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  1. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 43

    Well, Essell seems to be getting the grand tour of unexplored star systems. Will he remain in exile from his family, will he be permanently a captive?
  2. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 42

    If Garjah's mother walked two paths, is this like the two spirit peoples of aboriginal tribes?
  3. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 41

    I needed a good Wednesday laugh. Thank you much.
  4. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 40

    I am still leery of Essell's change and his acceptance by the as yet unnamed four armed species. Zenpophobia may rear its ugly head. At least Bouncer does not object to the changes in Essell. As aways, 'Yeah Bouncer!'
  5. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 50

    Now the stage is set for Napoleon, from the sale of Louisiana to America and crowning himself emperor. Mark you gave us a very concise summary of European royalty. Empires come and go over time. Thanks for your usual insight on history through Granger's eyes. Great Chapter and thanks to all for the prompts.
  6. Theo Wahls


    A sweet finish to four years in one man's life. It is nice Ritch is with Lucy. Carlos I hope there is more of CJ's world in the future. Thanks for a nice story.
  7. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 39

    Well it is about time Essell took charge. Thanks for a hot chapter.🥰
  8. Nice way to celebrate the last spring break. Thanks Carlos, as always good writing and a good chapter.
  9. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 38

    Com'on Essell get in there and rut. Stop being so reticent.
  10. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 49

    So Granger eases on down the road again. Handsome and charming as he can be. Good repartee and smiles does make a diplomate. Politics! Bah humbug. Oh to be in England now that Aril is here. Well almost. Good chapter Mark.😉
  11. With all the comments about civics, I wonder if I could pass the test about the US Constitution today. Early sixties state law in Illinois required students to pass tests on both the federal constitution and the state constitution or no graduation. Good chapter Carlos.
  12. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 37

    Nothing can be more deadly than a love betrayed. Easy Essell. Take your time. Do not make quick accusations. jealousy always rears its ugly head. Good cliff'er!
  13. As always another wonderful chapter. So much joy; family holidays, Lucy back in Ritch's arms,and four chapters more to come. Thank you Carlos.
  14. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 36

    Time seems to be a none issue. All these changes to Essell's physical structure are happening extremely fast, too fast for either the body or the mind to accept. And where is Bouncer" How will he react? So many questions still unanswered but the big one is Astone 2292's, 'Report to whom.' Good chapter.
  15. Theo Wahls

    Chapter 48

    Peace and quiet at least for now. Thanks for a grand send off of Paul with Alexander in his bed.
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