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A Ticklish Thriller - 5. The Purest Love

Mikey, Dakota, and their brothers continue bonding.

Mikey, Dakota, Adam, & Jai

“Hey Mikey, if you guys are okay, we’re gonna head on home. Adam said, as he, and Jai got up from the table.

“Unless, you two boys feel like you need chaperons.” Jai, was quickly tackled by Mikey. His boyish laughter echoed through the house, as his sides and hips were mercilessly tickled.

“Say Uncle, big bro.” Mikey teased, as he continued tickling his brother.

“Okay, Uncle, Uncle.” Jai squealed. Adam’s, and Dakota’s laughter joined with Jai’s

Mikey hugged his recovering brother, and kissed his nose, before giggling. He helped Jai to his feet, and looked at the clock. “Why don’t you guys just stay, you know where your room is.” He walked over to Dakota, and kissed his half Cherokee boyfriend. “Why don’t you stay the night too. Ya never know, when I’ll need the heap big Indian boy to protect me.” Giggling, Mikey started to run for his room, but was stopped, when Dakota’s arm hooked his waist.

“You sure? You seem pretty capable of taking care of yourself.” Dakota smirked, threw his giggling boyfriend over his shoulder, and playfully spanked Mikey’s ass.

“Hey, don’t spank me, I’ll get my big brother’s to beat you up.” Mikey squeaked and squealed when Dakota started tickling his sides. Adam and Jai grabbed their brother’s ankles, and tickled his bare feet. “I’m sooo gonna make all of you pay for this.” The menace of Mikey’s threat got lost in the giggle filled translation.

“Well, you can take care of yourself, as long as you’re not being tickled.” Dakota set Mikey back on his feet, and lovingly embraced the younger man.

“Please, stay with us Kota. I like having you around.” Mikey couldn’t stop the joyful tears that fell. He wrapped his arms around Dakota’s neck, and his legs around the cops waist.

“Mikey’s always loved being carried, ever since he was a little kid.” Adam smiled at the adorable sight, and kissed Jai’s forehead.

“Mikey, you okay baby bro? Why the tears?” Jai asked, a little bit concerned.

“I’m happy. I’m just filled with so much love, right now,” Mikey laid his head on Dakota’s shoulder, and softly kissed his neck.

“Ahh… Hey, that tickles.” Dakota giggled, and scrunched his neck, while trying not to drop his playful boyfriend.

“See, I told ya he’s adorably ticklish.” Mikey giggled, and kissed Dakota’s nose. “Are you really part Indian?”

“Yeah, my Dad’s people were Cherokee, Mom’s were Irish. I promise, the broken speech earlier wasn’t me making fun of the stereotypes. Umm, where do you want me to sleep? I’d be fine here on the couch.”

Adam, and Jai started cracking up with uncontrollable laughter. “Bro, if you sleep on the couch tonight, we’ll be sure to make fun of you with Lance this weekend. By the way, has Mikey invited you yet?” Adam asked, as he hugged the burly cop.

“Not yet, I haven’t really had the chance.” Mikey sat in Jai’s lap, with his head on his brother’s chest.

“You’re coming Kota, it’s mandatory.” Jai smiled, and kissed the younger man’s head. Mikey started softly giggling when Jai’s fingers slightly wiggled in his armpit.

“How’d I ever get so lucky, to have a boyfriend, and brothers this adorable.” Dakota shook his head, glanced at Adam, and wrapped his arm around his new brother’s shoulder. He smiled, seeing Adam squirm and giggle as he lightly tickled the man’s neck. “Are your feet as ticklish as your baby brother’s?”

“Umm, I guess I’ll be honest, since, I’d be in trouble either way I answered. Yes, they are. It’s always been undecided, who’s feet are more ticklish.” Adam giggled. “To answer your original question, you’re a good man, and have an amazing heart Dakota. I know you’re gonna take care of our brother, and he’ll take care of you. The two of you need each other.” Adam wiped the tears from his eyes, and laid his head on Dakota’s shoulder. The cop began giggling, the second Adam’s fingers explored his very ticklish ribs.

“Have you guys always been this affectionate, and playful?” Dakota asked. He tickled Adam’s ribs, making the brunette squeal and boyishly giggle.

“Yeah, I guess we have. It’s not bothering you is it?” Jai asked.

“No, just the opposite. I really love it. Earlier, when Mikey tickled my feet at Barefoot, I was in heaven. No one ever plays with me like that. I think my size intimidates most guys.” Dakota wiped his tears, and smiled when Mikey’s arms magically appeared around him. The twenty-seven year old, laid his head on the smaller man’s shoulder, and kissed his boyfriend’s hand.

