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  1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Possibly. Mostly because people turn the comment section into a forum. I made a forum thread for this series but, meh. They never used it.
  3. I would never get anything done. I can type it out just fine but I can't speak it until it's on the page.
  4. Sam was not jealous. He was just picking up on the subtle signals going on between David and Colt. He was planning on talking to them but then realized too late that three was a crowd and then excused himself. He could also tell that David had almost no clue what was going on and it amused him somewhat.
  5. In your twilight years you go get them recolored so they're not so faded.
  6. I would say that in many ways, Andy (and in his own way Brian) did kind of break away from what I had originally intended for them. The first time visualizing "The Acquittal" in my mind, playing the story out in my head (is it true that most people don't see a movie in their minds when they read?) Andy and Brian were meant to be most comic relief characters with no real backstory or substance to them. It wasn't until much later when I started actually getting into the writing of the story that they kind of started doing their own thing. Andy's tattoos just appeared, really. Wasn't something I planned, I just saw them when he was wearing that green tank top in the bar when he was meeting up with Troy and Brian. Takes up most of his upper left arm too, btw.
  7. Jdonley75

    Chapter 15

    Sir, I understand that you may be trying to be helpful, but all you are doing is damaging my ego and making me feel like a failure while simultaneously posting all of my mistakes for everyone to see. Please, stop. If you have any critiques to make in the future, I would appreciate it if you did it in a more private setting.
  8. About twenty years ago I got called into my bosses office.  I was working at a hotel at the time and really enjoying it because I got to interact with a lot of people and kind of let my personality out.  Most of those days I had a lot of fun talking to people from different areas of the country and the world.

    But on this day, she called me into her office, closed the door and proceeded to have a discussion about a complaint she had gotten from one of the guests about me and she wanted to understand better what took place.  I don't remember the particulars other than the guest felt insulted and was very upset and when I told my boss my intentions were good, she then told me I needed to apologize to them.  I balked because I knew I did the right thing at the time.  Then she gave me the best piece of advise I've ever been given.

    "It doesn't matter what you meant to do.  What matters is how your actions were perceived.  Think of it this way; If someone does something to you that hurts you, even if they didn't mean for it to happen, it still hurts.  This is the same thing."

    I did apologize and after that kept in mind how someone may perceive my intentions rather than just barrel through with them and expect to be praised just because I'm trying to do "the right thing."

    In that same spirit, people are leaving me comments that, while they think they are trying to be helpful, in fact, all they're doing is making me not want to write on here anymore.  I've never tried to make myself appear perfect because I am all too aware of the fact that I am not.  But I don't need daily reminders of my failures from someone else because my mind is fully capable of replaying them at will.

    tl;dr stop combing through every line of text and making notes of every mistake you find.

    1. Marty
    2. Headstall
    3. MCVT


      Seems to me it takes guts to create, write and post on an international site.  Where's any failure in that?  Small glitches aren't worth the effort to note when a good story is moving me to continue. 

      Thank you for posting your work.  Champagne to ya!



  9. Jdonley75

    Chapter 40

    Not so much anymore. More his choice than mine. He's got his own life and wants. I wouldn't say he was suspicious. Just cautious with people he doesn't know. Going into a new environment can cause anyone to exercise more restraint and that can appear like suspicion.
  10. Jdonley75

    Chapter 40

    Maybe Helen's statement about Tyler being like Kyle was more accurate than she imagined? 🤔 Aaron wouldn't get to Matt's age until 2024. So, there's a bit of a wait there.
  11. Jdonley75

    Chapter 39

    Not going to dispute that statement. Well, you're in luck.
  12. I agree with the ink opinion. Sometimes, too many is way too many. I'm relieved that, while Andy did get tattoos, he kept them tasteful.
  13. Right now, it's just jotting down ideas and thoughts about what is possible and what questions about life I may want to try and tackle.
  14. I can't promise to know exactly when the next story will come out. There are a lot of things I want to do beyond the orchard.
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