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  1. Saavikam17

    Chapter 2

    I kind of experienced the same action from my father too. the sense of betrayal stays with you for life.
  2. Saavikam17


    Your penmanship has such delicacy of sentiment, like the precise purposeful touch of a painter's brush, Parker Owens-san! and then...Toast made with fresh bread! What a great idea, hmm... excuse me for a minute....😃
  3. Saavikam17


    Reflecting on all my fiction reading over the past year, as far as I can say, you're just the Bs& Es Author-san.I enjoy reading all readers' comments and your reaction to them too. AS I've not seen any of your non- edited text, I've no idea how tricky your original style made the editors' task 🤔 As an editor and sometime writer myself, what I can say is : Congratulations, to all three of you! Aspects of the writing I really rated: The flow of the subject matter at times, was like a melodic river, rushing down from its mountain's source, crashing against the rocky walls and spilling into placid breakwaters before tumbling onward through forested valleys... Your art as a writer in creating such detailed character and historical backgrounds, and the magic wand of character development you wielded, were to me so enthralling that I'm almost tempted to use Jerry Maguire's eponymous words: '...You had at me at...the first sentence!..' included in that of course are your descriptive powers of place and travelling between locations. Your powers of emotional description and relational links between characters will be truly educational for those straight laced individuals who hopefully get a taste(sic) of your work! Live long and Prosper, Pretty One xx
  4. Saavikam17


    Thank you for your patience WolfM! It must have been way past my bedtime when I wrote that last comment. I still think you've mastered the Elizabethan tragedy style though, kudos to you!
  5. Saavikam17


    Can only agree with you, fellow reader - seems like this story is morphing into a Shakespearean-esque tragedy. I think that there's something more significant than 'a little silver poisoning' going on here. Why isn't Dorian listening to his own body, when he describes the return of that same pain that Ethan originally got rid of for him? Why isn't Dorian listening to himself, reflecting on his own thinking as he was before his ascension to Alphahood, I wonder? It's all soooo very frustrating to watch him descend into savagery...
  6. Saavikam17

    So Say We All

    Blessings to you and your loved ones. Thank you always for your service to others
  7. Although as an enthusiastic science/ SyFy reader I get why you thought it was appropriate to make an apology for all the tech language, but I really think that that type of content, serves to rightfully help in the world and character building as you, yourself pointed out and validates your knowledge of that subject matter, and as such in my opinion no apology is necessary at all! You are the Author, the creative artist and they're your set of rules, you set the parameters of the level of creativity. I for one, fully endorse any level of complexity you choose to paint with! Thank you 8 )
  8. Saavikam17

    Embers 9

    Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home: One if not The best of that series in my view. 😎
  9. Saavikam17

    Chapter 41

    Perhaps I need to find out if theres an update for this App, WolfM Author-san, but I read the final chapter of 'Running with the Pack' today(sob, 'sniff!') Although I can make comments and I could add an icon to your comment above I still cant add an icon at the end of a chapter, it seems. Thankyou so much for writing this story. 💗
  10. Saavikam17

    Chapter 50

    I'd like to also agree with avidreadr and say the same: I'd be ecstatic to discover a Running with The Pack Book 2! Thank you WolfM ! Xxxx
  11. Saavikam17

    Chapter 41

    Please note there appears to be an issue with leaving an icon as feedback. When you press the icon on left at the foot of each chapter, a pop- up comes up with various options but none of these allow you to choose an icon eg: a thumbs up icon/ 'love it' icon.???
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