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  1. I couldn't find the link to review the whole story so posting it here 😮 Over the past few days I have read every chapter of this wonderful story that really shows why the author received their promising author badge. There were many chapters which ended in a way that I thought "this could be the end of the story" but the author kept surprising me with another chapter🙂 I'm glad they kept adding new plot twists and developing the world of Artie, Ziggy, Adam Xmas all the other characters. Thank you for writing this wonderful story.
  2. I really enjoyed reading this story 🙂 Sci-fi combined with orbit of romance. I liked the characters and the plot turns which were unexpected.
  3. Luke Past

    Chapter 2 of 2

    I enjoyed this story and hope you wrote more on these two boys😁 I liked several classmates in high school - there was about 400 kids in my year group so plenty of boys to lust after😋 Nothing ever happened in my small town in the mid 1980s as gay was not acceptable🙁
  4. I do think Dave is an insecure arse and maybe the reading should be a side story wher he seeks the professional help he obviously needs. But when do people like that ever seen help? Having been in a controlling relationship myself, I know that it's generally the people affected by their nastiness that get help to recover from how they treat them😕 Anyway, I've enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to reading this story 🙂
  5. I really enjoyed reading this story 🙂 I found it developed the main characters well and there were plenty of unexpected plot twists. Some scary and they made me think about them. I would recommend this if by you like teen romance and drama. Thank you to the author, Luke
  6. I enjoyed reading this story🙂 Twists and turns in plot and an unexpected conclusion. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the rest of the series. Well worth a read if you enjoy this genre.
  7. Luke Past

    Part 5

    I enjoyed reading this story 🙂 the time jump into the last chapter had me a bit puzzled to start with🤔 I eventually realised that it was a big jump in time and not a sudden change in tack. I did think at one point that it was going to be like an introduction that Griff was writing SciFi as a sideline😉 Anyway, another well written and well thought out story - thank you Geron.
  8. Luke Past

    Chapter 1

    Another great episode in this story. Thank you Geron🙂 I'll have to take another look at the photo which inspired it to try and work out who each boy is😯
  9. Luke Past

    Chapter 1

    Having Asperger's myself, it's nice to read a story with an autistic character in it. Rafie sounds like a cute boy and it would be good if he can get a boyfriend and not just share his twin's🤔 He does seem to be less socially able than me though. It's difficult to do the social thing to get close enough to someone for a relationship when you're on the Autistic Spectrum. I'm lucky enough to have had a boyfriend for a few years in my early 40s about 12 years ago🙂 I really enjoyed this episode of Jessie & Marty's story. Thank you🤗
  10. Luke Past

    Chapter 7

    What a great read😁😁😁 And just desserts to the homophobic rat🚿🐔🐓🐔 I just marvel at how Geron comes up with his wizard schemes for his characters. Another triumph that deserves an award unlike the homophobic rat 😂😂😂 Thank you for this great story👍
  11. Luke Past

    Chapter 4

    I know I'm reading this series of stories a couple of years late 😮 but they're still brightening my world🙂 Each one gets better as this master story teller's craft develops😍 and I still have many more of the author's takes to read🙂
  12. Luke Past

    Chapter 1

    I really enjoyed the first two Amsterdam stories. I realised after finding your story about the octagonal house that I had read some of your stories before. The thief of small things and another one - was the one about the summer job in the thrift shop yours? Anyway, I decided to follow you as an author. I'm glad that I did it was nice to read stories set in Amsterdam as I spent several summer holidays there😁 Have you considered setting one of your stories around the Tuschinski movie theatre? It's an amazing building both inside and outside😁
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