“I’m glad you’re not bothered, cause Lance’s just as affectionate, and playful. And, as you can see, we’re very close, and look out for each other. All we have in this life, is each other. At some point, our parents will be gone, and the five of us, hopefully six, as soon as Lance finds someone, will be the family elders.” Adam said holding hands with Jai, and Dakota.

“We still cuddle with our parents, and sit on our Dad’s laps. It’s not really about being childlike, or immature, it’s a comfort thing. Even though we’re adults, it’s awesome to know, there’s someone looking out for you, and loving you.” Jai smiled and got everyone to look at Mikey.

The stress of the day, finally took it’s toll on the twenty-two year old. Somehow, during the conversation, he managed to get into Dakota’s lap. Mikey was cuddled against the cop’s chest, asleep, sucking his thumb. Dakota looked down, then laid his peaceful angel on the cushions, and placed the man’s head in his lap. Mikey kept his thumb in his mouth, and curled up in the fetal position. Misty eyed, the older man looked down, in awe of the precious treasure, he cradled. “Is he…” Dakota whispered.

“Yep, he does that when he gets really stressed, and tired. His body just gives out. Mikey’s always so energetic, doing things for other people, sometimes he just crashes.” Adam and Jai each kissed Mikey’s cheek.

“I’m kinda shocked.”

“What do you mean? ”Adam asked as he and Jai went around turning off most of the lights and locking up.

“Mikey’s so vulnerable, and doesn’t care.” Dakota paused, and let his tears fall. “I’m cradling this exquisitely, beautiful, sleeping man in my lap, as he sucks his thumb, like an angelic little boy. He’s so loving. I can’t imagine how anyone could ever be so heartless, and physically hurt him on purpose.”

Adam, and Jai were wiping their own tears, listening to this guy, pour his feelings out. They could feel the love Dakota felt in his heart for their baby brother.

“It’s not creepy, or weird, like you’d think it’d be.” Dakota continued. “It’s the most sweet, and beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s like, I’m holding…”

“The man you’re gonna love the rest of your life, and maybe adopt kids with?” Jai said softly, finishing Dakota’s sentence. He sat beside Dakota. Adam sat beside Mikey, and placed his brother’s feet in his lap. Mindlessly, he started gently massaging Mikey’s soft, bare feet. The couple cuddled their brothers. They both had tears in their eyes, watching the bond between these two men grow.

“Exactly, I’ve never felt something so, powerful, and scary. Guys, I’m so scared, I’m gonna do something wrong, or accidentally hurt this precious little angel. He’s so fragile, yet, so strong, and has this incredible power in him. Even as he sleeps, I can feel the energy, and love, flowing from his heart. It’s wrapping and attaching itself to the love in my own heart.”

“Dakota, the man you’re holding, loves you. Are you gonna have fights, and misunderstandings? Of course, Jai and I do. However, we know in our hearts, that neither you or Mikey would ever raise a hand against each other, in malice or spite. You’re two men, in a relationship, sometimes it can get physical. Jai and I have had our knock down drag out fights. Hell, we’ve thrown a glass at each other a couple times. We’ve never done anything to the other maliciously, or out of hate, and revenge.” Both Adam and Jai started cracking up. “Jai, you remember when you threw that one wine glass at me, and it stuck in the wall?”

“Yeah, we had to get Dad to fill in the hole in the wall, so the apartment would give us our security deposit back.”

Adam nodded towards his sleeping brother. “He gets this comfortable, and vulnerable with people he trusts completely. Mikey’s only done this with us, the Dad’s, Mama, and Papa Knight, and Lance. You’re the first, outside the family to experience Mikey, at the height of his love.” The three men sat in silent meditation, watching over the sleeping younger man in Dakota’s arms. Adam and Jai made sure the kitchen was cleaned up, then turned off the lights. “Why don’t we all go to bed, it’s been a rough evening for all of us.” Adam smiled, and helped Dakota to his feet, since he still held Mikey.

“Goodnight I love all of you, more than I could ever express.” Mikey softly whispered, then fell back asleep, as he got another kiss from Adam, and Jai.

“Goodnight, sweet bros. Thanks for sharing with me tonight. And, thank you, for sharing your brother.” Dakota gave Adam and Jai a kiss on their cheeks, then carried his angel to the bedroom down the hall. The four men, peacefully slept, completely unaware the house was being watched by someone in a pink Cadillac.

At some point during the night, Mikey was plagued by a horrible dream. His family was being threatened, and a vile female voice, kept telling him to stop sleeping with Lance, and let him be straight. The dream got so bad, the brunette, bolted up, and began screaming. Instantly, he was in Dakota’s arms. Not even a minute later, his door flew open. Adam and Jai rushed to the bed, and were also hugging him, and Dakota.

“Mikey, you’re safe baby boy. It was only a dream.” Dakota kissed his angel, and looked around the room, shivering. “Babe, did you get up, and open the window?”

