie silently gets up and leaves. I am pretty sure she went home, I’m not sure. My eyes get droopy with sleep but I still wait outside. By the time I see the sun beginning to rise in the distance, I realize I have stayed out here for nine hours. Where...where is he? He had to have survived that explosion. Nothing as simple as an explosion could kill him! Could it? The dog and cat eventually come into the room. They see me sitting outside and then they both come and sit at my feet. But, I-I thought we could have had something. Something I never thought of before. He can’t just die! I feel my eyes beginning to water and I angrily blink them away. I will not cry for that damn fool. He would have made fun of me if he ever saw that. A scowl forms at thinking the word ‘if’. As if he might come back again. I have to blink a few times again. I’m wrong. Zafiro would not have teased me for crying. He seemed to know when it was fine to tease. You know...it is kind of funny that the last thing I’ll remember him by is that damned smile as he is about to head into danger. It does not make me laugh though. ~~~ Two Weeks Later Still no signs of Zafiro. A lot of bodies had burned in that explosion, some bodies even flew into the river. That means a few have gone missing. It pains me to realize that Zafiro might be one of those bodies sitting at the bottom of the river somewhere. At least he went out with a bang right? Isn’t that something he would have wanted? I am pretty sure it is. I sigh and scratch the white cat between the ears. Sophie told me the cat’s name is Yinx. Zafiro came up with the name years ago. Thank god she knew that. I only knew the dog’s name before. It would have felt wrong to give the cat a name that didn’t come from Zafiro. At the moment, I am on my bed finishing the Mekaias documentary. Sadly, I am not really thinking about it. My mind is thinking of thieves with unnatural blue eyes that shined way too bright. Sighing, I decide to run on the treadmill. If I am going to wallow in my depression, I might as well do it while running. The night air might do me good anyways. I am both angry and sad with Zafiro, but mostly angry. The stupid fucker couldn’t have just...done something else? Literally anything else! Hell, he could have just turned himself in and I would have been a million times better. We were really getting somewhere. Sure, we had that line where we weren’t sure what it was, but it was something. I never had a something before. Who says I would have it again? I sigh again and turn the treadmill off. Yeah, nevermind. I am not in the mood to run. “Aww, but I wanted to see them bounce some more,” A voice says to my left. My eyes widen and my chest tightens up. I look over at the rooftop next door and I see the smiling fool. Zafiro winks as he sits on the edge of the roof. His legs are crossed and he leans back on his hands. How long has he been sitting there? How...just how? “Ya miss me, Tin Can?” He chuckles. I blink and move closer to him, making sure I am not going crazy or anything. I don’t want to be too excited to hear that damn nickname. “How...how,” Not sure what to say, I instead get angry. “How long have you been sitting there? You have been gone for two weeks and you just sit there without saying anything? Do you have any idea how irritating you are? You had me worried sick!” Zafiro’s teasing smile turns into one of those sweet ones that somehow always brings my gaze to his beauty mark. “It’s not like I could just bring my bitchass over here,” He sticks his tongue out. “You must have forgotten that I had some friends that really wanted my autograph.” I scowl and fold my arms. I am aware that he likes when I do that but right now, I don’t give a damn. Laneer comes running out, barking and whining his fluffy head off. Zafiro’s eyes brighten when he sees him. “You took care of my children?” He grins. He stands and then jumps over to hug and pet the dog. I stay silent. A bit in shock really. A small part of me thought that maybe this was some kind of illusion you get when you miss someone too much. Seeing the way Laneer is acting, yeah...it’s very much real. All the anger I had just slips away. I actually feel my eyes beginning to water but I refuse to give this little shit the satisfaction. Zafiro looks up at me before standing, he smiles and tilts his head. “Did you miss me, Roy?” His eyes twinkle when he says that. It feels incredibly unfair that he is sweet talking me with my real name. Shaking me head, I look anywhere but at him. “No, of course not,” I say, clearing my throat. “I knew you were fine. Never for a second thought you were gone.” It is starting to get warmer out here. Zafiro chuckles. He sounds a lot closer now. A gloved finger hooks under my chin and lightly pulls me to face him. “You sure?” He smiles. “Your eyes are pretty shiny tonight. You weren’t crying over me, were you, Roy?” Blinking away whatever moisture he sees, I sigh and stare down at his eyes. I must say, I do love the scars. Something about looking pretty and tough at the same time is particularly attractive to me. A shame about how he obtained them. “I’m...what were we talking about again?” I ask, a bit distracted by the shining blues. His eyes smile at that. “You were about to kiss me is what we were talking about,” He purrs and leans against me. I nod and lean down slowly. “Right,” I say before pressing my lips to his. I can feel the smile on his face and that both annoys and satisfies me. Ok. I really fucking missed him and his teasing. Zafiro pulls back but I wrap my arms around him to keep from leaving. He sighs and gives a sad smile. One that says he has bad news. I don’t like it. “What?” I frown. “What’s wrong?” He shrugs and runs his hands along my shoulders and biceps. He squeezes them before speaking. “I am afraid I have to jump out of town,” He says, still with the sad smile. Narrowing my eyes, I shake my head slowly. “Why would you have to do that,” I ask. “You could stay here with me. I was not kidding with what I said in that tower.” Zafiro chuckles and shakes his head. “Believe me, I would love to stay in your little castle, but I am afraid that there will be too many eyes on you if I do.” I grunt and shrug. “So? What are they going to do about it?” He laughs and leans up to kiss me again. “Well, aren’t you a precious gem,” He says. His smile slowly turns into a frown as he stares into my eyes. “No,” He shakes his head. “I can’t have you getting into trouble because of me. My mind is made up. You can’t change it.” I frown and tighten my arms around him. “Then why did you come back?” I ask. “This feels more cruel now.” Another sad smile. “Isn’t it obvious,” He chuckles. “You’re my shiny one. I can’t just go without saying goodbye to the shiniest one in my stash.” No. No this can’t be right. He can’t just pretend to be dead for weeks, come back, and then tell me he is leaving again. He can’t! “Tell me there is something I could do or say that will make you change your mind,” I say, not really caring for how sad I sound. Zafiro rests his gloved hand on my cheek and smiles. “I’m afraid not, handsome. Don’t even think about following me. You know I’ll be gone before you can even say my name.” “Then I won’t say it,” I pout. He rolls his eyes but still laughs. Laneer whines beneath us and that pulls our attention. “Promise to take care of them?” He asks. As much as I hate it, I know I can’t change his mind. This all fucking sucks. “Yeah,” I say with a huff. He gets down on his knees to scratch beneath Laneer’s ears . “Make sure you never whistle around him. That’s his command to attack.” I smirk at that. It is a bit ridiculous to think this love ball could ever attack someone. Zafiro sighs and stands back up. “Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to come back.” That gets me pretty excited inside, but I am still pissed about what is happening now. Why couldn’t this city just stay useless? Of all times they chose to pick up on their shit, they choose now? It’s all bullshit. “I’m miss you, Roy,” Zafiro says. “I’ll miss you a lot.” I just nod. “I’ll miss you too,” I mutter, looking down at his stupid, pretty face. Zafiro chuckles and swats at my chest. “Hey, don’t be all moody just as I am about to leave. I need a good memory to keep with me!” I sigh and nod again. “So...what now?” He smiles and pulls on my shirt. “You kiss me goodbye, you fool.” Before our lips touch, I stop him. I might as well say it right? If he really is leaving, I should just say it. Maybe it will bring him back to me. “I...I...think I love you,” I say, my face burning. Honestly I expected the teasing face again, but of course, he doesn’t. He smiles bright, brighter than I have ever seen before. I swear his eyes twinkle like actual diamonds. He pulls me down to his lips once more and then gives me a tight hug. Yeah, he is definitely stronger than regular humans. “I think I do too, Roy, but I’m afraid that won’t be keeping me here,” He says. “Promise to stay the shiniest for me?” “I promise,” I pout again. Now entirely sure what that means, but I will do my damn well hardest to be the shiniest shiny he could ever want. “Goodbye, Roy.” With a shaky sigh, I reply. “Goodbye, Zafiro.”
  6. Lol I plan on posting Mekaias' side to this chapter! You shall see the Alien's thoughts soon enough As for the chip, it will leave some permanent damage unfortunately. The question now, is how much more until he gets it out?
