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Misunderstandings - McGees Boys Book 1 - 3. Chapter 3 - Cole

Chapter Three - Cole


My friend Rush and I slid onto stools side by side at the bar at the club, ‘McGee’s.’ Only a few people know where the name comes from. Tommy’s very secretive about it. When the question is raised he always blushes before deeming something needs his urgent attention and runs off. The club is actually named after his one and only love, a rescue dog he got when we first met our friend Raj. In college, Raj volunteered at an animal shelter by the name of ‘Fur-babies.’ Somehow he managed to wrangle Tommy into helping him out only for our hard friend to fall in love with a mongrel named ‘McGee.’

He still has the mutt. The poor thing is a lot older now with a grey muzzle and doesn’t get around too well. When we were younger, it didn’t matter where we were if Tommy was there, so was McGee. These days the poor pooch just sleeps, and he’s not too fussy about where that is. Usually whichever office Tommy is working out of at the time.

The club is already jumping, and it is only nine o’clock. It always is. It has a light, fun atmosphere, the décor homey yet solid and masculine. Even the bar, although huge, still made it feel like an intimate space. I love it here. It’s like a home away from home. Tommy had made his club feel personal, not like normal nightclubs. To me, they all seem to be flash, lights, fake smoke, with generic cold furniture. Man, I love it here. It’s not specifically a gay club as such more LGBT friendly, but it has become a favorite of our community so it’s mostly filled nightly with men who like men with a sprinkle of the rainbow crowd.

All eight of us gather here every Friday night. The same group started as three in middle school; me, Damon Rhodes, and Thomas (Tommy) Beaumont. And yes, those Beaumonts. The name you see plastered all over buildings around town. It turned into five when we hit high school picking up the brothers Rush and our loveable resident geek, Preston Montgomery. Two more in college; Kenneth (Doll) Little and Raj Singh. And, last but not least, Tyrone – never call him by his first name – Kelly who followed our Damon back from service in the Marines.

Tommy opened this place a few years back. It’s successful and is still one of the hottest places in town. The man knows his business. He owns this place, ‘McGee’s,’ and several other businesses around town but this is his only night joint. The other businesses are actual serious men wearing suits type of working day places. Those are the type of businesses that make me go cross-eyed before falling asleep just thinking about working at them. Although my degree is in design with a minor in business, I can’t imagine being surrounded by the same people day in day out and stuck in a cubicle. Oh, and Tommy also owns exactly one café that always seems to be full of hipsters.

Tommy and his family has more money than god, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him. Although he still has the hundred-dollar haircuts but rarely wears designer clothes going for a more casual look. A lot of polo shirts and Henley’s accompanied by jeans when he’s working, unless he has meetings, then it is tailored suits. Something we’ve only gotten a glimpse of when it’s unavoidable. The man is like one of those reptiles who changes their appearance or whatever to blend in. He fits in anywhere. I’m completely in awe at the way he can go from mixing with laborers and tradesmen one minute, and in the next, he’s holding his own against the CEO of a Fortune 500 company in a boardroom.

We went to an all-boys private middle school. Damon was a scholarship kid; that didn’t go down well with some. Tommy and I loved him from the moment we all met. He was different from the other entitled asses at the school. Our big friend was shy, decently good, and wickedly smart. He was bullied because he didn’t come from money. Damon was there on a scholarship he earned so even though his parents didn’t pay, he did deserve to be there. Tommy and I had his back every single time just like Damon had ours – no questions asked. The three of us were a force to be reckoned with if someone messed with one of us. The overprivileged with their empty heads and mouths full of opinions soon learned to leave us alone.

Although I wouldn’t say my parents were rich, they still managed to send my younger brother and me to private school. It came with sacrifices, dad had to work two jobs, and mom worked full-time and looked after us two boys. I’m grateful for what they did for us. I hope when it’s my turn I pay it forward to my own kids and then some. Adele and Sandy Trainer are the type of parents I wish for any kid. They were firm and believed in discipline but at the same time, were warm and loving. They were also huggers, so my brother and I are too. By extension, Damon and Tommy are always ready for a hug. More the former than the latter due to his own upbringing. They both spent a lot of time at our house, so they didn’t really have a choice.

Rush caught the bartender’s attention-holding up two fingers, five seconds later beers appeared in front of us. Fortunately, Tommy lets us drink beer on tap for free as long as we generously tip the bar staff at the end of the night or when we leave. If we have bottles or the harder stuff, we pay. He doesn’t think we all know that he pays our tab out of his own pocket. We’ve tried many times to pay our way, but he and Rush almost came to blows over it once, so we don’t bother anymore. Our group of friends pays him back in other ways, never paying for flowers, free maintenance, repairs on his array of cars, security, stuff like that.

A heavy hand clapped me on the shoulder, swiveling my stool around. Tommy stood before me grinning in his usual polo shirt with the McGee’s logo and cargo pants. He dressed more like a bouncer than the owner. Whether he likes it or not, the way the man holds himself combined with his commanding presence in whatever room he walks into contradicts the casual everyday man look he tries to present.

