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  1. Before I tackle my next story, I thought I’d take some time to focus on things I’d like to improve in my writing. I narrowed it down to two main areas so I don’t get overwhelmed: 1. Plotting. Usually when I start writing something, I dive into the deep end head-first and blindfolded. I end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what on Earth I’m writing about. But the thought of a more structured approach scares me away because I lose motivation whenever I try it. If I already worked out the whole story then where’s the fun in writing it? But I really want to improve my plotti
  2. headtransplant

    Chapter 1

    This story was moving. You set the scene with lovely descriptions. I remember hearing about this storm on the news and thinking about what it must have been like. Sometimes life throws a wrench into our routines. While uncomfortable, it gives us a chance to look at things from a new perspective. Instead of being at home kicking his feet up, Craig got to meet James, who opened his eyes to new possibilities for the direction he wants to take his life. At the end of the story I found myself taking a big sigh and hoping the best for Craig. I was really invested! Great work.
  3. headtransplant

    Chapter 7

    Holy #@&* I expected something bad but that horrifying tale was nowhere near what I thought Kim might have endured. Six years trapped like that would be insanely traumatizing. Kim was a fighter and very sharp to mark the days. And poor Kyle, too, that is a lot to take in! Wow. I didn’t see any editing problems btw, if there were any, I was way to absorbed to even notice. Also what time/day is it again? Totally lost track, I may need some time to recover from this chapter lol
  4. headtransplant

    Chapter 1 Story

    Your honest descriptions of Zane’s nerves and tendency to plan made him endearing and relatable. It’s sad that so many moments in Zane’s life added up to make him feel so uncomfortable about his sexuality, but such is the world we live in. Also, I love that his first thought when he saw Fenix was Pirate. Very nice work.
  5. headtransplant

    Chapter 8

    I liked the line about how he feels like he did when he made the painting, but something tells me now that he has West in his grasp, the pain must be less sharp. Hopefully their relationship will continue long enough for his fear to subside.
  6. headtransplant

    Chapter 9

    I hope they get to the escaped Narthie in time… 🤞
  7. headtransplant

    Chapter 7

    You tied my brain in a knot with this chapter and there are no additional words I can conjure. Please sir may I have some more lol 🥣
  8. headtransplant

    Chapter 37

    I felt so bad for Brody. Zack is crying and out of sorts, saying “I hope you’ll still be there for me waiting on the other side” and not explaining his plans clearly at all. Brody must be on red alert right now thinking wtf is Zack about to do? Jump off a bridge?? If I were him I’d be flipping out. Fingers crossed the teacher does his job and gets Zack some help without putting him in further danger from his dad. Your writing is seriously going to give me a heart attack with all the anxious build up lol ❤️ Can’t wait to see what happens next.
  9. headtransplant

    Chapter 6

    I love how some families revert to being a bunch of overgrown children when they get together. You illustrated that very well 😂Jett’s siblings sound like so much fun. I want to play Cards Against Humanity with them. Poor Kim, I hope she can open up and tell Jett what’s going on.
  10. The nerve of these jerks to think they can get away with these BS lawsuits. The court better tag on an extra jail sentence for asshattery. You did a great job with the realism here. Hoping the FBI gets them where it hurts! Also, I am crossing my fingers we get a glimpse at the results of this endeavor to expand the family. Mini Seamus sounds irresistible.
  11. headtransplant

    Chapter 16

    I’m so happy you feel that way. Endings are hard. It was great to have your comments along the way. Thank you!!
  12. headtransplant

    Chapter 16

    I envision a future for them somewhere in between the city and the wilderness so they can the best of both worlds. But you’re right, wherever they end up, they have the strong foundation that builds a happy relationship. Thank you so much for reading and leaving comments along the way.
  13. headtransplant

    Chapter 16

    It’s been such a good motivator to read your kind words and comments throughout. I’m so happy you feel this way about the story. They definitely deserved to have some peace and contentment after all they have been through.
  14. headtransplant

    Chapter 16

    your generous and kind words just make my cup overflow! Thank you so much @Philippe. It felt very satisfying to give them a happy ending. I wish all good people who go through difficult life circumstances could have the same.
  15. headtransplant

    Chapter 16

    Haha that would be a pretty incredible feat if Michael managed to take one of Rayna’s parrots without her noticing! She is probably the only person out of all of them who would know his role, since she had to make his costume. And don’t get me wrong here, I hope I didn’t imply it was my first story (other than the first I posted to GA). I’m used to writing around the 5k mark with a couple of 30ks under my belt (why do I feel like I’m talking about weightlifting?). Tackling something of novel length and actually finishing it is new for me however. Thank you very much for all your comm
  16. headtransplant

    Chapter 16

    Thank you, I’m really happy to hear that!
  17. “Hey, Sophie.” I sat out in the park with my phone to my ear, watching the pattern sunlight made on the grass through gently swaying leaves. “Only five more days before I get to see you.” “Please make it come sooner,” Sophie groaned. “You’ll get through it,” I said. “Just a little more.” “Yeah. So how are things going with you?” she asked. “Not too bad. I’ve been working a ton of hours so I can save money for the camping trip Jonathan and I are planning.” “Oh? That sounds like fun.” “Yeah. We’re going up to the forest next month and staying in a cabin for a week.
  18. headtransplant

    Chapter 7

    That sounds like great news! Hope business continues in a positive direction for you
  19. headtransplant

    Chapter 6

    I was worried Andy would screw it all up by leaving at the beginning of this chapter. It was a big relief to see them jump right back into it. His nervous tension was so endearing. Another awesome chapter!
  20. headtransplant

    Chapter 5

    I’ll try not to speculate too much. Everyone already said what I was thinking, and if they’re wrong, then all the characters in the whole story might be related for all I know... Great chapter, I always love to see the action scenes with Bruce being the hero! Looking forward to seeing how this family dinner goes.
  21. headtransplant

    Chapter 15

    Oh yes, they are incredibly savvy!! And man, why was describing the burrito in exquisite detail the last thing that occurred to me? I think I should eat one while I contemplate this 😂 ❤️
  22. headtransplant

    Chapter 4

    I’m very curious about the Kim/Kyle connection. Her flash of recognition definitely didn’t add up to the reasoning she gave. I’m also speculating that this is somehow related to the issues in Kyle’s family. Kyle and Jett seem to be better for each other with every step they take to get closer. Hopefully Jett won’t let whatever is troubling Kyle get in the way 🤞
  23. headtransplant

    Chapter 15

    Thank you so much! I really like your way of putting it. There are so many little things in life that can make it good if you let them. Ethan is returning to the present moment now even when he’d rather escape, and each of the things you mentioned help reel him back in.
  24. headtransplant

    Chapter 15

    Yup, thankfully Jonathan and Michael are good friends now that they’ve gotten to know each other. I love writing about Chuck and BeeBee, although they’re doing a bad job of convincing me I’d like to own a pet bird any time soon lol
  25. headtransplant

    Chapter 15

    I really hope so too 🤞 Thanks so much for your comment
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