  7. Zafiro You know, maybe I should have known this would happen. It is his city after all. Sure, Mekaias lives a long ways away, but still, it is his city and he will try to defend it. If only he joined a lot sooner. Do you think he would recognize me? Who am I kidding? Of course he would. All because I stole some shit from him. I don’t even remember what I stole from him! I bite my lip at I swing back down to the truck. Most of Cody’s people have learned to just spread out and run away from us. Most are running to where I believe Cody is hiding. I wonder if he is scared. If he was not before, I bet he is now. Everyone knows that the Alentian can break into a fortress on his own just fine. ...We really need to leave. I land next to Tin Can and open up the hatch that leads into the truck. Tin Can looks at me in confusion but turns back to keep an eye on any of the gang members running in the street. Mama is driving the whole thing while Arturo is busy looking at the map. He also watches the road ahead. It is still very strange to see them together. I am not sure if I like it or not. Arturo seems alright. I do not consider him a father really, but he is fine I guess. Mama on the other hand… I still hold memories of her raising me. That will probably never go away. Still, the bitter thoughts of her leaving me are still there. I know she did it for me, but I wish she could have tried to bring me with her. Did she even try? Not once? Swallowing those thoughts away, I walk up to Arturo’s side. “We should leave,” I say. “The Alentian is here.” At that, Arturo’s eyes widen but then they narrow as if he does not believe me. “Are you sure?” He asks. “I mean one hundred percent sure.” I nod and glance at Mama. She is watching the both of us. She has one hand on the wheel and another typing up a storm on her phone. My guess is that she is trying to get Mekaias off our back? Arturo drums a finger on his chin as he thinks things over. I try and think of something too, but all thoughts just end up with Mekaias finding us in the end. “Keep driving,” Arturo says after a while. “We will just keep pushing and then move on foot if we have to.” “Wait,” Mama says as she is looking down at her phone. Both Arturo and I stare at her as she is reading over whatever texts she just got. She sighs and turns to us. “Mekaias is not working with them,” She says. “He randomly decided to come here. He is on their side, however.” Oh great. I was right. He decided to come defend his city. Fantastic! Arturo grunts and looks over a minimap in his hand. “If we are careful, I am sure we can continue on foot.” “On foot?” I exclaim. “That alien can teleport! You’re over here talking about ‘moving on foot’. Are you crazy?” He shrugs and grins. “Just a little, and I know you are too. Surely you would join me. Cody is the shiny prize after all.” God I wish I could disagree with him. While the warning about Mekaias is ringing in the back of my head, the call for Cody’s blood is definitely a lot louder. With a groan, I move for the hatch. Arturo laughs behind me. “That’s the spirit!” Rolling my eyes, I climb back up to Tin Can’s side. I pull my phone out and turn the music off. I do not want to grab Mekaias’ attention. “Aw! I was enjoying that!” Tin Can says with a smile. It disappears when he sees the serious look on my face. “Is something wrong?” he reaches for my shoulder. Moving away, I keep an eye on the road that leads towards Mekaias. “The Alentian is here,” I say. Not going to lie, I am a bit scared that he will just pop out of thin air right here and now. Knowing that Tin Can is a bit of a fanboy of him, maybe Mekaias will have mercy on me? Tin Can does not say anything so when I look over at him, I see he is wide-eyed and staring at me. “Are you serious?” He huffs out. When I nod, he gulps and shivers. I smirk and turn back to the road. “You can run back,” I say. “I am sure you can manage your way home safely. All of Cody’s goons are running back to his building anyways.” Oh right, I was supposed to tell Arturo where to go. “No, no!” Tin Can’s voice cracks. “I-I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.” Raising an eyebrow at him, I climb back down the hatch to give Arturo the location. ~~~ The closer we get to the gunfire in the distance, the harder my heart starts to pound. I swear I can feel my heartbeat in my head right now. It sounds like a drum. It feels like its drumming against the bone on my temple though. Why is it always there? It is always the same place. Did I need more than stitches when I was at Ama’s? That is slightly concerning...but I think I should be fine. Nothing has been wrong with me so I can live with it. Every time someone runs past us, I keep thinking it is Mekaias. I pull my guns up and aim but every time, it is either a civilian running away or another of Cody’s gang. “You’re nervous too,” Tin Can says next to me. Glancing at him, I put on a smile and try to look relaxed. “Nah, I’m fine,” I say. “I bet if he sees how handsome you are, he will be too stunned to attack us.” He looks at me in confusion. “I seriously doubt that. He kind of has a soulmate. Remember?” Oh right. The love story that has people both happy or pissed. Happy because of their story, pissed because it’s a very homo relationship. That stuff just can’t seem to stop unfortunately. I shrug. “I guess you’re right. More for me then!” He smiles and shakes his head. “You’re a pain.” At least he has calmed down. Obviously he was scared of Mekaias. Not that I can blame him. I am too. Everyone has heard the stories of what he has done to the old organization, Firelight. Why would we not be scared? I bet he could melt through this truck like it was butter. I shiver at that and wrap my arms around myself. I wish my jacket was longer now. After a time, the truck stops moving. A hatch opens at the top of the truck, and then Mama and Arturo climb out. “Alright people,” Arturo says with a smile. “We are going to work quickly and quietly. Quietly is not a huge necessity but it would be nice.” His friends chuckle at that. “Based on what Sophie and Zafiro have gathered, Cody’s building should be two streets over. We just need to cut our way through and we should be fine. If you happen to get caught by U.U.P.P. well, good luck to you.” Hmm. I notice he did not mention the Alentian. I guess he is trying to keep his friends in check. Speaking of his friends, didn’t he say that he had people in Cody’s ranks? Where are they? Where are all of his other people? Narrowing my eyes, I hop off the truck. I end up landing in a small pool of blood. With a sigh, I scrap my boots along the side of the truck to clean them off as best as I can. Tin Can cringes at the sight. Who knows if it was a civilian or not. “It’s Arturo!” A voice shouts ahead of us. A group of people in red and black see us and they scramble for cover. They hide behind cars, stone benches, and the corner of a building. Everyone on our side scatters or jumps back onto the truck for cover. I grapple myself into an alley. The only one who doesn't run is Tin Can. He just stands still and aims with his gun. It sends off glowing blue shots. Each time they hit someone, they end up collapsing and fidgeting around on the ground. So it’s a stun gun. Interesting choice. Whenever I try to peek around my corner, I end up getting shot at. Why me? I’m all alone here! They should keep firing at the metal beefcake standing in the middle of the road. Since they think I am on ground level, I start climbing the side of the building. I do not bother with being quiet. The claws on my gloves clink each time they stab into the bricks. About halfway up, I peek around the edge and aim with my gun. Keeping one eye closed, I aim at a man who is hiding behind a car. At this angle, I have a clear shot of his head. I pull the trigger once and he falls onto the road. Aiming for another, it becomes a small train of kills. Tin Can keeps stunning people and I leave those alone. Everyone else ends up killing the other gang members. Once it is clear, I bring myself down. “Nice job everyone,” Mama says. Checking on Tin Can, I see that he looks conflicted with all that just happened. “You sure you don’t want to go back,” I ask. This time I do not joke around or tease. He should not have to deal with this if he does not want to. Tin Can looks at me and after a small moment, he nods. I squeeze his arm and then start walking ahead. Everyone else has already begun moving. We reach a building that has glass broken everywhere. It litters the ground and there are bodies piled up together. Based on their clothes, they were civilians. I frown at that. There are knife marks on their bodies. Some even have a few limbs missing. What on earth could have done this? Just as I am thinking that, I hear chanting ahead of us. Along with a motorcycle engine purring. “Ignore us no longer. Ignore us no longer. Ignore us no longer. Ignore us no longer.” Robots in red and black march down the road. They are not the dummies that could pull themselves together. Those could barely even walk. These march along and continue to chant in their robotic voices. A thug on a motorcycle slowly rides behind them. My guess is that he is controlling them? All of a sudden, the robots’ arms all switch into sharp blades. All the while, they continue to chant. The man fires a gunshot into the air and the robots start running for us. “I’ll call getting Mr Robo-whisperer!” I shout and grapple up into the air. It is definitely the easier job, but I also really want his bike. The dude on the bike sees me coming for him and he immediately tries to drive away. Unfortunately for him, I’m a pretty damn good shot. In the middle of grappling upwards, I fire once. He does not even get the chance to try and drive away. He flops over along with the bike. Not going to lie, I was also hoping that the robots would be downed with the helmet. I guess they were not connected to that. Dropping down to the dead man’s body, I ready both my pistols. Bike will be for later. Right now, I should help with the robots. One turns to face me, it stands as if it is ready to fight me. “Zafiro Banderas,” It says. I smile and tilt my head. “So I am being threatened by a can opener now?” “Prepare to di-” Before it can finish it’s line, I shoot it in the face. Turning to the fight behind him, I am instantly let down. There were about twenty of them, but apparently Arturo’s men have been mowing them down like flies. Only four are left, but that soon becomes zero as they collapse onto the ground. I frown and put my guns back in their holsters. “I was hoping for a fight,” I pout. Arturo chuckles and moves on ahead. Tin Can kicks at one of the downed ones. “It is unfair that they would unleash them on innocents,” He says. “If only we were here sooner.” I only nod along. Honestly, if everyone here was as paranoid as everyone in the Poor Side, they might have been able to live. We all carry weapons to defend ourselves. Not here I suppose. I am still a bit bitter that they had all been destroyed so easily. They fucked up my face after all! Now, as for the bike, I am bringing it with me. Who says you can’t have more than one? Me. I am saying that now. ~~~ I hid the bike in the hotel lobby. The moving doors were blasted open so I can get it in and out easily. Let’s just hope that Mekaias can’t outrun a motorcycle. Though...a chase does sound kind of fun! “You done yet,” Arturo calls. Running out, I catch up with the group and keep tabs on where we are going. I need to know my way back to my new bike. Gunfire is officially one street over. That most likely means the building is there. Unfortunately, we cannot see it as of right now. “Alright,” Arturo turns to us. “I really don’t want us all getting caught together. Everyone should split up and sneak in on their own. Obviously you all are coming with me.” He points to his buddies. “As for the two thieves, I am sure you can manage on your own.” Mama scoffs and shakes her head. “I retired! I am going with you whether you like it or not.” He sighs and turns to Tin Can. “Let me guess, you need helping getting inside as well?” Tin Can purses his lips and slowly nods. I just laugh at all of this. “Quite the plan, eh Arturo?” I giggle. He rolls his eyes at me and then drums a finger on his chin. “Maybe a distraction is needed?” He asks. Mama sighs. “There already is one you idiot. They have their hands full with the Alentian. That might have actually been a good thing. If Cody is keeping an eye on Mekaias, we should just barrel our way through.” Arturo shakes his head. “Stupid plan. I have a better idea. How about we all go in right now and hope for the best? We’ll just use the alien to our advantage.” Mama’s left eye twitches and I swear I see a vein pulsing in her forehead but she just sighs and shakes her head. “Brilliant plan,” She says sarcastically. “Can we hurry up before Mekaias actually beats us there.” At that, we all sneak over to the source of the gunfire. There is a giant, metal cone standing in the middle of the road. It is about seven stories high. The cone has embedded itself into the concrete. It has platforms at different levels of the cone-shaped building. On those platforms, there are people sitting behind mounted machine guns. They are shooting down the road behind them. That would be where U.U.P.P. is trying to push in. In front of the building however, there are metal