The sleepy brunette looked at the window beside him. He scooted over, and walked over to close it. “No, I didn’t, and it was closed when I left the house for my run. Hey, what’s this?” Mikey bent down, and picked up a piece of paper.

“What’s it say baby bro?” Adam asked, while holding Jai’s shivering body in his arms.

“Stop sleeping with Lance, and let him be straight.” Mikey gasped, and dropped the sheet of paper. His face lost all it’s color. “It wasn’t a dream.” Tears began welling in the young man’s eyes.

“Babe, what do you mean?” Dakota was instantly by his boy’s side, cuddling him. “Adam, Jai, could one of you, please get something to put the paper in? Even though Mikey’s touched it, none of us have, and there could still be prints on it.”

The couple nodded, and Adam left to get a big ziplock freezer bag. He handed it to Dakota, who used a pair of tweezers to place the note inside.

Mikey sniffled, looked around the room, and started shivering. A chill, not caused by the cold night air, ran up his spine. “I thought it was a dream, but I guess it was real. I dreamed the family was being threatened, by this awful female voice, I never did see a face. Anyway, she said the same thing, that’s written on the paper.” Mikey laid his head in his brother’s laps, and cried. “How can anyone even think I’d do something like that. I could never betray Lance’s or the family’s trust like that. Is this because I’m so playful with everyone? Maybe I should stop….” Mikey’s sentence suddenly halted, and was replaced by his boyish laughter. While he was speaking, his brother’s, pinned his arms down, and Dakota trapped his feet. The older man started tickling the pair of soft, squirming soles in his grasp.

“Mikey Dante Carter, this has nothing to do with your playfulness. That’s a big part of your magic. If you stopped being so playful, you’d start to lose the thing that makes you everyone’s kid brother.” Dakota said while he continued to tickle his mate’s feet. Adam, and Jai were nodding in agreement.

“Okay, I won’t change who I am.” Mikey squealed. He worked his way free, and curled up in a ball, in Dakota’s lap. “I love you guys.” The brunette giggled, as he was peppered with loving kisses, and hugs.

“Babe, how good are your cameras outside? And, do they connect with the monitor in your panic room?”

“What cameras, and panic room?” Mikey’s brother’s asked in unison.

Mikey aimed his warning stare at his boyfriend.

“Mikey, don’t you think the family should know about that? It might set their minds at ease, knowing you’ve got a security system. Although, it’d be more effective, if you locked your windows.” Dakota chuckled, and quickly moved out of his boyfriend’s reach.

“Okay, c’mon guys. Kota’s right. Annoying, but right.” Mikey’s giggles filled the room, as Dakota launched a tickle attack on his sides. Once he recovered, the brunette led the other three men through his closet, and into the panic room. There, he turned on the lights, and computer monitor. Then he showed his brother’s how to open the hidden door.

“When did you have all this done?” Jai asked. He and Adam looked around the room. The couple immediately, noticed the locked, and full gun cabinet.

“As soon as I took possession. After what happened to me, I wanted to know I could always have a way out, other than going through the entire house.” Mikey said, as he showed the other men where the key to the cabinet was. Then he and Dakota sat at the computer, with Adam and Jai standing behind them. Together, the four men began reviewing the saved footage.

“There, do you guys see that pink Cadillac?” Jai excitedly pointed at the screen, which caused Mikey to pause the recording.

“Let’s enlarge it, and see who’s inside.” Mikey said. The men gasped, when they saw who the only person in the car was.

“It’s Janice. Wait, didn’t Lance say she threatened you tonight, just before he broke up with her?” Dakota asked, as he pulled his phone out. Mikey started the feed again, and the men watched as Janice approached his bedroom window, opened in, and crawled inside. A few minutes later, they saw her crawl back out, get in the car, and drive off. “Commissioner…. I’m sorry, Papa Tony. It’s habit, this is police business. You need to get over to Mikey’s right now…. Janice broke in Mikey’s bedroom while we slept, she made some threats to the family, and told Mikey to stop sleeping with Lance, she also left a note saying the same thing… Mikey’s are the only other prints on it. It’s in a ziplock bag….You what? Sean’s body was where? Damn, it’s a shame he’s gone….. Yeah, Adam, and Jai are still here…. We’re in Mikey’s panic room, reviewing Janice’s actions…… You’ll see, when you, and your guys get here….. I’ll let them know…. We love you too Papa.”

“I wish you hadn’t called him, now everyone’s gonna be worrying over nothing.” Mikey closed his eyes, and slightly shook his head.

“Mikey, what just happened, isn’t nothing. You need to get your head out of your ass, and let us help, and take care of you. Don’t you get it, you’re the most important thing in your family’s lives. Not to mention mine. You might be willing to sweep this aside, but I’m not. Like it or not, I’m gonna do what’s necessary to protect you.” Adam, and Jai sat, breathless, watching Dakota standing up to their kid brother.

