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    Readers Who May Yet Stumble Across This Story, I get an email every now and then from new ISWB readers who want me to convey a message to John ("Brian"). I have to say with a great deal of sadness that I no longer can. I'm sure he and Chris are doing well. It's just that our communication back in the day was limited to Yahoo Messenger, which I no longer have, and Yahoo Mail, which I also no longer have. The last I heard from them, Chris was in college and doing well. I expect he's graduated by now. John had moved across the country and was working in a field in which he had know
  2. Adam Phillips


    Echo, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'm in "Classic Author" status simply because I haven't had the time or life-space to do any more writing yet, so it didn't make sense to keep me in Signature Authors...but I have about 15 other stories rolling around in my head that I'd like to put out there some time, to say nothing of the 4 that are out there at different places on the Internet in partial stages of completion. So I hope do something before too long to accommodate your wish for more.
  3. Fair enough, Briansboy. I appreciate that you liked what you did, and I understand why you disliked what (and who!) you did. Andy IS privileged, smug, entitled, and gloating. It's over-compensation to some degree, as his protracted doubts and agonies illustrate, but that's not an excuse. I can only plead that Andy was in the process of growing up in the narrative and that he's grown more still. And that even though he is all those negative things, he also loves deeply and is loyal to a fault. 😉 The ending ended the way it did because there aren't very many roadmaps for bisexual polyamory,
  4. Yeah, it's my biggest enemy too. The reason I don't write as much as I do is that I won't continue to sit down and work with it if I don't feel I'm In the Zone. If it feels second-rate as it comes off my fingers, I'm outta there and off doing something else. And I know that This Is Not Good. So I'm trying to change... But I hate it when I write crap.
  5. I had writer's block once when I was writing Crosscurrents, and it wasn't because of "story" issues; I knew the plot like the back of my hand. It's that there was no blood going to the writing; it was cadaverous. A writer friend of mine said, "Put it away. Write something else. Anything else. Another story, I mean. Keep it short, start a long one; just write something else!" I did. I started Brushfire (Which, uh, I've not picked up with again until this week.). And I looked at the writing and saw that it had energy. I also saw that the writing was better than my writing on Crosscurrent
  6. I had an English teacher in high school who'd draw a red line at her first sight of a "very." She'd refuse to read anything below the line, and she'd give the paper an F. That cured me of "very." Rules are made to be broken, and they're subjective, and there's (surely??) a reason "very" is in the language. But I don't have any use for it, and I haven't missed it.
  7. Yep. I'm picking up my writing again after a long, long halt. And I'll never commit a write-and-post crime against my readers again. I am Perp #1 in this regard, and I'm determined to Change My Ways. It's my goal never to have readers wait more than a week or two from now on.
  8. Starting to write again. I mean it this time!

    1. ElleRachelle


      Yea!!!!! I look forward to reading what you're writing.

    2. Valkyrie
    3. LongBeachThomas


      No, really?? That would be so awesome. You must have come up with some good ideas. You know that your stuff moves me, and I'm always hoping for more.

  9. Back to the grind. If you've never been to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I recommend it.

  10. Taking some vacation starting Wednesday. Be back August 12 or so.

    1. LongBeachThomas


      Welcome back! It's good to have you back in town, and read your comments. You usually have meaningful stuff to say.

  11. Happy Birthday, James, and thanks for your ongoing presence here!
  12. Adam Phillips


    Thanks for the kind words about Crosscurrents...but it really wasn't my intent to leave the ending of the story inconclusive. I just didn't want to beat the reader over the head with it. Go back and read it another time. :-) As far as any other writing is concerned, check out the Interview Cia did with me for this month's Signature Author focus at http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/258/entry-15595-author-interview-adam-phillips/ And thanks for reading!
  13. There are books that are now among my favorites whose first two chapters I didn't like. Don't let that make the decision regarding how to write. Write the story for you, not in anticipation of what your audience might like. I guarantee that'll make your story stronger too.
  14. Freakin' With Trust. Dammit. I want the rest of that story!!! Lol
  15. Lots on on-point posts here. As a guy who took a decade to write and post a story, I feel grateful that I hung onto the readers I did. On the one hand, since (s)he's sharing free reading material, an author doesn't "owe" anybody timeliness, or even a story's completion. On the other, there is an at-least implied covenant between writer and reader. If the writer has, in effect, solicited the reading attention of a reading public by offering a story, I think there are some implicit promises made to said reading public. One of those promises is a conclusion to the story. Another is reason
  16. Thanks for your thoughts on this and your suggestions. I need to go back and take care of this in my work.
  17. I've told this story before, but there was a period while I was writing my only-completed-so-far novel Crosscurrents where the writing just hit a wall. Every word felt like an iron weight, and it was dull and slow and had no life. It wasn't that I couldn't think of what to write; it was that I felt the writing had no life in it, no blood going to it. I mentioned this to a fellow writer, and he said, "Write something else. Write anything else. That'll fix it." So I did. I sat down and started a short story, and the words came zipping off my fingers, easily and rapidly...and it was good.
  18. Of course 10,000 Likes. It was inevitable. What's not to like?
  19. Jeremy's a long-time nemesis/e-friend of mine, so take this reply with just a little tongue in cheek, all.-- I'm gonna have to bag on you just a little, Jeremy, as punishment for your posting of this. You know how sometimes you'd send me a review of a chapter of Crosscurrents two minutes after I'd posted it? And I'd complain, "If you're gonna speed-read my stuff, I don't want you as a reader."? Seriously, with all the work I did in each chapter and all I tried to put in each one, for you to digest it and render judgment in two minutes? And I'm supposed to take it seriously? Simila
  20. Thanks, everybody, for all the enthusiastic responses to the Signature Focus on me this month! I'll have more for you to read real soon.

    1. Cia


      Makes you want to squeeze in more writing time, doesn't it? ;)

    2. Adam Phillips

      Adam Phillips

      Yeah. It really does! :-)

  21. Yep, we still do the beach party on or around July 4 every year. It's always friends from high school and college and their significant others. These days, we alternate by years between kid-friendly and don't-bring-the-kids. And we have to rent additional condos. Who knew when we were 18 that we'd still be doing this 18 years down the road? I gotta say, they're a lot more fun these days than that first one was for me. :-)
  22. Thank you, Tyler. And thanks for the review.
  23. Again, thanks, guys, for the warm words about CC. Tyler has been an e-buddy of mine for a long, long time and was a huge supporter of CC in the early years. As time went on and I just wasn't finishing it, he fell away from the story--understandably--and he actually had to finish reading it to write the review! I didn't see the review before you did, but he did warn me ahead of time that he put a mild note of critique in it. I called him a bitch--well, because he is one--and told him "you know I'm good with whatever you bring." And actually--let's be real, here--he's on the money with t
  24. Thanks for the discussion and the links to the extended discussion.
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