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    Great chapter!
  2. Etotsira

    A New Nightmare

    Yes!! I’d love to read some of your side stories!
  3. Etotsira

    The Accident

    Well, I’m hooked.
  4. Etotsira

    Chapter 1

    Return of the king!
  5. Etotsira

    Chapter 9

    Better to be safe than sorry!!
  6. Etotsira

    Chapter 9

    So no puppy dog eyes, good to know!
  7. Etotsira

    Chapter 9

    Hello, Mr. Ethan sir, I’m inquiring as to when I can expect chapter 10? Do I need to bring out the puppy dog eyes? On another note, I feel so bad for Ali! His entire world just changed in an instant, yes I understand Jamie’s/James’ reaction, but my heart still goes out to Ali.
  8. Etotsira

    Chapter 26

    Please upload soon 🥺 (I brought out the puppy dog eyes)
  9. Etotsira

    Chapter 19

    I’m jonesing for a fix of this story! I hope everything is okay 🥺
  10. Etotsira

    Chapter 20

    I’d appreciate it ASAP 🥺
  11. Etotsira

    Chapter 20

    Hi @imperfect _pisces Could I possibly convince you to upload the next chapter soon, I’ll give you a nickel, a compliment, and puppy dog eyes! Please, sir, I need another fix!
  12. Etotsira

    Chapter 20

    I will wring Finn’s neck for this!!
  13. Etotsira

    Chapter 3

    Love it so far
  14. Etotsira

    Becoming Family

    A better word for jackass in French is connard Great chapter btw
  15. Etotsira

    The Waiting Game

    A new chapter on my birthday, thanks for that
  16. Etotsira

    Chapter 8

    The puppy dog eyes worked for the last chapter of corners, I hope they’ll work for this one 🥺
  17. Etotsira

    Chapter 8

    Please upload the next one 🥺
  18. Etotsira

    Visions 2

    Sorry guys, I’ve been so busy with work stuff that I haven’t had time to edit
  19. Etotsira

    Visions 1

    I’m trying @Timejun Work has been so hectic! I will get it to him on Sunday morning, I promise!
  20. It’s been a wild ride, I’m very glad I stuck with it. Thanks for writing this wonderful story!
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