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  1. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    No argument with you there. No one is perfect in my world. They all make mistakes when they are emotionally charged. But, it's entirely possible that it'll just be a forgotten moment for Colt and he'll never repeat it to Jacob or Kyle. If I were to take a big guess on why she did that, it would be that she was just putting David on notice on how fragile his secret is and how easily it could call fall apart.
  2. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    Absolutely. That's why she "promised" David she wouldn't reveal the truth. Too bad he didn't make her promise not to drop a little hint as well. Helen's first thought was for her ex-husband who, in some ways, she still loves. Yeah, she should think of her son first, but in her eyes, he's not a child and doesn't need coddling. Meanwhile, her closest living friend is letting his good name be tarnished for seemingly no reason. I'm glad you're enjoying the extended story. More will be coming in the future.
  3. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    Sad? Why sad?
  4. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    They're not close... now.... teehee ☺️
  5. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    Hiiiii! 😁 Helen is a powerful character that is hard to write for without her swallowing up scene's whole in her wake. So I figured I would give her her own moments to shine to show her in that light of friend to David, mother to Kyle and grandmother to Matt and Aaron. She is a passionate person who doesn't do things in half measures. When she sees a problem, she dives in to solve it. But she's smarter than most people may expect. She knows to not tip her hand like when she talked to Kyle. She could have told him there and then "look, I know you don't want to cast your father in a bad light, but there's no need for that because it was you who blew things completely out of proportion." But she didn't. She waited until she figured out the whole story before confronting David and "discussing" it with him instead. Why David and not Kyle? Because they've known each other since they were kids. They know each other inside and out. How or when Helen became aware of what happened is muddled, but it seems that it was a long time before David finally told her. Too long for her to do anything to fix it. And that, combined with her discovering that David has been taking responsibility for an offense that he is completely innocent, is what prompted their discussion turning into a fight. She wasn't angry at him for lying as much as she was angry that he was taking the blame when he didn't need to. Whether David is right or wrong to hide the truth from Kyle and Jacob, you are probably right that it's best for everyone that maybe it should just be buried. Maybe.... MAYBE it might come up again, but it's doubtful. There's going to be bigger things going on that the boys will have to deal with. 😉
  6. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    The "full story" about what happened between Kyle, Jacob and David has come out as much as it will ever come out. While Jacob did sleep in David's bed, David was not in that bed at the same time as he was.
  7. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    to be fair, you're not the one sleeping with him, David is. And their feelings for each other are pretty clear. And, yes, Colt does come off a little cold, and there's a reason for that. He's been in the marine corps for 25 years and that had a big effect on him. As an officer, every marine lost under his command was a loss he had to shoulder personally. Over years being one of the officers on the front lines of a war that lasted far longer than anyone expected, he lost a lot of good men under his command through no fault of his own. That has a cumluative effect on someone. And having just retired, it will take time for that guarded exterior comes off. Give it time. I garuantee by the final book, you will like him more than you do now.
  8. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    Okay. I've eaten and sitting down to enjoy my ☕ and all of you so I will answer your question as best as I can. I guess I could, if I wanted to recount the story of that fateful night in The Acquittal but that would take too long and I think it would just depress everyone all over again. So, I will instead just stress the important points. 1. Kyle suffers from severe anxiety attacks, some which I have put on full display in the first book. By my count, Kyle had roughly 4 anxiety attacks on the page, not to mention nearly every friend of his remarking on other moments where he had similar situtations with them in their shared past. 2. All the characters have very set personalities, goals and drives to them. There is nearly no indication that David would ever either force himself on, coerce, or in any other way initiate or be a party of any intimate relationship with Jacob (or any of his boys for that matter) so, it should make you wonder why he would do anything other than be an attentive father figure. 3. As I stated in more than a few comments back in the day about this, the mind has a strong sense of self-preservation. To protect it from outside stimuli that could affect it negatively, our sub conscious will create barriers to protect itself. The mind also is very good with self-deception. When someone is in a high degree of stress or anxiety, it can be made to believe anything. This is why people will confess to crimes they didn't commit because given enough time, their interogators can eventually get them to remember anything the way they want them to remember it because it will result in no longer being in a stressful situation. If you were to read Chapter 8 again, do so having all of the above information in your mind and knowing that the entire section regarding that night is told completely from Kyle's perspective. I very rarely like to just reveal all in one nugget. To be fair, I didn't know the real truth until after I finished writing the first book. It always bothered me because that was the only scenario that worked in the story, yet it went totally against David's character. After I realized, "wait a minute, Kyle got it all wrong," that the truth fell into place and this story came to my mind. David and Helen's fight was first written into the second book, but then I took it out because it didn't flow well with the rest of the mood of the narrative so I took it out and waited for the right moment. And, here it is. So.... does that clear things up? 🤣
  9. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    Just so everyone is aware, I have been reading all your comments while I'm at work. I will give you all a proper response later today when I get home. I would suggest to those wanting to know the real truth about what happened to our three main players to read this again carefully and you should be able to put the pieces together yourself. ❤️
  10. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The story is still going on. In fact, I have 7 chapters of the fourth (and final) book in the last month. There are still some short stories left to write and pubish before we get to that though.
  11. Jdonley75

    Chapter 7

    With a bounce in her step and one hand on the ornate iron railing, Helen descended the marble steps of the grand staircase of her Malibu home. It was one of her greatest accomplishments when she snatched it up for a steal at nine million and managed to nearly double the value in a few short years. Normally, she and her husband would already be looking to sell it as they had with the last three houses they had bought. But this one, with its charming décor, marble flooring in the hallways and t
  12. I'm putting on the final touches of a new short story.

    I wonder if there's anyone up who might want to read it?  It could be a little controvercial so I'm not sure if I should post it or not.  If anyone has read my first book and would like to give me a little PRIVATE feedback, it could help make up my mind.

    1. Andre Delport

      Andre Delport

      Send it to me Jonathan. I'll read it with pleasure. 

    2. Jdonley75


      Winner winner!  

  13. if I keep reading all the titles and statutes of Pennsylvania law, I could probably end up passing the bar exam there and start my own law practice.

    Researching is hard. 

    But it's worth it to tell a good story.

  14. Jdonley75

    Letting Go

    I'm working on it. I was running out of ideas for short stories and decided the best way to generate more was to start writing the fourth book and get ideas for backstory from that to use as more short stories. So, yeah, I'm writing two books right now.
  15. Jdonley75

    Letting Go

    Sometimes, I feel it's best to tell rather than to show in some instances. With a few lines of dialogue I can save my brain some time coming up with a 5000 word short story to update the status of one or two characters who I'm no where near done with yet.
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