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    Guns and Tiaras

    By Rosario, in Fiction. 02/11/2020 (Updated: 02/11/2020)

    Tiana is a warm hearted young woman with an always there smile and mother hen nature. Her friends are some of the most important people in her life so when Barbara goes missing her world collapses into chaos.

    Barbie is one of Tiana's closest friends, a sister of sorts, so it comes as no surprise that Tia doesn't accept her police declared "death" without a fight.
    Together with her gang of mixed personalities she sets out on a mission to solve the cold case and bring Barbie home, learning a few lessons on Leadership, friendship and strength along the way.

  2. Reckoning

    By keyisfake, in Fiction. 02/16/2020 (Updated: 02/16/2020)

    People are dying and they all have a connection to Patrick's dead ex Gavin Martin.

    Adam has to stop this mad man before he and Patrick are next.

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    PeterLefun Poems

    By Peterlefun, in Poetry. 07/24/2019 (Updated: 07/25/2019)

    Individual poems for each chapter from a new writer who has recently found a love of reading, writing and poetry.

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    The Poetry Inside the head. (Anita's Collection of poetry and other short stuff)

    By Anita Samandra, in Fiction. 11/28/2019 (Updated: 12/07/2019)

    A collection of everything that falls outside a story, be it short scenes or poetry.

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    New Year's Kiss

    By lofie, in Fiction. 01/05/2020 (Updated: 01/05/2020)

    Sienna’s never been kissed and she’s perfectly happy with that. Atleast that’s what she tells herself. Then Lauren Newberger comes along and shakes things up. But a happy ending isn’t destined for all.

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    The Collection of Poems Nobody Asked For

    By J.D Sazz, in Poetry. 12/13/2019 (Updated: 12/15/2019)

    So, I'm not a poet, but I started putting my feelings into words lately and this came out. I thought poems had to be romantic, this... this is not that.

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    The Singing Cup Premium

    By Rigby Taylor, in Fiction. 12/22/2019 (Updated: 12/22/2019)

    A thirty-six year-old man’s reconnection with his estranged family has an unexpected consequence.

  8. Prompt's for 2019 6. Prompts and Shorts

    By Caz Pedroso, in Fiction. 10/19/2019 (Updated: 10/19/2019)

    This is where I will drop all my prompt responses and any short scenes/stories that push their way into my mind.

    Please note: All bits and pieces in this collection are unedited. I will, of course, proofread to the best of my abilities, and add any changes people send me. But, they are just things that come into my mind and jump onto the page.

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