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  1. Jdonley75

    Chapter 38

    Good catch. I'll need to fix that.
  2. Jdonley75

    Chapter 38

    Your English is fine. No problem there. However, I do feel you may be reading too much into things. Kyle and Tyler are not related in any biological sense. Yes, there are some subtle hints that there are things below the surface and I do those intentionally. David only had one biological son and that is Kyle. But David's love goes beyond what most people would define as "family." And he does not hide his affections for any of the other boys. Helen didn't have an affair. She dated Sam when they were all in high school many many years ago. She pretends to be a jilted ex but in
  3. Jdonley75


    Thank you so much for that! I did a fair amount of research about the area while writing the first book. I looked at everything I could and did my best to remember my times traveling through Pennsylvania years and years ago. I like making realistic characters. I feel they can connect more to readers if they see something in themselves in who they're reading about and makes the story more enjoyable to tell and to read.
  4. Jdonley75


    Funny you should ask....... πŸ–ŠοΈ
  5. Jdonley75


    You're probably not wrong when it comes to Colt and Aaron. We'll just have to see where that relationship goes.
  6. Jdonley75

    Chapter 14

    Part of this book is Tyler growing up and gaining a measure of self-confidence in himself and his choices. He didn't have the best experience growing up and it left a few marks on his heart. His journey through the book is a little painful and uncomfortable at first, but it's worth it in the end.
  7. Jdonley75


    The "incident" isn't going away any time soon. I guess we'll have to see where the story goes from here.
  8. Jdonley75


    If Kyle and Colt were to spend a quiet moment together.... well, anything is possible, really. I don't see either of them voluntarilly doing that. There's still a lot of this entire story readers aren't aware of. A lot of secrets that have been hinted at but never overtly placed right in front of your eyes. I tend to be subtle like that. Small little phrases with double-meanings that obfuscate some truths I don't want the readers to know yet so that when they do find out, they can be as shocked as.... well, as I was. πŸ˜„
  9. Jdonley75


    They may want to re-think their plan about keeping Colt in the dark about the "thing." At some point in time, they should tell him because if he finds out about it by accident, it won't go over well. -I disagree about Colt finding out, I think only the original team need to know about it, they were the ones most affected by what happened; The only other person who I think should know (if they don’t already) is Helen. Do you honestly think that Helen doesn't already know? πŸ˜…
  10. Jdonley75


    I'm pretty sure, as far as Colt and David are concerned, there's no real "first love" involved in either of them. Colt loved his ex-wife. David loved..... Anyway.... Having a new person added to a group as close as David and the boys are there are bound to be bumps, misunderstandings and a change in the individual bonds involved. I'm almost sure Colt knew from the start that he was never going to get to have David all to himself. David is a man set in his ways, just as he is. But there is something between them that keeps them connected. It starts with mutual respect and goe
  11. Jdonley75


    Glad you enjoyed the surprise. You may be right that David should bring Colt up to speed regarding "the incident," since it's a pretty big focal point in the entire series. However, it seems that David and Kyle both seem to have it classified on a "need to know" basis. It could be a mistake, but that just shows neither Kyle nor David are perfect. This story was a bit more open than the last few. Mostly because things are moving and in some ways, this story will have a lingering effect on the rest of the series in subtle ways.
  12. Jdonley75


    I'm hoping to start putting out more work in the near future.
  13. Jdonley75


    That's awesome! I had to do a bit of research to get as close to accurate as possible.
  14. Jdonley75


    There is a lot more in store in the future, that I can promise you. With work returning to normal, the picture has gotten clearer over the last month or so.
  15. Jdonley75


    Thank you. The picture gets a little bigger and complex as the seasons pass it seems.
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