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  1. More are coming, I promise. It's just taking a little more time with work and the pandemic going on.
  2. That is a high compliment. I am a very visual reader. As I read, the picture forms in my mind and plays along to the words. A well written novel can allow me to hear the voices of the characters, see what they see and even smell what they smell. When I write, I construct the scene in my mind and play it out, over and over and over to make sure I know exactly what's happening and then do my best to convey what I see in my mind. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
  3. Jdonley75

    Chapter 14

    That's an interesting observation. I'm not entirely sure if that's good or bad. 😀😀
  4. Many times some characters start as just a name and it takes awhile before they become more fleshed out and their personalities come through. Peter wasn't even a real character for the longest time and by the time I got a sense of the man and his history he was already dead. And I think that's what I unconciously wanted to do with this story. Give Pete one moment to shine and show the readers the kind of person he was and in a way maybe help explain how his absence is still felt after all these years.
  5. I don't think Colt went looking for a boyfriend. I think he found someone who he saw as a contemporary and things just escalated from there. I almost wrote in a part in the previous chapter that the two of them spent most of the party talking by themselves but I didn't want to make it that obvious. And I definitely didn't want what was said between them to be "heard" by the readers. The immediate future for all of them is mostly up in the air. I have stories I'm working on and eventually hope to publish them when they are ready. What characters will be involved and what will happen remains to be seen. But in time it will all come out. Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
  6. Jdonley75

    Chapter 40

    I guess that depends really. I'm almost sure Colt wouldn't be interested in that kind of life though.
  7. Jdonley75

    Chapter 40

    The one thing that has always remained true about David is that he was never one to brag. Oh he will talk about Kyle's accomplishments to whoever will listen, but the things about himself usually gets downplayed.
  8. Jdonley75

    Chapter 30

    The concensus agrees with you, I think.
  9. Jdonley75

    Chapter 18

    Life has a funny way of having things happen at odd moments in ours lives.
  10. Jdonley75

    Chapter 16

    Good observations. Sometimes people make mistakes out of fear of being left alone or feeling inadequate. They can act differently, but deep down they don't feel like they can do better in life. Keep reading. It gets better.
  11. Jdonley75

    Chapter 26

    Thank you for reading and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Tyler and Andy tend to take up most of the pages of the second book. I have a third one in the works now with some short stories to round things out before the fourth and final book in the series.
  12. Well, thank you for reading. Once I had a firm grasp on Peter and his relationship with Andy and Brian (which should have been obvious in hindsight) helped to make the story touching and bittersweet. Unfortunately for all of us, we will more than likely just hear stories about Peter and not really get to know him as well as we know his best friend, David. And, yeah, I know just about everything there is to know about Peter. But I'm not inclined to keep going back in time to visit with him. Before the entire series is over with, everyone will learn how integral he has always been to the whole story.
  13. I am to. Unfortunately, all I'm getting back is, "I'm busy studying." Odds are good that if he has another story, it will be awhile.
  14. Future short stories will start focusing a little more on the children. I don't want to delve too far into what may be coming down the pike just yet.
  15. It was a Christmas story because I actually began writing this back in December when someone mentioned having another story along those lines. But I got stuck and set it aside until I could figure out the plot and where the story is coming. I get a lot of ideas about where their lives go actually. I just don't think all of them are worth a 9,000 short story. When I want to really write something, I want to do it for a reason. At the risk of sounding egotistical or something, I want there to be a meaning behind it. This was a story about how Brian dealt with the fallout of being disowned by his parents. But it also spoke about how if we have good friends and dedicated people around us, no matter how alone we feel, we're never really alone. Thank you for your encouragement and I hope you continue to enjoy future stories when they come.
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