doors. “Alright,” Arturo says, thought he sounds a bit nervous. “Let’s get to it, gentlemen.” Everyone immediately starts running for the cone. As soon as we reach the front doors, three gangsters pull their guns out on us. Before we can even fire, one of them opens fire on her comrades. They both fall down with blood pools spreading around them. We just stand in shock at what just happened. “Hello sir,” She stands at attention. “Glad you could make it.” Arturo grins and pats her shoulder and we all begin walking inside. “And Cody?” “He is at the top of the building. He is freaking out over the appearance of the Alentian. I don’t know about you, but I really want to get out of here and fast.” Arturo chuckles and makes space for her. “You are free to leave then. I’m not stopping you. I know my people have families.” She nods her thanks and then runs out through the front doors. This is all feeling too easy to me. Something is not right. Buzzing is going on in the back of my head and it is hurting. Why is it hurting? It never did before. Why is it also in the back of my head? That is not normal. Smacking the back of my head, I shake my head like a dog. That painful itch is still there. “Zafiro?” Tin Can’s hand touches my back. “Everything alright?” A shiver runs up my spine and I shove him away. “Don’t touch me!” I almost growl. Tin Can eyes widen a little but he holds his hands up in surrender. “I won’t. I promise. Just wanted to check if you were fine.” “I am,” I answer back, perhaps a bit in a harsh manner. Why am I all of a sudden feeling irritated? What is going on? I walked into this building and everything feels...wrong. “Let’s go, you two,” Arturo calls to us. Somehow we had fallen behind. The itch does not go away, but I continue on. The higher we go, the more it begins to grow. It starts to get annoying, like a mosquito flying by your ear. You swat it away but it keeps coming back. There is a ramp that circles around the walls of the build. It leads us to the next floor. So far it is pretty empty. There are the piles of guns sitting in random places, but most of the people are higher up with those mounted machine guns. We reach the third floor and we finally find people. They are running around in a panic. They pass each other ammo, check over their guns, they replace the one in charge of the mounted gun whenever he gets shot. Looks like those U.U.P.P. snipers are out to play today. In this room, there is ringing in my head now. The buzzing is still there, but the familiar ring I have grown somewhat used to has gotten louder. I grip at my hair to keep my head from popping. Gunfire begins to fill my ears as the people in my group open fire on Cody’s gang. There is a sharp pain that gnaws on my temple. When I touch it, I feel nothing. Not even a bump. Am I imagining these things? Someone is touching me now. Why? I told everyone to never touch me dammit! Opening my eyes, I find Tin Can crouching in front of me. He has a look of worry in his eyes. His hands are on either side of my face. “Zafiro what’s going on?” He says. Based on what his voice sounds like, I swear I could be underwater. “Tell me what’s happening.” Shaking my head, I just pull on a smile. The thought of putting on a smile at a moment like this turns my smile into laughter. Tin Can’s look of concern only grows. He looks cute that way. “I said not to touch me, handsome,” I say, pushing his hands away. “One more time and that means you get a spanking.” I wink and he begins to blush. He yells something out behind him and push myself up to stand. I was sitting on the ground? I don’t remember that. Mama somehow ends up standing in front of me. She is inspecting my face but she does not show any emotion. Well isn’t that a shocker… “You should really try to smile more,” I say with a smirk. “Maybe you won’t look so angry.” Mama raises an eyebrow. “He’s alright,” She says. “Let’s keep moving.” Tin Can grabs my hand and pulls me along. We trail behind everyone else. He would only let me go when he went to help shoot everyone else. Everytime I tried to join in on the fun, he would push me back down the ramp. This goes on for the next two floors. Meanwhile, my brain is having a bit of a party. Random jabs of pain, brand new sounds, some voices have even decided to speak louder than ever. At first it was whispers, but then they became regular sounding conversations. They speak about all the stuff I have bottled up. They talk over one another, each word blurring into the next. “Mama really left us. She hates us-...” “...a father? Of course we do. Everyone ha-...” “...his dick is big. With those muscles, it has to-...” “...almost raped by a disgusting pig of a man.” “Friends are like bugs. They all get squashed in the end.” “...should have died that night. Maybe we did…” “...Yes. A part of us died that night…” “...oh dear. That’s another bottle that has been opened!” I grab onto the wall to keep myself from falling over. Everything feels hazy and strange...almost like I am walking in a dream. Am I in a dream? Tin Can grabs my hand again. Before he moves me, his face comes into my vision again. “Zafiro,” he calls to me. “Come on now. Come back to me.” What is he on about? I’m right here. “Are we really?” Yes of course. Of course I am here. Blinking and shaking my head. All the sounds go silent. All except for the footsteps behind Tin Can. “I-I’m here,” I blink. Tin Can nods and leans down to kiss my head before pulling me by the hand again. “Oh dear. Would he be able to handle all of us at once?” “Can’t say that he will. He is much too shiny to handle all of that.” Frowning, I try and blink the thoughts away but they continue to talk amongst themselves. The ramp ends and we find ourselves standing in front of Cody. His back is to us. Was he always red? Wait a minute...was the world always red? Even Tin Can’s metal skin is red. Now I know I am imagining things. I shake my head and blink to clear everything. Gunfire still goes on outside, and the world is splashed with color once again. This floor has a platform overlooking everything just like the others. The one in charge of the machine gun is laying on the ground dead. Cody is on the tip top of the cone. The ceiling has been removed and he stands near the edge. He turns to us finally. Gracing us with his stupid gaze. His eyes land on me and his face splits into a smile. He holds his arm out in front of him to look at a watch. He taps at it a couple of times and then there are holes opening beneath everyone. They all fall through. All except me. They shout in a panic but their groans below means they are alive. My heart rate begins to pick up and I pull my pistols out to aim for his head. Cody chuckles but stares down at me, his hand hovering over the watch. “I must say,” He smiles. “I do love pretty boys with guns.” “Let’s see how much you love it when I shove them up your ass and fire,” I smile. Before I can pull the triggers, my guns end up being pull out of hands. They fly up and stick to the ceiling. My metal baton ends up going up as well. With a glare, I aim with my glove but a voice stops me. “Zafiro, don’t!” Tin Can shouts. I turn and see he ran back up here. “Don’t kill him.” Shaking my head, I turn back to Cody. He just smiles and looks down at me. “Why shouldn’t I?” I grit out. “He will just ruin everyone’s lives again! He deserves to play no longer.” “Zafiro,” Tin Can’s voice is softer. “Come on now. You do not need any more blood on your hands.” I turn so that I am aiming at him. With how often they pierce through everything, I bet they can pierce his metal as well. That thought must come to his mind as well because he stops moving closer to me. I keep aiming between the both of them, not wanting either to move. “Zafiro,” Tin Can says. “Let’s just turn him into U.U.P.P. I am sure we can get him somewhere he will never be able to come crawling back. Then we can just stop all this and go home. The both of us! I swear it.” I never want to think about living with anyone anymore. Nobody wants people like us. People that have done too many wrongs to do a right. Why would Roy? “You’re right...he would never want us…” “We never know!” “...but do we? It has happened before.” “Mama was different!” “There is no such thing. Everyone is always the same. Do we really want to take that chance?” With a growl, I smack at my head. “It is too loud!” I yell. “Shut up! SHUT UP! Why won’t you all just stop talking?” My voice practically begs with the last sentence. Tears begins to fall as more and more voices begin to speak over one another. Roy inches closer, his hand held out to me. “Zafiro please,” He says. “Let me in.” Instantly, the voices go quiet. Why? Where did they go? The floor opens up beneath Roy and then he falls through. This time, the ramp slips into the wall. “God they just keep interrupting me and my projects,” Cody sighs. Turning back to him, I narrow my eyes. “You really should listen to your little lover, my Bluebird,” He says. “Killing me in front of all of U.U.P.P.? I bet that would leave a nasty taste. He reaches under his feet for one of the guns that are sticking to the ceiling. It isn’t one of mine. Maybe it belonged to another of his people? “I do hope you are not completely fucked up. Honestly, I thought your brain would have withstood the chip a lot longer than this.” Shaking my head, I frown. “What are you talking about?” He knocks on his temple with the gun. “You could say that I had a little more fun before sending you off to Arturo,” Cody grins. “It isn’t everyday that someone survives the wing tests. Why not add another project into the mix?” He aims into the air and fires. I crouch low on instinct. Next, he aims the gun down at me. “Sorry Bluebird, if I am going down, my projects come down with me.” I roll over to dodge but I feel pain explode on my thigh. Looking down at the new wound, I see blood sliding down my suit. “Come back into my vision, pretty bird,” Cody calls. “I miss you already!” With a huff, I stand and look for a weapon. Everything is on the ceiling and that is too high for me to reach. Looking at the machine gun, I see rope is being used to tie it down. Machine gun would be too heavy for me to carry. Rope however... Better than nothing! There is a thin line of black rope that sits underneath the dead shooter. Perhaps that can be used. Wincing with the effort, I pick up the dead body and drag them close to where Cody can peek through. “Zafiro?” He calls. “I hope one shot wasn’t enough. I expected more from you!” With a deep breath, I push the body forward. Cody shoots at it instantly and blood ends up splattering on my face. I almost gag at the smell but I shake my head. Fuck. That made everything too slow! Cody looks down at me with a grin. “Cute trick. Say goodnight, Zafiro.” Holding my breath, I grit out, “Goodnight, Zafiro.” Cody chuckles, "Annoying to the end, I see." He then pulls the trigger. It clicks. Nothing happens. No bullet goes through my head. With wide eyes, I look up at him in shock, then it turns into laughter. He looks at me now with fear in his eyes. “Tough luck,” I grin. Gripping the rope ends with my hands, I leap up high into the air, flipping over Cody. The rope locks under his chin and when I fall forward behind him, he gets sent backwards with the force. To my shock, I do not end up landing on solid ground, I find myself hanging over the edge of the cone building. The only thing holding me up is Cody’s neck. Cody struggles against the rope and my weight, he tries to force the rope off but I struggle against him, trying to push myself further down to keep him from lifting the rope. He gasps for air but none can be sucked in. He makes a terrifying sound, almost like a dying animal, and then he stops moving. He’s...he’s gone. “We did it!” “Hurray! The King is dead!” “...does that mean there will be another?” Red flashes in my eyes and when I blink and look down, I see red dots over my chest. Oh. So this is how it is going to end? Death to U.U.P.P. snipers. That’s...well I guess that is a nice way to go. Closing my eyes, I wait for it to come. Everything has gone silent up here. I do not even hear the wind. It is just...perfectly silent. Finally, the sounds of shots goes off. I wait and wait. Time feeling like it has slowed down dramatically, but no pain comes. Nothing does. Slowly opening my eyes, I see violet. A glowing violet sphere has surrounded me. Almost as soon as I notice it, it disappears. Looking around for the source, I look down as see the Alentian. He is standing on a car, he hand extended to me. His fingers glow and his purple eyes are on me. He...he saved me? Taking my chances, I let go of the rope and grapple for the building next to me. I swing far away, I go for the bike. Hell, I swing past the bike. I just need to get out of here! Well, I stop for one moment. The shock of being saved by Mekaias is still in my mind. I hug myself to keep the chill of it all from getting to me. Instantly I am pulled out of that as my phone rings. It is a number I do not know. “Hello?” I answer. “Zafiro,” It is my Mama. “Where are you?” “Um,” I bite my lip, trying to bring the words to my mouth. “I’m on the hotel.” I hear her curse under her breath before she starts screaming for me to run away. Just as she does, a helicopter flies up, it’s light aiming right on me. Screaming at the scare, I quickly jump over the side of the building. Looks like I really do need that bike.
