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Sharp Shorts

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This has been my flash fiction collection 2022.  Due to unforeseeable developments, spontaneous ideas, and the wolf and the dragon not keeping their mouths shut it is now my Claws and Paws flash fiction collection.  Shorts will be added randomly.

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7 hours ago, lenhall said:

An exciting start! 

Thank you, it's some kind of interlude of the series I'm currently writing. I'm glad you like it. :)

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I am not sure what flash fiction is, but hopefully I will as I read this.  I finished chpt 3, and decided to see what the story will be about.  Now I have to go read the first two chapters. 😜

Have a correction to edit in this comment.  I started chpt 1 and realized that I have already read the first two chapters. 😊  :gikkle:

Edited by raven1
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4 hours ago, raven1 said:

I am not sure what flash fiction is,

It's a collection of very short stories, with Claws and Paws there will be randomly added glimpses at their life until I have time for a longer story.

realized that I have already read the first two chapters.

Well, there were a few months between the first two chapters and chapter three, so totally understandable.

I'm a little busy with the sister story  right now.;)

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Now I see the connection to the two stories.  Also, I got my question answered about grandpa's name!  Thanks for the hint in the sister story.

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On 11/7/2022 at 11:43 AM, raven1 said:

I got my question answered about grandpa's name!

Made me think of a real cool name, thank YOU.

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