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  1. haha I love reading the British slang because it makes me realise how odd some of it actually is. You get so used to using it that it’s odd when people don’t understand it!! Also loving this story so far! I’m so invested 💜
  2. A beautiful story. Starts of with pain and ends with love. This story had me gripped right from the beginning and I was so sad when I finished the story. A lovely tale of pain, but most importantly, love. 😀
  3. Cj008

    The Three Tysons

    It’s so sad we only have one chapter left!! But what a journey it has been so far, this has been amazing and I’ll be sad to see it come to an end, Tyson’s character development has been brilliant and to see him now opposed to how we first met him warms my heart. Brilliant chapter and a even better story ❤️
  4. Cj008


    Well I be dammed! I am definitely hooked already. I can definitely tell this will be a story I won’t be able to put down any time soon!! Brilliant start!
  5. Cj008

    Chapter 1

    A brilliant start to what I’m sure to be a brilliant and beautiful tale!! 💜
  6. This was very intriguing to read from both a character POV and a psychological POV (hope that makes sense 😂)! I love that you included this chapter and I think it brings much insight to what vlad and many other people go through! Amazing chapter!!! ❤️
  7. Cj008

    On the Prowl

    Very intriguing indeed! I look forward to reading and finding out how this story will play out.
  8. Now this has me very intrigued! With that being said you have made a fantastic start to what I’m sure will turn out to be a gripping story. I can’t wait to read more!
  9. Cj008

    A Bug's Life

    This is very intriguing!! The characters have been created beautifully and I feel a real connection with them! I’m looking forward to reading on! ❤️😊
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