  8. This comment is interesting. It is giving me a bunch of ideas for another story in this universe...we shall see!
  9. Haha yeah that could be pretty fitting.
  10. Roy It feels strange knowing that I am pretty much a regular citizen who is about to barge my way through a bunch of gang members and U.U.P.P. soldiers. Why couldn’t we just sit on the sidelines? Surely U.U.P.P. could have managed doing this on their own. Maybe if Sophie was on my side, we could have convinced Zafiro and Arturo to just stay back and let others take care of the problem for us. Sadly, she also wants to go after Cody. You would think that all the soldiers running through the city would be enough to deter them from their plan but no, they really want to do this. I get it. This man has pretty much been toying with their family for years, but trying to do what U.U.P.P. is already trying to do seems like a waste of time to me. Again though, no stopping them. Since I have grown rather close with Zafiro and Sophie, I feel like I have to help them. Sophie was pretty much my closest friend. I might even consider her family but given the newest revelations, that thought is going to have to be put on hold. Obviously there is Zafiro. A thief who I have been trying to catch for years. All of a sudden we are getting way too close. Close enough that I do not want to see him get hurt. I know that is a bit too late, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep him from getting hurt again. So yeah, those are pretty much the main reasons I am going with them. I would maybe add that I do not have any other friends so I might as well try and keep the ones I have alive, right? At the moment, everyone is stocking up on supplies. Arturo brought a bunch of guns. Way too many for someone to be holding in my opinion. I guess they were also for his henchmen that he brought with him as well. There are three other people dressed in red and black. All three of them are pretty silent and look super serious. They must be the muscle that surround Arturo. It is a bit weird since he is larger and could probably out-muscle them all. They leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable. Well, not just them, Arturo does too. Knowing what they are and what they do is really messing with my head at the moment. Something must have shown on my face, or maybe it was because I was staring, but Sophie rests a hand on my shoulder and smiles at me. “You do not have to join us,” She says. “You can stay here. It is not your fight.” Shaking my head, I glance over at Zafiro. Right now, I see his eyes sparkling over a pair of pistols. They are covered with tiny diamonds. Based on his reaction to them, I would take it that they are real. “No,” I say when I turn back to Sophie. “I want to help you guys. He saved me after all.” She gives a knowing smile and gives my shoulder a pat before moving to speak with Arturo. Since I don't really want to be alone, I walk over to Zafiro’s side. “Look at these beauties,” Zafiro holds the guns up in awe. “You think Arturo would notice immediately if they went missing after this little event?” Chuckling, I shake my head. “Always with stealing on the mind, I see.” He giggles and bumps his hip against me. “Don’t knock it till you try it,” He grins. Yeah, as if I would ever steal. I have never stolen in my life and I definitely will not start it any time soon. I will leave that to the ‘professional’. Looking through all the guns, I end up picking up a special stun gun that I am pretty sure was from U.U.P.P. Well, I take it that some of these were stolen then. It does feel weird that everyone is arming themselves with guns. Why do they feel as if they are going to kill? Ok. Maybe that is a bit of a dumb question since all of Cody’s people are with guns, but still! Everyone here seems way too fine with it and that is not right. While there are way better things to choose, I go with the stun gun. Mostly because I am familiar with it, but also because it will help keep my sanity. I do not like killing people. I have done it a few times when the time was needed. That does not mean I am fine with doing it now. A gunshot rings off next to me and it makes me jump. Instantly my metal skin comes out. The room is dead silent as all eyes move towards Zafiro. His eyes are wide and he looks from each face to the next before he bursts out laughing. A hole is now above the tv monitor in my living room. Lovely. “You should really make sure the safeties are all on, Arturo,” Zafiro giggles and sets the diamond pistol down. Everyone sighs and turns back to what they were doing. ~~~ The vehicle that Arturo has grabbed almost feels like a trailer house on wheels. The outside is full of metal plating as the armor. From what Arturo says, a bomb wouldn’t even dent it. On the outside, there are platforms with little walls used for cover. I guess when we get into the center, we will have to defend ourselves somehow. Inside the truck, there is a wide space with a table. It holds some weapons and also the device with the map of Sector 4. At the moment, we are all sitting around the table while Arturo explains his plan. It is pretty much the same thing he said earlier, only this time he needs to share the information with his minions. This plan is not the best in my opinion. Using an armored vehicle to push our way through the thick of the things does not seem smart at all. If anything, we might just attract too much attention and then we might just get U.U.P.P. on our asses. It’s a dumb plan. All of it. Of course, not much else I can think of. I am sitting between Zafiro and Sophie. Sophie is on her phone, texting the higher ups in U.U.P.P. My guess is that she is trying to keep them off our trail. Either that, or she is making up some lie about why she is absent. Knowing them, they would let her do whatever she wanted. They respect her enough to trust her. If only they knew what she is and why she is here. Unless they do know…maybe that ‘respect’ is actually Cody’s doing. It is pretty wild that a gang leader has so much influence over something like U.U.P.P. It makes me wonder who else out there is doing the same thing. Looking over at Zafiro, I see he is squinting at the map. He has his goggles on at the moment. Surely that would be more restricting than anything at the moment. It is somewhat dark in here. I lean over and whisper in his ear, not wanting to interrupt Arturo. “Maybe if your took the goggles off, you would be able to see the map better.” Zafiro smiles and glances at me. “You watching me, handsome?” He nudges my side. I feel a blush coming on my face. Why? I was not even staring! “No,” I grunt. “Why would I waste my time doing that.” Zafiro snorts and turns back to the map. “I see better with them on,” He says. “At least for things up close. I am farsighted. Since I can’t wear glasses while I am on a heist, I wear special goggles.” Huh. Well I learn something new about him everyday. “I thought they were for when you were swinging from building to building,” I say. “Does this mean you actually have glasses with you?” He smirks and drums the metal claws along the table full of weapons. “Why are you asking? Is that something you are into? I know some guys find that stuff hot.” Again, I am glad it is dark in here so that he can’t see me blushing. Also, I will never give him that information. “Just asking,” I grumble. “A simple yes or no would have been nice.” He chuckles and leans his head on my shoulder. Not sure why he did it, but I can’t help a small smile coming on my lips. “No, I do not,” He says. “My old glasses no longer work because my vision got worse. Now I just wear the goggles. I guess you could say that I am too lazy to go out and find some new glasses.” Rolling my eyes, I stare ahead at the map. “If I may ask,” Zafiro says as his finger runs along the shoulder he is resting on. “When did you get a tiger tattoo?” I was about to ask how he ever saw that, but then I remember the first night he came here. I guess I was not in the best state of clothes, but I thought I was alone! “I, uh, I got it when I first moved here,” I say. When I first moved here, the first thing I wanted to do was rebel against my parents. Apparently that meant getting a giant tiger tattoo that was from the left side of my chest to my left shoulder. It was pretty awful honestly. It hurt like hell and I really wish I chose something smaller and simple. Unfortunately, I wanted to go all out against my parents. It actually backfired. They thought I did it to ‘always remember where I came from’. Yeah…that was totally the reason I did it. “It is pretty,” Zafiro says. “I would recommend showing it off for me more.” Looking down at him, I see he has a dumb grin on his face. Rolling my eyes, I nudge him off my shoulder. “You are such a pervert.” Zafiro laughs and brings his legs up onto the table. Arturo sends a look our way but keeps talking. Looking at him again, I take in his little change to the suit. It was not as covered as it was before, but Zafiro managed to find a jacket that will cover up most of everything again. Only his forearms are out for show. You can still see the pink scars on them. The jacket he is wearing is a biker jacket. It is black and has some blue accents along the sleeves. The sleeves reach his elbows and the bottom barely reaches the middle of his stomach. It isn’t buttoned or zipped up so I guess it doesn’t matter how short it is. Now that I think about it, it might actually be a ladies’ jacket. “Are you wearing a women’s jacket?” I ask him. I can’t even hide the tease in my voice. Zafiro raises an eyebrow and looks down at it. With a shrug, he says, “I guess it is. It was my Mama’s.” Oh well that is interesting. I am surprised she has not said anything. Nor he. Actually now that I think about it, Zafiro has not really done a lot of talking with his Mother. If anything, he has spoken with Arturo more. I would ask about that, but even I know that, that is something I need to keep out of. Glancing at Sophie, I see she is still on her phone. “You doing alright?” I ask her. She looks up at me and frowns. “Yes, of course. Don’t worry about me.” Well, I am starting to see a family trait already. “Just trying to keep the higher ups off of us,” She says. “They are curious as to what I am doing.” I hum in response and lean my head back on my seat. “How are you feeling though?” She asks. With a shrug, I just sigh. “I have no idea. There is a lot going on, you know? I can only imagine how you are all taking it. I am just a guy on the sidelines!” She smiles at that and then looks past me for Zafiro. He is ducked down with his hands going through wires in the table. That would be more alarming if that happened to belong to me. I’m just going to turn the other way... Glancing at the map, I see that we are on the edge of the orange circle. We are here already? That was quick. “Alright ladies,” Arturo’s voice calls. “If you feel like hiding in here like a little bitch, be my guest. Everyone else, step outside and try and keep this beauty from getting too many dents.” Everyone stands and grabs a gun before opening random hatches that lead onto the different platforms on the truck. Well, here we go. ~~~ ~~~ Zafiro I can’t help but bounce on my toes as we sit on the edge of the mayhem that Cody has unleashed. Oh my god just look at it! Everyone is busy looking elsewhere and there are all these stores left unsupervised. So many precious things are just calling my name! I can hear their calls. They just need me to come over and pick them up! Ugh, but the plan! No, no. It’s fine! There will be a moment where I am alone. When that time comes, then I will be having my good and well earned fun. Now I am not so sure which part I am more excited for. Killing Cody or collecting new goodies. As we slowly move along the road, I keep tabs on any stores that really catch my eye. I do love when they just flaunt their goods for me. It is even better when they show off their most shiny things right at the window. Makes stealing it that much easier. Oh god. I feel like I am in some kind of heaven. So many things I can do! Maybe Cody had the right idea after all. A hand on my shoulder makes me jump and I look back up at Tin Can. My nickname for him makes a lot more sense now that he has his