Mikey stared directly into his boyfriend’s eyes, and sighed. “You’re right, Dakota. I need to start remembering, I’m not weak if I lean on others to help protect me.” The twenty-two year old wiped his tears, and embraced the other three men. “I’m extremely grateful, I’ve got you guys to look after, and love me.”

“Wait, that’s it? Not push back? Where’s the usual Mikey explosion, the adamant declaration of being able to look after yourself?” Adam asked as he and Jai placed their hands on their brother’s forehead.

“There’s no fever, maybe Janice’s breaking in, has him in shock. ”Jai said.

“Five...Four...three….two… one...and...”Hey Dad’s.” Mikey softly giggled, and placed the call on speaker. “Adam, Jai, and Dakota are with me…. Dakota and I were in my bed, asleep….. I installed cameras around the entire property, and, along the drive way… The panic room’s attached to my closet…. Hidden door, there’s a hidden door on the side of the house, so I can get out…. We’re gonna have to be there for Lance, Sean’s body was found…. The steps of the channel 3 news building…. I’m fine, yes Dad’s I’m gonna let Dakota, and my brother’s protect me…. We love you too, Dakota can’t wait to meet you guys either… Goodnight.”

“Mikey, how did…” Dakota was cut off by Mikey’s index finger going up.

“Five….four…three….two….one...”Hi baby brother….” Mikey again put the call on speaker. “Lance, baby boy, calm down… I’m fine…. Adam, Jai, and Kota are here with me….. Yes, I’m letting them protect me…. I’m sorry about Sean…. I’ll stop by on my way to the library in the morning, and after Helen gets in, I’ll be able to leave anytime you need me to…. No, baby boy, you don’t have to come out, I promise, I’m fine, and safe…. Yes, I have a panic room…. Fine, you can tickle me for not telling you…. We love you too baby bro… Are you sure you’re okay tonight? I don’t mind driving out after Papa Tony and the officers leave…..Fine, I’ll see you in the morning…. Try to get some sleep….

And, I think I've lived up to my earlier claim. Mikey's cute, adorable nature, is now off the charts. At least, in my humble opinion. Okay, maybe not so humble, but you're expected to say rubbish like that. :rofl:

Anyhow, hope I'm keeping you guys interested, as well as creating loving characters with some depth. It's really awesome to see how the whole family backs each other in times of crises, and need.

Thanks for reading, and please continue to react, and comment. Feedback's always welcome.

Love y'all

Copyright © 2021 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Mikey is so cute and adorable, he has a great boyfriend in Dakota. You can feel the love the family has.

Janice is an evil b***h, she's gonna get more than she bargained for, I doubt she'll admit to being there, but the cctv reveals all.

Lance will need his brothers, now that Sean has been found.

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See, told ya, Mikey's cuteness went off the charts. I couldn't resist the image of him sleeping, and sucking his thumb. It was just too adorable and so Mikey. LOL 

Dakota is perfect for Mikey, and he's not afraid to stand up for, and to him. 

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This is fun!  And Dakota and Mikey are developing into really interesting and distinct characters.

I feel we rollercoastered   very fast from upset-that-we-found-a-corpse  to giggly-boyfriend-fun  to someone's-broken-in-head-to-the-panic-room  and back to funtimes.  But I'll be here for more of this!


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14 minutes ago, Mattyboy said:

This is fun!  And Dakota and Mikey are developing into really interesting and distinct characters.

I feel we rollercoastered   very fast from upset-that-we-found-a-corpse  to giggly-boyfriend-fun  to someone's-broken-in-head-to-the-panic-room  and back to funtimes.  But I'll be here for more of this!


I love your comment, and am really glad you're enjoying the ride. I've always loved a mystery/suspense story with a mix of humor, playfulness, and danger. 

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Fun fact: When Adam talks about the wine glass that sticks in the wall, that actually happened.

My husband, and I lived in an apartment, and we were having a fight. This was when we were still a young couple. I think we'd just hit our second, or third year together. I actually threw a wine glass at him, he ducked, and it literally, stuck in the wall. The funny thing is, we're still together, and that wine glass is still in one piece, and completely unscathed. Neither the glass, nor the marriage broke apart. 

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3 minutes ago, Ajbt2001 said:

Fun fact: When Adam talks about the wine glass that sticks in the wall, that actually happened.

My husband, and I lived in an apartment, and we were having a fight. This was when we were still a young couple. I think we'd just hit our second, or third year together. I actually threw a wine glass at him, he ducked, and it literally, stuck in the wall. The funny thing is, we're still together, and that wine glass is still in one piece, and completely unscathed. Neither the glass, nor the marriage broke apart. 

All marriages have there ups and downs.

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