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  1. Jdonley75

    Chapter 24

    You're welcome. I didn't serve, but I know those who have in the past. What I've learned most as far as relationships go in the armed forces, you learn to trust and rely on each other more than a civilian does. The bonds are formed in the shared experience of combat. They have to rely on each other and follow their orders to not just be successful, but to survive. Andy's story is fleshed out more in the second book. If this brought you to tears, then I suggest you have something handy to wipe your eyes and nose with.
  2. Jdonley75

    Chapter 15

    Two weddings, huh? There's still a lot of road for all the characters to travel (literally and figuratively.) So much so, it became a second book. I like to think that Kyle found a part of himself that he thought he had lost when he went home. In finding it, he remembered that in the end all that really matters is that he loves Jacob and is loved by Jacob. Now, we get to see where things go from there.
  3. Because I know some of you are just dying to know what it is I'm writing:  A little snippet from the evening.


    David smirked a little to himself.  “So, no competition then.  That’s good to know.”

    Colt’s voice became more relaxed which meant the surf, the sunset and the company had his guard coming down.  “Wouldn’t be a competition anyway.”  He leaned over to take the bottle and refresh his glass.

    David turned his head to look at him with a growing smirk.  “Oh?  Why’s that?”

    Colt met his gaze and smiled in a rare show of pleasure that was normally reserved just for him.  “Because I like you better.”

  4. Jdonley75

    Chapter 14

    Kyle was raised right. I'll just say that about what kind of a person he is. Remember that the betrayal he felt lasted nine years for him where it's only been a few days for you. Time has an effect on things. I honestly do believe that Troy did the right thing at the right time and you'll see his side of things in the next book. But it was ultimately Kyle's mind just being tired of running away from those memories he kept trying to deny for so long that helped get him to go back home.
  5. Jdonley75

    Chapter 14

    Jacob didn't attend A.A. He went to a therapist. Still does on occasion. By the time Jacob had finally gotten to admit that he had a problem (through an intervention involving everyone but Kyle) Kyle was long gone from college and had effectively disappeared. Jacob had to get on with his life and just hope that Kyle would come back. Of course, usually what you hope for, isn't always what you really want. Kyle's return happened at possibly the worst moment it could have for Jacob. Who was already stressed out from David being in the hospital and wondering what was going to happen to both of them. This is actually one of my favorite chapters to. It's not pretty. It gets dark and you see a side of Jacob that's rarely seen. But, I think of it as the moment that the infected wound between the two of them was sliced open and all that sickness and resentment was poured out.
  6. Jdonley75

    Chapter 13

    Oh, gee, I wonder... 😆
  7. Jdonley75

    Chapter 12

    Some people just don't work out no matter how hard they try. Others are just meant to be. I guess we'll see which way Kyle and Jacob fall.
  8. Jdonley75

    Chapter 9

    I'm taking blame for why people are reacting to Brian and Andy's reception of Kyle. I don't think I really conveyed the moment properly. It wasn't as much to do with Kyle as it had to do with Andy and Brian having just renewed a deeper love that they kept secret for so many years. While Brian was out of the closet by now, Andy wasn't. Remember, he had been married not long before this. So, when Kyle suddenly appears, the two of them were both feeling like two kids caught doing something and also having to deal with what they just learned about what happened between Kyle and Jacob the night before. Everyone is still in pins and needles and, in a way, I guess I wanted them to appear to Kyle as slightly aloof to put him off his game a little. Andy and Brian's story is explored in another book. Troy is an unyielding force that flat out refused to ever give up on Kyle or any of his friends. He is the one who is mostly guiding things when he feels the situation may go away from the outcome he prefers.
  9. Jdonley75

    Chapter 11

    Well, you are not wrong in your observations as to Kyle's mental state in the moment. But he had years to go back and he refused to out of stubbornness and unwilling to think that he may have been wrong in his split moment decision about what he thought was happening between Jacob and David. David and Travis served a little later than that. About 78-86 if I remember my timeline correctly. I would think it stands to reason that they were cautious since David survived to tell the tale. I am not an alcoholic not a drug user so, personally, it's not something I've ever dealt with. But from how you've expressed it, I get the feeling that I did a fair job of conveying it with what little ability I have to empathize with it.
  10. Jdonley75

    Chapter 10

    You are correct that Troy, Brian and Andy were all physically unavailable when things went bad between Kyle, Jacob and David. I don't think anyone is giving Jacob an excuse for his actions. How strong the bonds are between then three of them is the real crux of this book. How bad can things get and still come to a reconciliation? That's the main thought that went through my mind when this story first started taking shape in my mind. And Jacob will always feel some measure of guilt about his actions, regardless of what happens in the future. That was indeed a very wise woman.
  11. In case anyone has been wondering, yes, I have been very busy with life and I've been feeling mostly drained by the Covid virus situation.  No, I didn't get it, yes, I know people who have and yes, I am taking all the safety precautions I'm supposed to at work.

    Because of that and other mitigating circumstances, the desire to write waned for awhile.  I went about three weeks without writing anything new and each time I tried to conjure up something in my head, it would get stuck or turn into a pile of garbage that didn't really make a decent story.  For the moment, I've just been wanting to write short pieces and add them to the Chronicles in a separate short story series before getting to the final story.

    But, in the last three or four days, a story came into my head that's made me smile and tonight I started writing it out.  I didn't spend much time with it, but I got that familiar buzz in me that meant that I was onto something.  The picture is clear and I can hear the dialogue going on anytime I turn my mental attention to it.  So, hopefully I can start posting some stories once I get this one done.  

    So, if anyone has an opinion on it, would people want to see them posted as they're finished, or wait until all the short stories are done?

    1. Marty


      As each one is finished. :thumbup:

    2. spyke


      Glad you're doing O.K. Nothing wrong with taking a break and recharging, particularly given the state of the world today. I'm with @Marty and hope that you post after each is finished.  Take care of yourself and stay safe @Jdonley75

  12. Jdonley75

    Chapter 1/1

    Wonderful story. Simple and poignant, leaving the last tragic moments to unfold. And even if you knew it was coming, it was no less emotional of a moment. Very well done.
  13. I'm sitting in my car while waiting for my cats to get through their vet appointment. I'm not able to be there with them and it really upsets me. So I have to sit here and wait while Stalker and Shadow and probably wonder where I went or if I'm ever coming back.😟

    1. Valkyrie
    2. Puppilull


      Poor kitties! And poor you...

  14. Jdonley75

    Chapter 5

    Reading this for what feels like the first time without critiquing it. One of the things I found myself enjoying when I wrote the first draft of this was blocking how everything leads from step to step. Eating the spaghetti with Stephanie brought back the memory of the dinner he shared with Andy. How that conversation led to the preparation for prom night and from there to the prom. For me at least, it's easy to imagine how all of those memories would have went through Kyle's mind as he cleaned up the mess Matt made on the floor.
  15. Thanks. There will indeed be a third and fourth book before the series is ended.
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