metal skin out. “Be careful, alright?” He says with worry practically dripping in his voice. “I don’t want you passed out on my table again.” Smirking, I turn to him and lean on the metal sheet that is supposed to be used for cover. “Don’t worry, big boy,” I pat his arm. “I can handle myself just fine.” He nods and bites his lip, his gaze kept on the road in front of us. “Last chance for you to run back home,” I say with a chuckle. “Nobody here would judge you...too hard.” He shakes his head and clear his throat. “I’m fine. I have been in situations like this before.” Raising an eyebrow, I tilt my head into his vision. “You have been in the middle of something like this?” I laugh. He gives me a look and sighs. “Ok, not entirely like this, but I have been in a lot of shootouts.” I hum in response but smile. This poor nerd who could easily kill someone, is scared to fight. Isn’t that just precious! “You’re cute when you’re nervous,” I say before pulling out my phone. “You could use a little pick me up.” He raises an eyebrow at me. “Like what?” “Music!” I grin. “That always puts me in a fun mood. Since you are all stressed out right now, why not bring some fun?” He shakes his head and turns back to the road ahead. “That would be more of a distraction than anything,” He says. Smirking, I run through my playlist, trying to find a song to play. When I finally find one that should make this into a fun, little showdown, I press play. Music slowly begins to drum to life. Small vibrations can be felt along the metal armor of the truck and they only start to get stronger. Tin Can frowns and looks at me. “Did you do this?” He asks. With a grin, I start to dance as the music begins to pick up. Tin Can rolls his eyes but he has a smile on his face. There we go! Mission accomplished. “Zafiro!” Arturo’s voice shouts through an intercom. “How the hell did you get into the speaker of my baby? You little shit!” I only laugh along and keep dancing. I even bump against Tin Can and he laughs with me. As we are driving along with the music blasting through the speakers, we finally meet up with Cody’s gang. They are all running around through buildings. Most are just laughing and seem to be having a good time. When they see us, my guess is that they assume we are on their side. They cheer with their guns in the air, no doubt thinking that we stole this armored truck or something along those lines. However, their cheers are cut short as someone starts shooting with a grenade launcher. One of Arturo’s goons are shooting grenades into the different hordes of assholes working under Cody. They all scatter like roaches. Each trying to find a place to hide. All the while, the music just continues to blast on through. Instantly, everyone on the truck starts blasting gunfire. Well, everyone besides me, that is. I decided to keep on dancing. I am still feeling the music! Is it stupid? Yes, absolutely. Am I having fun? Damn right I am! I hear faint chuckling from my side and I see Tin Can watching me from the corner of his eye. He then continues back to shooting anybody who tries shooting back at us. “Zafiro!” Arturo’s voice shouts again. “Come on now! Get to work!” With a laugh, I give a lazy two-fingered salute to Tin Can and grapple up and off the truck. This for some reason grabs the attention of some of the people with guns. They fire up after me, but they die seconds after from others on the truck. My job is to scout around and find the building Cody is hiding in. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to find something that is new and definitely not there before. While I used the music to bring Tin Can’s spirits up, I also did it so I can find my way back easier. A few more people shoot up at me. When I am in the middle of flipping in the air, I aim with one of my new pistols and take my shots carefully. I really don’t want to have the problem of running out of ammo too soon again. Ten seconds ago, there were four shooters. Now there are none! It took a bit of a toll on my arms though. Having to swing with one arm put some strain on it, but hey, they are all dead and not me! The music still blasts behind me as I swing between all the streets of the Rich Side. There are some people in the super high buildings. They look down at the wreckage of their city. When I swing by, their gazes turn to me. Obviously they are not my objective, so I keep swinging. After a few minutes, I stop to take a break. From what I am hearing, the truck is right below me. I dance a little on top of a building as I wait for the sting in my arms to settle down. Surprisingly, none of Cody’s men are up top. I guess they were too lazy to climb up here. Or maybe they had no reason to come up. A few streets over, I hear gun fire and then I hear a helicopter. That would be U.U.P.P. Hmm...if they are over there, Cody must be too. When my arms feel better, I jump off the building and swing over to where U.U.P.P. is at. The streets are definitely more chaotic. It is a large shootout between gang member’s and U.U.P.P. Soldiers. It actually looks like Cody’s gang is winning. From what I am seeing, there is a guy who is loading up a rocket launcher. That won’t be pretty. The guy runs out of his cover with the launcher balanced on his shoulder and then he fires. I wince as I see the rocket traveling for the poor soldiers and look away. The sound of the explosion going off is all I hear. Smoke clouds the street so I can’t see anything. Frowning, I stand to leave. Cody’s building is definitely over there if the gangbangers are trying that hard to fight back. Before I leave though, the smoke disappears and I see that the soldiers are all still standing. Not a single thing has been damaged. Not even the road! I see a flash of violet and then a small figure steps out from behind the soldiers. Oh god. It’s the Alentian! I feel my face pale at that and I quickly run off to get to Arturo. Fuuuuck.
  11. lol it would be nice if it ended that way tbh. It might even change how I wanted to end this story... hmm...we shall see!
  12. Roy Oh my god I am making out with a guy! Not just any guy though. A criminal! Yet not just any criminal. It is fucking Zafiro out of all of them. It should feel wrong, but right now it feels amazing. Maybe it is because I have never done something like this with someone, but still, Zafiro keeps starting it right? I can just blame him. I do have a small voice in the back of my mind telling me that he is just trying keep me from asking about how he is taking everything. Unfortunately for me, a larger voice is feeling very self conscious at the moment. Am I even doing this right? I have one hand on his hip and another on the bench behind him for balance. He still has a grip on my shirt. This feels more like a game of catch-up which is guess is somewhat ironic. He does things with his tongue and they leave me feeling a little light heated. When I try to do the same back, he is doing other things to distract me. He grabs at my hair, runs his fingers over my shoulders, even brushes the metal claws through my shirt. It is all intense to me and I feel like I am just falling through a strange sticky substance. Mentally of course. Something in me tells me that I should stop. The thief’s mother is downstairs and could walk in at any moment. Oh god if she saw this...she would probably try and kill me. Right? I am about to question some of the things she has done but then Zafiro runs a hand down to my chest and he squeezes. That makes my face somehow turn an even darker shade of red and it kills that me that he knows. I can tell mostly because I can feel his stupid smile on my mouth. Zafiro pulls back and places a coy smile on his lips. “If I didn’t know any better,” He whispers, “I would think you actually liked this attention.” It feels really hot all of a sudden. I lick my lips to try and cool off somehow and then I shake my head. “N-no. Just was not expecting it,” I say. “Don’t flatter yourself too mu-” I get cut off and forget how to breath when Zafiro reaches down and squeezes the bulge in my pants. I close my eyes and bite my lip to keep from making any embarrassing noises. “Hmm,” Zafiro chuckles. “You speak a lie, Roy. Your body seems to be betraying you! Is that not that just...interesting.” He slowly runs a line along my shaft through the fabric of my pants as he whispers the last word. I squirm under his touch but I just can’t seem to pull myself away from him. It really does not help that he used my real name for possibly the second time since I’ve known him. It makes it feel really up close and personal. Which I guess it really is. “It is cute how I don’t even have you tied down, but you are just so willing!” Zafiro squeezes and lightly drags the claws on his gloves along my erection. “Who knew the big man was waiting to be unraveled?” Zafiro smiles and leans up to kiss me. He drags his tongue along my bottom lip before slipping it inside. All the while, he continues to brush his fingers along the front of my pants. All of this is causing a great heat to build up in my stomach. My limps tighten up as I moan into his mouth. I find myself having possibly the best orgasm in my life and I haven’t even taken my clothes off! I grip onto the edges of the bench to keep myself from falling backwards onto the concrete. Chuckling is all I hear as I am panting for air. All I feel is unbelievable amounts of embarrassment and shame. I do not want to see his face because I know Zafiro is going to make fun of me. He will tease me like he always does. Most likely even in the future. Just another thing for him to use against me later. I stare at his chest. It at least keeps me from looking up at him. When I look down at his hand, I see it is still close to the mess in my pants. The same hand rises up to my chin and lifts it with two fingers. He makes sure to use the tips of the claws to push me up. Not sure why, but the danger of that almost gets me going again. Zafiro smiles at me, but not in a teasing way as I expected. It is strangely sweet and kind. “No need to be embarrassed, handsome,” He purrs. “It happens to everyone.” I can’t believe this just happened. Any of this. All of it! Should I be angry with myself? Annoyed? I just don’t know. Maybe...maybe it was fine? It was only a one time thing surely. Is that not what most people do? Is that what Zafiro does? As soon as I think it, I immediately feel myself wishing that it weren’t true. It is pretty alarming that I find myself feeling jealous. Why would I be jealous about who he sleeps with or what he does with others? I could ask myself that over and over but deep down, I already know the answer. I am not stupid. There is no kidding myself. Maybe it took me a few moments to realize it, but I guess I should have seen it coming with the way things have been going recently. Not going to lie, the way Zafiro looks at me does not help either. With a fake cough, I quickly stand and back away. “I...uh,” I gesture to the bed room and also to the embarrassment in my pants, “need new clothes.” Zafiro just smirks and nods. He lays out on the bench and continues to watch me, not at all trying to be subtle about it. Rushing over to my dresser, I pull out some jeans and underwear. When I look back out at the gym, I see he is still watching me. Part of me thinks that putting on a show would not be such a bad idea. Another says I should invite him in here. None of those will happen with his Mother downstairs. Oh god...I can’t believe all of this happened when the Mother he just reunited with is only two floors down! “Can you turn away please,” I ask him a bit sheepishly. I know he can hear me just fine. I don’t want to say it loud enough for...Sophie to hear. Zafiro laughs and turns his head away. Not going to lie, seeing him laying like that makes me see all the curves and arches on his body. That is something I should not be looking at given as to what has just happened. Quickly, I change into the new pants and underwear. Scowling at myself, I throw the messed up ones into the dirty hamper. Just as I’m about to turn to Zafiro, I end up being tackled onto the bed, my mouth being assaulted by his tongue. What I would have liked to say is that I stopped what we were doing and immediately went back downstairs. Unfortunately, that did not