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  1. Theo Wahls


    To ban almost anything ts to put an unintended challenge to disobey. I think there are many unknowns like the plumbing, which Brathay has yet to discover. This story becomes more interesting with every chapter. thanks for writing.
  2. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 56

    High speed chase? Escaping? Is there revolution in the air? Cia is turning things around. Way to go!😵
  3. Theo Wahls


    Very complex set up in the first two chapters. Looking forward to the story. Thanks for what promises to be a good story.
  4. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 55

    Where is Timok in all this?
  5. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 55

    So now Russia will fade in to the background. I for one cheer for Granger getting back to sea. Good read, thanks.
  6. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 54

    Idioms and an ugly but tasty lunch, which leave Essell hanging from a cliff. Good one Cia.
  7. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 53

    Here! Here! Essell should be pouring over histories or other books about this race. Some time with Mereval might help Essell to answer the many questions, which drive his to distraction. Thanks Cia.
  8. What a pleasant visit with family and friends. The Akasha Empire grows more powerful each day with the joy that comes from Sun Filled Manor. Thanks Sui.
  9. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 52

  10. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 53

    I am sure Mark will tie all these loose ends into a bow or maybe a new Gordian Knot.
  11. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 53

    The life of Granger has been fraught with so many extremely dangerous situations since he became a midshipman. He rises to the occasion with aplomb and steadfastness, although as it has been pointed out, he is a tad rash.Wonderful chapter and I want the whole story of how Lord Chartley got to Moscow and in this prison.
  12. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 51

    What a needy pair they are.😀
  13. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 50

    Perhaps some real privacy at last. Between odd plants and bugs. any free time Essell can be busy with his research. I always enjoy Wednesday, thanks Cia.
  14. Waking up Sun Filled Manor will be an important job. Jihan will recover with this job. The family will closely join in the newly refreshed space. New memories will drive the nightmares away. I hope Zure Niven will help Shan to know all his family. Lord Niven is a very deep and strange personage. I want to know more about him and Blood Nation. Sui, you have crafted an amazing world. It is filled with fascinating figures, past events and future hopes. AS always, thank you for your gift of writing.😊
  15. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 52

    Seeing the countess again was nice. She has a such a long career in politics and the drawing room. Lots of ideas to speculate upon for the next two weeks. Patiently awaiting more, thanks for the posting.🤔
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