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  1. LondonCharles

    Chapter 26

    I'm so pleased that things are working out for Craftingmom and all of you. Great big hugs all round.
  2. LondonCharles

    Chapter 16

    Sid, I hope that both you and Rick are OK. What a chapter this was! I'm sending my warmest wishes, and hope that you're managing to get by alright in this strange planetwide crisis. Big hugs from London.
  3. LondonCharles

    Chapter 15

    Dear SidLove, once again a delightful chapter. Thank you. There are days when I need some feelgood reading, and you always manage to produce some. I'm delighted that things are turning around for Jenny, and as always I'm wanting to give Rick a hug. And you - a great big hug to you, and many thanks. Hope all's well with you, Charlie
  4. LondonCharles

    Chapter 14

    Thank you, SidLove, for another great installment. I'm happily caught up in their lives, and getting really fond of the characters - they leap out of the page vividly and clearly. It's a lovely thing you're creating. Have a brilliant rest-of-the-week. Thanks again, stay well and safe, Charlie
  5. LondonCharles

    Chapter 13

    I have loved this story so much, and when I got to the end of this chapter I re-read the whole thing from the start of Chapter 1. It's a wonderful bit of writing, and I can't wait for the next installment. Thank you SidLove - it's brilliant.
  6. I'm loving this - I hope it works out for them all. Can't wait for Artie to meet Scotty. Thank you, Comicality, for the pleasure your talent and hard work are bringing.
  7. LondonCharles

    Chapter 26

    @droughtquakeOh dear. Just please don't tell Mummy. She's having enough trouble with all the footmen doing that sort of thing.
  8. LondonCharles

    Chapter 26

    I hope all's well with you, Mom, and that you're not rushed off your feet. With Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US happening right on top of each other, I sympathise. As it gets colder and wetter here in London (UK), I turned back to the GA site to see the latest news, and I'm so very much looking forward to the next installment of Ripped. I've loved every chapter so far, and hope you haven't given up on this one. Great big hug!
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