happen. We ended up kissing and groping each other for another five or so minutes. After trying to make ourselves presentable, we made our way back to the first floor. Sophie is sitting in the arm chair with the main monitor on. On the monitor, it shows Arturo’s men attacking the city. They are breaking into different shops and buildings, speeding through the streets in stolen vehicles, using the giant windows of buildings as gun practice, and also gathering people to hold them hostage. If I had known they were doing that much damage, I wouldn’t have seemed so unsure about wanting to help the people of Sector 4. “Quite the party over there,” Zafiro says next to me. “I would imagine everyone being quite distracted.” I frown at his words and look at him. He is pulling his gloves on tighter and his fingers are twitching. Not entirely sure what that means. He would not just go in there to steal would he? It is way too dangerous to risk something like that. “Doubt it,” Sophie says, her eyes on me. She has a knowing look in her eyes. “It has done good things already though.” That almost makes me angry when she says that. “How?” I exclaim. “People are getting hurt!” “Yes that is true,” She says. “But take a guess as to who is finally doing something this city.” At that moment, the news channel cuts to live footage of soldiers in U.U.P.P. uniforms running through the streets. They even have a helicopter flying above them. “Soldiers?” I frown. “That is handy, but those are definitely not our people.” Sophie shrugs. “Better than nothing at least. Maybe this will bring some needed changes.” I find it a bit strange that she wants these changes to happen. It has pretty much been an open city to play in for people like her. Take Zafiro for example. He was stealing in all the museums, banks, and important leader’s homes. Pretty much everywhere. If this happens to tighten up the security in this city, Zafiro most likely won’t be able to do that and he will get caught. Does she really want that to happen? Do I? Ok I know the answer for me...but this is her son right? Wouldn’t she want to keep him safe and away from jail? Unless...she does not want him doing any of this? What if she never wanted him stealing and following in her footsteps in the first place? That would be interesting. “I have a question for you,” Zafiro says. When I look, I see he is staring at me. Not sure why, but it makes me nervous. “Uh...yes?” I say. He raises an eyebrow and smiles. “What is your take on pets?” Oh. Well that is not at all what I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting really. I just assumed it would have been bad and something was about to happen. “Um, they are alright,” I say. “Never had one before.” I glance at Sophie in a way of calling for help. She also looks confused. “Perfect!” He grins. “I have some babies that need a place to stay. It will most likely be temporary until I find my own place again.” Oh god. I have to say no. I can’t deal with that combined with everything else! “What happened to Piggie’s place?” Sophie frowns. At that, Zafiro’s little happy demeanor drops a little. “I...I can’t stay there. I just...yeah. I can’t.” Fuck. Now I will feel bad if I say no now. I can’t just let him keep his pet in some dingy building where his friends had died. At least I think it was a dingy building. All the buildings over on the poor side look pretty shitty so I would imagine his home was too. “I guess it’s fine,” I shrug. “They can stay here. I am sure you would find a place to stay soon anyway. Right?” Zafiro gives a bright smile at that. “Thank you!” He hugs me and then darts over for the front door. “I will go get them right now.” Before I can ask about them, he is already gone. “He said ‘them’?” I ask, turning to Sophie. “He said ‘them’ didn’t he?” Sophie nods and leans on the arm of the chair. “I take it you both had a good talk?” She smirks. My face starts to turn pink and I turn away to hide it. “Yes,” I say. “He has a lot going on.” She hums along and starts bouncing her leg. “So much that you needed to change your pants?” Now it feels like my face is burning. “Why are we talking about this?” I groan. “He is your son! That just makes it creepy and weird.” She chuckles and shrugs. “I did say that I thought you both would be nice together, didn’t I?” Frowning at that, I turn back to her. “You said those types of things before I even knew he was your son,” I say. “It is pretty damn weird that I now realize you have been trying to set me up with him all these years.” She smiles and places her fist under her chin. “What can I say. Every Mother would want a nice man for their little gay boy.” Now that is a whole extra level of weird. “Stop it,” I say. “This is just wrong and I don’t need you saying stuff like that.” I guess my tone has gone a bit sharper than I thought because her smile disappears. There is a awkward silence that hangs in the air now. Both of us just waiting for Zafiro. Maybe I should have asked if he needed some help. Goodbye to all my furniture though. Let’s hope he has those naked cats or something like that. Maybe even a fish! “There were moments when I wanted to tell you,” Sophie says out of nowhere. I look up at her as she says that. I guess it does make me feel a little better knowing that. I just wish she never had to do all of this for Zafiro in the first place. That Cody is a real asshole. “You were just so into the job though,” She says with a small laugh. “I was worried that if I told you, you would have turned me in and then I would not be able to fulfill Cody’s wishes.” I can only imagine what would have happened if Sophie was not able to forge all the files in U.U.P.P. Zafiro might even be here if that happened. “Would he really kill a child though?” I ask. Part of me hopes he wouldn’t. It seems far too heartless for anyone to do. Based on the look Sophie gives me, Cody is definitely a heartless bastard. “I guess when Mekaias brought all those Ember Aliens in, it was a real breather for you, huh?” I say with a small smile. She chuckles and nods along. “You have no idea. Cody seemed to be working double time and it was getting hard to keep up. Mekaias was a miracle for me. Perhaps not in the way that most people would hope for.” I nod and drum my fingers on the top of the couch. I have been standing behind it this whole time. My legs feel a bit wobbly but I feel if I sit down, I will have to get up right after. Let’s hope that Zafiro’s pets are nice. Speaking of, shouldn’t he be here by now? “He probably needs our help,” I say and move for the door. Sophie grunts and stands before following me. “He better not have more than two,” She says with a sigh. Oh god. I hope for the same honestly. When I open the door, I don’t exactly see what I was expecting. There is barking coming from inside a car parked in front of my house. That would pretty much be the only normal part of all this. A giant armored monster of a truck is sitting in the middle of the street. It practically covers both lanes! It is completely made of silver and it almost looks like a tank. Only there isn’t a barrel sticking from the top. Whoever was driving it is standing in front of the car with the barking dog. The person is some kind of alien that is huge and green. The Alien has his hand around Zafiro’s neck and is holding him in the air. “I told you to stop trying to fight me already!” He shouts. Zafiro continues to swing his foot down onto the Alien’s face. “Kiss my ass, you green fuck!” Zafiro yells and keeps kicking. The Alien only grunts and tries to cover his face with his other hand. Reaching behind the door, I go for a gun that is hidden in the umbrella stand. Before I can take the safety off, Sophie puts a hand on my arm and pushes the gun down. “Relax,” She says. “I’ll talk to them.” Frowning, I keep by the door, but I do remove the safety from the gun. Sophie walks down to the two fighting and as soon as the green Alien sees Sophie, his eyes widen and he drops Zafiro as if he has forgotten all about him. As he falls, the back of Zafiro’s head hits the front bumper of his car. I quickly run over to check on him. “Good god,” The Alien exclaims and walk over to stand in front of Sophie. “What happened to your face? N-not that there's anything wrong with it now! You still look as beautiful as ever.” When I reach Zafiro, he groans and reaches a hand to the back of his head. “Are you alright?” I whisper. He nods and turns to look over at the other two. “Why are you attacking my son, Arturo?” Sophie says in a stern voice. That’s Arturo? I frown and look him over. I never realized he was an Alien. You would think that the gang leaders would be humans, but I guess this one managed to get to the top. “He attacked me first!” Arturo exclaims. “I simply parked my car and greeted the little shit, and next thing I know, I have blood lines on my face!” Arturo has four trails of blood running along the side of his cheek. When I look down at Zafiro’s hand, I see blood on the metal claws. Red blood as well...is this an Alien? Not many have red blood. Zafiro looks up at me with a smirk before retracting the claws and turning to Arturo. “You deserved it!” Zafiro says. “First you send your goons after me and now you attack a city? You deserve a good scratch.” Arturo grunts and turns back to Sophie. “I was here for Zafiro, but I am glad that you are here as well.” Sophie raises an eyebrow. “What for?” “Well,” He says. “To attack Cody of course! Now would be the perfect moment! He has decided to make his men wear my colors. My guess is that he is trying to frame me. Too bad he was too stupid to think that I would not send spies along with him. He is vulnerable! We can kill him now!” Sophie shakes her head. Zafiro uses me to push himself off the ground and he hooks an arm on my shoulder to lean on me. “You know,” he says. “If I have known you wanted to see me so that we could kill Cody, I would have gone to your doorstep myself.” Arturo grins. “I see you get that spark from me! Shame about the creepy eyes however. I guess all I can say to that is...My bad!” Sophie glares at Arturo for that and then looks over at Zafiro and I. “What?” I ask. When I look at Zafiro, his grin slowly disappears when he realized what Arturo just said. Sophie slaps Arturo across the face. “Are you serious?” What surprises all of us is Zafiro bursting into laughter. He cackles like some kind of crazy witch. He tries to speak a few times but he just ends up breaking into more fits of laughter. Sophie gives an evil look to Arturo. “Why did you do that, you asshole? I told you that he never should have known about you!” Arturo lifts his hands up in mock surrender. “Hey, he finally met you again. Might as well put all the cards down right?” He earns another slap from Sophie. Zafiro finally stops for a breath of air but he still has a strange look in his eye as he speaks with a wide smile. “Oh god, it just keeps coming doesn’t it?” He giggles. “It never stops coming! Let’s all just run a train on Zafiro now, why don’t we? Anything else I should know before it all of a sudden bursts on me? Maybe I will end up popping like a balloon with all the shit that keeps coming my way!” He looks over at me and jabs at my shoulder, almost pushing me over somehow. “You somehow my Mama’s ex boyfriend or some shit?” He says. “I wouldn’t be fucking surprised honestly.” He walks over to the car with the dog who was barking and opens the driver’s door. A giant Saint Bernard jumps out and starts sniffing at Zafiro’s feet. Zafiro reaches into the back of his car and pulls out a box of random pet supplies along with a fluffy white cat in a backpack. It has its head sticking out at the moment. As he does all of this, everyone has gone quiet and just watches him. He slams the door shut and then walks past everyone. “If you need me, I will be in the castle,” He gives a teasing smile before rolling his eyes. The dog trails after him. Everyone is silent for a moment. Looking down at the front car bumper, I see blood has pooled around it and I frown. He hurt his head. I need to check on that. Arturo and Sophie are busy glaring at each other. Well, this was a pretty eventful day. First he reunites with Sophie. Now he meets a father he did not even know was his. He might be right. His head might pop after all.
