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  1. FindThySky

    Morning Toast

    Thanks a lot for your support and feedback. I really wasn't sure what people would think as this is my 1st story coming in. I don't think I would extend on this particular story but I could do a separate one. I'll have a look at what I can do.
  2. FindThySky

    Morning Toast

    Thanks for the comment! 😀 The story is meant to be single-chapter with the aim of capturing a moment in their lives, but I could do a series of how these two met or some other multi-chapter work based on exploring their relationship. With short stories like these I don't really manage to develop these characters, so I might have to take a step back and start from the start. What manner of story would you like to see? I've got nothing planned at the moment.
  3. I tipped the contents of the crumb tray into the bin, scraping off the stubborn bits and pieces with a finger. “You know, babe,” I began. “These toasters scare the crap out of me sometimes.” “What?” Nate cracked the final egg into the bowl and cast his gaze back at me in amusement. He stopped humming the tune to whatever song was on loop in his head. “Where’d that come from?” “Oh you know, when the bread pops out. It’s so unexpected it gives me a jumpscare.” I slotted the tray back under the toaster. He tried to suppress a chortle but wasn’t all that successful. “You’re joking righ
  4. “You know, babe, these toasters scare the crap out of me sometimes." The greatest joys of life can lie in the simplest, everyday things. A morning starts off rather more exciting than Jake had expected as he and Nate prepare breakfast. A short story of two lovers' chemistry with a side of goofy toastiness.
  5. I've always used a laptop. I find it easier to go back and change content if needed, which I often do. I'm not sure if I overwork my stories sometimes but I write very, very slowly and only when I'm in the zone. Being able to both delete and add quickly helps with that. If I'm setting the story at a beach, let's say, it's also convenient to search up images for description on a laptop. When brainstorming, I keep the inspiration in my head and transfer to a Google Doc when I get the chance. It's not the conventional mind map but a series of dot points on a separate planning documen
  6. Well, I'm going to have to say this sheepishly, because I don't actually know how to handle a writer's block. The block alone has been the bane of my stories' completion. It's my nemesis that I never found a way around. 😆 I'm not so much invested into recovering from the block as I am preventing it from happening in the first place. For years, I've planned my stories in my head. This is actually very problematic for my writing style because I have such a heavy focus on detail. There comes to a point where my mind cannot contain the little things anymore and I begin to lose track of
  7. FindThySky

    Chapter 26

    Oh my goodness. I've just been on a rollercoaster of emotion for the last 24 hours as I marathoned my way through this. This story is . . . I don't even know. I can't describe it with a single word. "Incredible" is a gross understatement. It actually managed to make me forget to breathe during some of the more tense moments. It just feels so real, I suppose. You've really conveyed the inner workings of a boy who is to a lesser or greater extent broken. It's almost like Zack's mind is a wanderer in a labyrinth with monsters around every corner. Sometimes his thoughts swi
  8. Apologies for not leaving a comment last chapter. There wasn't much for me to say, so I just left a like. 😅 This is a great setup chapter for complications. So here, Rex and Andy are twelve years of age, I believe? Exploring the notion that people grow apart through physical distance and time is a good approach. They are at the age where things can grow rather confusing quickly and there is so much potential for external and internal conflict. Andy still wants to continue their friendship. Rex seems to be adapting to life in Canada and is becoming less and less inclined to travel b
  9. I agree with you there. If I can avoid writing sex scenes I avoid it. Sure, I can describe and understand how it's meant to work, but with limited actual experience that knowledge is always second-hand, gained from other stories. I can try to keep it in tune to how other writers do it, but that is done in the basis of having no knowledge of if it's truly like how it is described. My biggest problem isn't part of what I'm trying to write down. It's part of being motivated to write down what I want to write down. I can be fairly confident in saying that some of the inspirations I've
  10. I find the ability to do that rather remarkable. 😁 It isn't as if I haven't tried. I used to get caught up in the inspiration of the story and begin to write straight away. But if the story turns out too sophisticated I begin to lose interest. This is common trend with me: an idea is shorter and easier to think than what I can manage on paper. One chapter turns into two. Two chapters turn into four. Trying to follow a guideline both for plot and character for me is rather new. It can get tedious because I want to write the actual thing instead of planning, but I think it's better like this for
  11. FindThySky

    Best Friends

    It's a pretty good start. You've managed to set up the foundations and introduced us to the characters. I feel the pacing is a little fast but as a prologue I think it is understandable to not delve into too much depth. It'll be interesting to see how you seek to develop Andy and Rex in the "present" when they are no longer together. I don't find the pacing problematic, but it's more the fact that you tend to be telling, not showing. For example: "Cynthia might have seemed strict, but she was actually a great woman." How is Cynthia a great woman? What is it that makes her great? Yo
  12. I've always copied the character profile from this website, but I am still working on seeing what additions I can make. In general, I'm still in the process of experimentation. Creating a character is one thing. Creating a realistic, believable character with unique quirks is where I struggle the most. I keep asking myself the same questions. What makes him/her special? What sets them apart from a generic personality? What do they have that others don't? I sometimes need to open my horizons and look at my surroundings in daily life. All people in real life have unique quirks, but o
  13. I see myself as someone who can accept many variations in stories and often I don't really think about the tropes. That said, insta-love is a no for me. I'm much more invested in seeing how relationships develop over time rather than any kind of immediate sexual action. It's not that I don't like reading characters taking that step over the line, but sophisticated romance developed over the course of many chapters just makes the final act so much more . . . rewarding? I'm not sure if that's the right word to use, but insta-love to me feels shallow from a plot standpoint. If I plan to write mul
  14. My very first stories are probably lost somewhere in the exercise books of year four in primary. So, I would've written them when I was around nine or ten years old. What I do recall is that there were often long passages of description and narration. I loved writing descriptions and using imagery; I still do. I don't know what was the very first thing I ever wrote, but at that time we had a textual study on the flooding of Lake Eyre and a story I remember most clearly is me imagining how the salt pan would fill with water and painting an image of it with words.
  15. Yup, that works fine too. Dialogue isn't my strong point, unfortunately. I struggle in making speech seem natural and flow in a rhythm. l plan to trial something of this nature in my upcoming story and hopefully some of the more confident writers can assess it once it's complete.
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