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  1. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 16

    Great chapter! So Jihan is now papa.So nice. Thank you for the map and character list, it is most helpful.
  2. Theo Wahls

    Grand Opening

    Another good story about the CJ world. Write sufficient biographies And there will be an entire universe of hot men. Looking forward to Colt and Tony Carlos I hope your list of todos is long, these are addictive. Thank you!
  3. Loads of good history lessons. I hope the protests can move forward. A change in the administration and a lot of congressional seats have to be changed in the next election to continue to achieve equality in how people are treated. A very good chapter, a clarion call to reform.
  4. Theo Wahls

    President's Day

    Pretty much agree with everyone. It's a great chapter but I cannot wait for more. I hope for more adventures with this now bicoastal group of men. ❤️😍
  5. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 15

    Good story characters, but oh how meddlesome gods can be. lol😉
  6. Theo Wahls


    It seems Brett's inner surfer dude is creeping out. Sun, sand and sea are the new three 'esses' for a jarhead. Good chapter: low key, nice people, and a house under control. Thanks Carlos!
  7. Theo Wahls


    Good one. Brett already downloaded the loan agreement with details of each piece. It's where all the pieces are. I wonder how well decorated the board members offices are and/or their homes, not to mention Fernando's home, his girl friend's home, and even Auntie Meryl's place.
  8. Theo Wahls


    Nalbo slips away like the craven man he is and another beast enters the pictures. Good thing Brett and Cesar are becoming bi-coastals. Great chapter Carlos, a fun read on Friday to start the weekend. 😃
  9. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 14

    When love grows like this love, strength comes to do what is necessary to keep it. Good luck Kas and Jihan.
  10. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 13

    I am being patient about new chapters though obsessive about most things. Just a touch of OCD about new chapters. I know how hard it is to write a well written story and I do appreciate the hard work. Crown Prince Yoshi and Seiryu Spirit are favorites. I will bide my time reading her other stories and enjoying a little romance now and then.
  11. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 13

    I am glad I am not the only obsessive about new chapters. I sometimes wonder if Dicken's readers had the same agonies waiting for another pamphleted chapter to be hawked in the streets. I agree The empress is too transparent. She wanted Firuz and Jihan to find the poisons, but why? Financial strength always attracts attention and politics always rears its ugly head.
  12. Theo Wahls


    What an enjoyable read; vacations, wineries, hot cars and hot tubs with Nalbo lurking in the background. Thanks Carlos
  13. Theo Wahls


    Most CPAs are thought of as nerds and Uriah Heep types (Dickens 'David Copperfield'), obviously not Cesar. They all do have icewater in their veins. They face down the IRS regularly and win. Nalbo should look out. Miles gets better and better as a character. Thanks for the new chapter Carlos.
  14. Theo Wahls


    Isn't horn dog a synonym for marine? WOOF! WOOF! Lucky Cesar. Good chapter Carlos.
  15. Theo Wahls

    New Year's Eve

    Wonderful another story from Carlos and his CJ world. There seem to be ominous signs with this Nalbo character. Never thought he would disappear easily after the rpoblems with Chipper. Looking forward to more.
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