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  14. Zafiro I was not joking when I said I would wait for their killers to come back. You would think that after making such kills, they would come back for the bodies. At first I waited two hours, waiting for possibly a giant group of Arturo’s men to come over. There was a moment where I thought that maybe I should not bother waiting. I immediately shook my head and decided to wait some more. I had gone into the backroom. It was where Piggie and Vero kept all their weapons. If I was ever the case that I lose my pistols, they had some spares for me to grab whenever needed. Since I pretty much lost everything, I got a new pair for myself and another metal baton. Obviously by this point I realized that Piggie and Vero’s killers would not be returning. I was not going to just leave them here, however. Most would have either done that or burned their bodies. I was not going to do either of those things. There is a shovel out back that is always seen laying against the wall. Looks like I will be putting it to use today. Before I will work on that however, I need to check my room. My babies are in there. I am really hoping they are alive. Hoping that Arturo’s men were not heartless enough to kill a dog and cat. Quickly, I jog up the flights of stairs. The reason I suspect it was Arturo’s men is because of all the ones that were running around outside. Who else would have done this by now? Cody? He was busy growing wings on my body. He would not have done that would he? That sounds like too much work for him to handle. Arturo has been looking for me. He probably wanted to question and torture Piggie and Vero but of course they would not go down without a fight. I slow down when I reach Piggie’s floor with his office. The door is closed but that does not mean someone didn’t break inside. Twisting the doorknob, I find it is locked. Yeah, I guess nobody went inside. Extending the claw on my thumb, I push it into the screws on either side of the knob. I twist my hand a few times until the each of the screws clatter onto the floor. I knock the doorknob off and then I open the door. Everything looks untouched. Nobody has tried to find all the money that should be stocked in here. Lucky for me, I know where Piggie hides it. It feels weird taking money from him. I have done it a few times before without him knowing, but I always paid him back. Now there isn’t a reason to pay him back and it feels weird. It honestly makes me feel a little sick too. There are about sixty envelopes full of money. They are all hidden underneath a hidden latch that sits under his desk. I am pretty sure Piggie would have told me to take the money if he were to die. We were that close. However, we were never close enough for him to tell me that he had about six million dollars in this room alone. That is not even counting the stuff he has not sold yet or even anything else he has stashed. Looks like I will have a lot of money to divide. I grab one envelope to take with me. I will sort out the rest at a later date. Honestly, I am not too bothered about the money for once. I do not even bother fixing the door when I leave. If someone wants it, they probably need it. It feels wrong even with only taking one envelope. I even took some money out to lessen the hurt it brings. Still leaves me with a million to spend. I should be set for a good while. Not like I could find something else to sell anyways. Sadly, that means that I would have to find another fence. Scoffing at myself, I shake my head. Here I am, already thinking about finding someone to replace Piggie. No. Not to replace him. Nobody could replace him. Dumb choice of words. Still, I know he would have scolded me for being all sad and mushy. He and Vero always said that if something were to happen to them, I should not wallow in my anger or sadness, I should move on and try to rise up. It is not exactly easy when their bodies are two floors down from me now. This just feels like wave after wave of bullshit. Why is this happening to me of all people? So much has happened and it feels as though it happened over night. It only keeps getting worse and worse. Losing so many people...Soul, Piggie, and Vero. Who will be next? It feels like everyone I am close to are just on a ticking time bomb now. They are all waiting for their time to end with me. I shiver and hug myself. A chill running down just from thinking about all that has happened. How do I go from having blue wings to having dead friends? Is that not the opposite of what most people say? You become an angel and then you are in paradise? Yeah that is some actual bullshit. Fucking Cody. How could he have done that to me? Over some damn papers talking about Augments? That is ridiculous. Oh if I ever see him again, he will pay. First he tricked me, then he tried to force himself on me, and then he forced an augment on me? Forget about payment. Cody will die the next time I see him. Obviously, I can’t go after him now. I am alone. What use would running into a base full of his men be if I can’t even get past his first wave of assholes? Sighing to myself, I rub my temples with my fingers, trying to massage the headache that has started to grow. I can’t think. Everything downstairs is too much. It is getting really hard to pretend that what I saw was just a figment of my imagination. The thing with Soul was rather creepy. What is this red vision I keep seeing? A chill runs down my spine again at the thought of it. Finally I reach my room. I was walking rather slow honestly. All my limbs feel sore and weak now. This day is awfully tiring. As soon as I reach for the door, I hear the pitter patter of Laneer running up to the door. His legs too excited to calm down. When I open the door, my nose is assaulted by the smell of pee and dog shit. I cough and cover my nose with my hand. That does not stop Laneer from jumping up and trying to lick my face. Peering past him, I see Yinx in the kitchen, his head buried in the bag of cat food. It has fallen over and the little bits and pieces are scattered all over the floor. How long have they been in here? I thought the murders were recent. As in, last night. Frowning, I squat down and hug Laneer’s giant head, running my hands through his fur. His tail wags back and forth on the floor. He whines and rubs his face against me, trying to lick me again. I just hum in response, my throat a little too sore to speak. Crying and screaming downstairs did not help me at all. They can’t stay here. I sure as hell won’t be staying here. Where do I take them? I don’t know where Ama is, so that will be a no. Tin Can? Would that even be alright? Perhaps I should call him. That means having to grab Piggie’s phone. That probably means going downstairs. Closing my eyes, I hug Laneer even tighter. I really don’t want to go down there. There definitely isn’t a reason for me to stay in here though. With a sigh and a small squeeze on Laneer’s head, I stand up. When I walk to my room, the smell dies down a bit. Even then, I decide to open all the windows. Pretty sure they made a mess in the bathroom. Lucky for me, I do not need to go in there at all. I do have other things I need to bring with me. My sleep darts, some extra sets of claws incase one falls off, more lines for grappling, and another baton just incase. Guess that should be everything. Well, I still need the phone. Fuck. Plus I have to bury the both of them. Ugh! Why is everything so hard today? Why did this even have to happen? What did they do to deserve this? Something tells me there was something else that pushed Arturo to do this. Or Cody. How the hell can I tell who did this? I still think it was Arturo because Cody was busy with me. He had me in his hands so he had no reason to touch Piggie or Vero. I might as well get to work on the holes. I’ll bury them out behind the building. It is completely full of dirt and dead grass. It is pretty much the only place like that, that is closest to the building. All the nice green places are over on the Rich Side unfortunately. I sure as hell won’t be burying them there. Since he clearly needs to get outside, I bring Laneer with me. I don’t even bother with the leash. That is more for show honestly. “Vamos, Laneer,” I whisper, my voice still too hoarse. The big ol’ fur baby follows me anyways. He keeps close to my leg, almost as if he is afraid to lose me again. Yeah, I don’t blame him. He and Yinx probably felt abandoned while I was gone. Grabbing the shovel as I walk down into the club floor, I glance once at Piggie’s body and then quickly turn to the back door. I ignore Laneer’s whines. He watches Piggie and looks over at me. I snap my fingers and he comes to my side at once. ~~~ ~~~ Roy As soon as Zafiro left, I just decided to workout since I was already outside. I am a bit annoyed that he took the dogtags off my neck without me knowing. I am not too sure on how I didn’t notice honestly. My grandfather had given them to me when I was younger. He used to take care of me when my parents had to go out of town. That happened quite a lot. I believe when I first realized that I was only interested in guys, he was the first person I came out to. He simply smiled and hugged me. Obviously I was crying my eyes out but that stopped as soon as he hugged me. I felt like I was the most disgusting thing. That I was unnatural and that there was something wrong with me. For years, he would constantly tell me that I have nothing to worry about. That I should just be happy by being me. Having someone tell me that was great. More than great really. Constantly hearing how your life is dishonorable and shameful really gets into your head. Three years after telling my Grandfather, he had died from old age. It hit me hard when I realized that I lost my only source of freedom and happiness. I was only thirteen. How is a thirteen year old supposed to take on the world alone? If only I knew then that my parents were not the world. If only I had known that I would be moving out soon and I would feel more free. Or at least, I thought I was free. Thanks to Zafiro, I am starting to realize that maybe I still have been living in my parent’s shadow. As much as I would like to deny it, I have still been following their choices for me. I don’t date anyone because I was told not to. Well, not guys at least, but I sure as hell won’t be dating any girls. It is nice that I found Avery though. She is pretty open minded and doesn’t seem to care about my preferences. She also has hinted to me that I might be doing what my parents have been expected of me. It is strange to think about that. Did I want to be in U.U.P.P? I know I worked my ass off for that organization, but was it truly what I wanted? There were times when I wanted to quit. Quite a bit actually. Avery