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  1. Carlos always a joy to see a new story about the CJ universe. Thanks for the great writing. I know how hard it is to write a saga and keep all the characters under control. Oh and thanks for the missing aunt. Ritch needs family as we all do.
  2. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 21

    Earthlings have learned early in their development "never get between a boy and his dog".
  3. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 20

    Wonderful Bouncer is back!
  4. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 19

    Garjah puts two and two together fast. Ruminate Essell on wiliness.
  5. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 20

    Absolutely I rushed reading this also. I need to read it again. What action! Thanks for a wonderful X-mas gift. It has made my Christmas week. Thank you for a great chapter. 😂❤️
  6. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 18

    Genetics works various ways. There are parental genes which frequently show up in children as they did in their ancestors. Talents can be genetic and influence the talents of offspring. However the wild genes that inhabit man are always the surprises for humanity. Frank Herbert pretty much covers all of that territory. We as earthlings persist due to these differences. Older alien races may have developed over a longer time in a caste system and abilities may be rigid in the gene pool, think clone. Essell better start using his human talents. He needs to think outside the box or else wi
  7. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 41

    Thanks for a good couple of chapters. Understanding Russian history is so difficult. One step forward and two steps back seems to be the favored response to anything new. The Tsars were autocrats of the worse sort even when they were trying to be modern. They have not changed much. From a forward thinking Gorbachov to a new tsar with secret police and poisonings of those that disagree. A very enjoyable view of an intriguing era. Thanks Mark for your writing.
  8. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 17

    Essell, be careful. Keep gathering info and before you do anything You will need Bouncer.....
  9. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 16

    I do not think the aliens are hiding only themselves. The biome of the planet could hold many interesting substances that humans could adopt and adapt. The aliens were not only rescuing Essell. They are also trying to hide the planet's secrets. This story gets more mysterious with each chapter.
  10. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 18

    These would be assassins do not seem to notice Firuz for what he is, 'DANGEROUS'. Such an enjoyable chapter. The tension mounts. Thanks for great writing.
  11. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 39

    Had to look at photos of St. Michael's Castle. What a paste up. Bizarre but ornately attractive. My husband used the word "ungapatchka" a yiddish word to suit the strangely designed palace. 😉 Thanks for a great chapter. The countdown for the overthrow of the crazy Emperor begins 36 days and counting. Cant wait for the rest.
  12. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 38

    Mark Arbor, you said this chapter would have an interesting character. A man with a very recognizable name, Count Pavel Stroganov and his eponymous beef dish. The slavs do love their sour cream. I hope Granger likes it as well. lol😁 A good chapter with repartee and finesse. Granger does it again. Thanks!
  13. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 17

    The hurdle of the wedding dance is conquered. With this final(?) rite accomplished Nisa'a shenanigans grow most desperate. I hope Firuz does not get lost in Neith's charms. Pay attention Jihan and Firuz. Looking forward to more chapters, thank you Sui for wonderful writing.
  14. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 37

    I just read wiki's account of this child woman. A formidable personae with an interlocking relationship with England.Mark you write about such an interesting historical period. It makes me search out bios and historical events of the period.
  15. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 37

    I am a big fan of Mark Arbor's George Granger. Court shenanigans wrapped up in manners are always interesting and George finds his way through it all with such success. Good chapter. Thanks for great writing in this time of self quarantining. 😊
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