always said that it was up to me and that I could quit whenever I wanted. I would always her tell that she was being ridiculous and that I wanted to be there. Now I am wondering if it was really me saying that, or was it just me repeating my parent’s wishes. Strange how you slowly start to realize things that have been happening to years. Things you should have realized sooner. It is a bit funny that Zafiro was able to point it out before I could. He doesn’t even know me that well. The fact he has kissed me a few times now has really brought these thoughts out. Yesterday, I wasn’t dating and didn’t even think about dating. All of a sudden, I am getting kissed left and right by the thief. Honestly, the worst part is how much I am enjoying those kisses! Is that the worst part though? What have I done to keep myself from enjoying those things? I should be thinking about what my Grandfather has told me and I should be listening to his advice. I should be myself and that can be whoever I want to be. Not some edited version of myself that my parents want. So when I kissed Zafiro’s cheek, it was a huge leap out of my comfort zone. It was very weird, but a good kind of weird. A really good kind. Honestly, I wanted to do it again, maybe even kiss him myself on the lips but he had run off. Still, everything about him makes me feel so uncertain about this. Zafiro is a criminal. I can’t be doing any of this with a criminal! What if someone were to find out? If they haven’t, that is... Apparently the gangs know where I live. Surely if they saw Zafiro, they already know about everything else that has been happening. Does that mean that this is ok? I mean...it’s Zafiro! He practically lives like a ghost, right? No, I should not be thinking like that. He’s still a criminal. Ugh! I don’t know what to do. My phone starts ringing on my bed. I guess I could answer that. Dropping the weights, I run over and flop onto the bed. I pick up the phone and see that it is Avery. That could be a good distraction! Pushing the green button, I answer. “Hey Avery, “Anything from the goon you brought in?” Now I realize that my bed smells like Zafiro at the moment. It is something both sweet and something else a little bitter. I realize then that it’s blood, but the sweet thing...he smells like that special chocolate that Avery brings sometimes. I smelt it a bit before when I was close to Zafiro but I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. Avery’s voice pulls me from my thoughts. “Yeah, we learned quite a bit,” She says. “I was hoping to stop by and speak with you about all I’ve learned. Obviously I can’t do it over the phone.” “Ah,” I say. “Yeah come right over.” I get up because I should probably get to cleaning. “Wait,” Avery stops me. “Is Zafiro there? Is he awake yet? Or is he still sleeping?” “Sorry,” I say, “He woke up today and left rather quickly.” A slight pause is all I get in answer. “Did he say why he had left?” She asks. Nothing really comes to mind. All I know was that nobody was answering his calls and he was getting worried. “Probably to check on someone,” I say. “They were not answering his calls.” Another pause. “I will be right over then,” She says. “Mind preparing the meat for me?” “Yeah sure,” I nod to myself. “It’ll be ready when you get here.” The call ends and then I drag myself into the bathroom. I think I’ll clean, prepare the meat, and then take a shower. Yeah, that’ll be good. There is not much to clean honestly. My room is pretty much the only mess in my house. Some of the bed sheets have a couple of red and pink marks of dried blood. Looks like I’ll just be throwing those away. There are my dirty clothes piling up so those will go in the washer. Some extra bandages that were left incase I needed to replace the ones on Zafiro’s back. Those were pretty much useless. A cup that was filled with water is empty now. I am guessing he drank it when he woke up. Did he ever actually eat? He made a sandwich but I do not think he actually ate it. Keeping that in mind, I get to working on all the chores needed to be done in my room. Once that is over, I make my way to the kitchen downstairs. Ah yes, he did not eat his sandwich. It has been left on the counter. I find it a bit funny that he casually goes through all my food as if it was his. It is also rather annoying since Avery does the same thing. I open up the fridge and pull out the bag full of thinly sliced meat. First I wash my hands, and then I wash the meat under the sink water. Grabbing some limes and salt, I get to marinating the meat. Since it will just be the two of us, I only prepare about eight cuts. Just as I finish the last one, Avery lets herself in through the garage door. She sighs and sets her purse on the counter next to me. I wrinkle my nose in disgust. “There was meat sitting there earlier!” I exclaim. She chuckles and shrugs. “I have another at home anyways.” She grabs a wet towel and scrubs the bottom of her purse. “I’ll get to grilling,” She says. “Oh, and nice to see you too!” Rolling my eyes, I wash my hands. “Taking a shower,” I say as I walk for the stairs. She hums as she walks out the back door for the grill. ~~~ ~~~ Zafiro I huff out as I dump the last pile of dirt over Piggie’s grave. Laneer whines next to me, trying to rub his face against my hip. Pushing him off, I toss the shovel to the side and wipe the sweat off my brow. Well, that is done. Piggie and Vero are side to side. I decided to bury their favorite rifles together since they went out with them. I walk into the nightclub and reach into the bar, pouring out two shots of vodka into two glasses. Making my way back outside, I stand before them and raise the shots up. “For family,” I say, still a bit tired. Then I down both shots. One for the both of them. I then place the glasses upside down on both piles of dirt. Laneer steps close to the one on Piggie’s and sniffs around it. “Quítate,” I say and lightly swat Laneer away. I call him to follow me and we head back upstairs. Preparing myself to enter my nasty apartment, I take a small breath and walk back in. Yinx meows as soon as he sees me. Laneer hobbles over to him and tries to lay on top of him. I smile at the sight and move to the kitchen to grab some cat food, dog food, a box, and some cat litter. Once I pile everything into the box, I grab another backpack to carry Yinx. He is quite used to being shoved in there so he does not fuss much when I place him inside. When he is comfortable enough, I call for Laneer and we walk back down to the bar downstairs. I grab Piggie’s car keys and then I go outside to the building next door. It has a garage that Piggie locks down to keep his car safe. A special monitor lights up as I hold a keycard up to it. It is attached to the keys. The garage opens and a beat up car lights up. Piggie taught me how to drive a car. I personally would prefer my bike, but I can’t exactly fit a giant St. Bernard on that. Opening the side door, I place the box with all the pet supplies in and then I open the backpack, letting Yinx out to wander around the back. When I open the driver’s seat, Laneer hops inside and moves over to the passenger seat. I smile at that because Piggie sometimes would take Laneer for rides to his dealing with buyers. Not necessarily for a ride. Laneer has a pretty nice bite when the need arises. I put the car in drive and slowly make my way out to the road. So...I never really called Tin Can about bringing my babies. I really didn’t want to touch Piggie’s phone. This will probably be a nice surprise for the handsome man anyways. The streets have emptied out now. Nobody is out in the Poor Side. That’s good for me. Easier to make my way around the pot holes. Once I reach the Rich Side, it is a lot smoother and far less bumpy. The roads look a bit empty right now so I am a bit sad I couldn’t bring my bike. With a sigh, I decide to travel south and then make my way to the west. Arturo’s gang ran straight from the tracks, I would rather stay out of whatever business is going on there. It takes about fifteen minutes to speed down to the bottom of Sector Four. The streets are that empty! It is great! I even have the windows down to let the wind blow through my hair. Laneer has his head hanging out, his slobber spinning webs out behind us. Yinx seems to hate it and hides in the backpack. Since the streets are so empty right now, I reach Tin Can’s house in record time. I got there in about forty minutes total. I see there is another car sitting out front. A silver one that looks expensive. There is a number over the bumper. That means it belongs to a U.U.P.P. Officer. Shit. I should be fine right? Surely I can just dump Laneer and Yinx here at least. I have my suit on so I know this officer will never catch me. Just incase, I line the pouch on my belt with darts. Can’t be too careful, right? “Wait here,” I whisper to Laneer before leaving him in the car. I’ll just dart the Officer, tell Tin Can about Laneer and Yinx, and then I will probably have to run off. No biggie! Climbing up a wall, I glance into the kitchen window. There is a woman with her back to me. She is wearing a tan work suit. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows. Her hair is tied up into a lazy bun. She has brown hair with grey stripes running in different places. Her roots are darker than her hair so i’m guessing her hair is dyed. A shame she isn’t turned in a way for me to see her face. I climb the rest of the way to the third floor and enter Tin Can’s room. It smells like he showered earlier. The shampoo smell is still in the air. Oh god. I haven’t showered in awhile have I? I should take one before I leave. Tin Can’s voice can be heard downstairs. He is talking to the lady in the suit. Preparing three darts in my fingers, I slowly inch my way down the stairs. My footsteps do not make a noise. Tin Can is still talking. From what it sounds like, he is talking about Arturo’s men being in the city. Now I am on the ground floor. I have my back against a wall, preparing myself to throw the dart. Closing my eyes, I try and remember the layout of the kitchen from my position. Should be a clear shot. Raising my hand to throw, I pull myself from the wall and throw. However, as I do, I see something that causes my aim to falter. The dart flies and lands on the wall above the stove. Tin Can jumps and turns to me, standing in a way as if he is ready to defend the woman. The woman stares after me in shock. Her brown eyes are wide as she stares me down. I’m pretty sure mine are just as wide at the moment. “Zafiro?” Tin Can says in warning. “She’s a friend. Calm down.” She places her hand on his shoulder to move him aside. I let out the breath that has been stuck in my throat this whole time. “Mamá?”
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