“Where’s everyone at?” Tommy asked over the music.

“Don’t know.” Rush shrugged, lifting his beer to his lips, chugging half of it down. “Some are running late, Doll’s not coming; has a hot date or some shit.”

Tommy nodded before stepping up to the bar leaning over it talking to the new bartender. He must be new because I haven’t seen him before. The guy passed our friend a soda and two more beers for Rush and me. He then stood between us after giving us a fresh drink putting the empty glasses on the bar to be disposed of. The three of us people watched and took time ribbing each other while we waited for the rest of our crowd. A fiery little red-headed twink came over shirtless to harass Rush. It is a Friday night ritual that we can count on. It always broke my heart watching how hard the little guy tried to get Rush to give in to his charms only to slink away with a pout rejected again. Tommy thought the same when he offered my thoughts to Rush.

“One of these days, Rush, you’re going to have to let that kid have his way with you.” Tommy laughed. “You’re breaking his heart. Hell, you’re breaking my heart just watching. He tries so hard, and you reject him every time.”

“No, thanks. Not my type.” Rush’s smile thin, his tone terse while clenching his jaw. “I’m not into jailbait.”

“His name is Ronnie, and I’m pretty sure he’s in his late twenties. I’ve had his ID checked – a lot.” Tommy informed him. “Surprised the fuck out of me too.” He chuckled at the bewildered expression on Rush’s face.

Rush just grunted at Tommy, who winked at me. We’re all pretty sure Rush has a thing for the cute redhead, but from all the teasing he gets from us about the guy, he just won’t go there. Poor little redheaded Ronnie.

“Thanks for the assist, by the way,” I said to Tommy so nobody else could hear.

He eyed me warningly. “Tell me you cut him loose, Coletrain?” His voice stern.

I grinned at my friend clinking our drinks while answering, “Oh, yeah. I didn’t even wait for his bullshit rant. Lying, cheating, sack of shit.”

Tommy clapped me on the shoulder, pulling me to him resting our foreheads together.

“You deserve so much more than that fuckstick, and you know it, brother.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled feeling the blush on my cheeks. Tommy moved back a step, acknowledging the frenzied bartender before disappearing to whatever bar crisis had his attention.

Over the next couple of hours, the guys showed their ugly mugs, except for Doll. Rarely would any of us bring a date on a Friday night unless it was serious. I still can’t believe I was stupid enough to bring Scott here, twatwaffle. Occasionally one of the guys would pick up and leave with someone but rarely and never a local or frequent flyer out of respect for Tommy. Everyone knew we were his friends and nobody wanted an ugly scene with a one-nighter giving Tommy a hard time. He’d kill us with just one look. Well, he’s not a magician. I’m sure there would be some kind of violent act involved. I’m not all that keen to find out what that would be.

Damon and Kelly were the last to arrive, both looking tired and a little grumpy. Well, mostly Damon. Kelly had that look of tearing up the place for a good time; even though I could tell he was almost done for the day.

“Why do you guys look like someone ran over you?” I asked.

Kelly turned his head slowly to me with a murderous gaze.

“We had a really fucked up day,” Damon answered with a sigh pressing his fingers to his forehead.

“That sucks,” I empathized, “what happened?”

Kelly started explaining animatedly about the client who brought his kid with him to a diamond heist. Jesus fucking christ, some people.

“Is the kid okay?!” I gasped.

“Yeah, Rhodes got him out in time before the kid even had a chance to know what was going on,” Kelly explained with pride giving Damon’s shoulder a rough pat. I smiled warmly at my man. Well, in my head anyway he’s my man.

“What happened to the dad?” Damon asked Kelly, “I left before I could find out?”

“Ha, that dumbass motherfucker is going to prison, man. That poor kid, at least he has his mom, I suppose.” Kelly laughed. “Officer Rason dropped by after you left and was telling me that when she showed up to the police station to see her husband they let her back to see him,” Kelly said as his following laughter boomed so loudly some of the nearby patrons turned their eyes on us. “She kicked him the balls and told him she was divorcing him and taking the boy with her back to Seattle to live with her parents for a while. And… she told him that if he tried to stop her she’d take him to court to have his parental rights severed.”

“Serves the asshole right,” Damon stated.

“Can she do that?” Rush pondered joining the conversation. Huh, I completely forgot he was even here. Oops.

Kelly shrugged his shoulder before answering, “No fuckin’ clue man, but I hope she follows through.”

“Serves him right,” Damon commented.

I looked my friend over closely putting my arms around him for a hug. “You look like shit, Damon,” I said in his ear. He squeezed me a little tighter and a lot longer than normal. Not that I’d ever complain about him being wrapped around me. As far as I’m concerned I’d keep him there forever and ever. I sighed internally when he pulled out of the hug, tapping my cheek gently with his open hand.

“You say the sweetest things to me,” he said, sounding more exhausted than he appeared.

“Should have gone home to bed,” I muttered worriedly. “We can live without you for one night.”

“I couldn’t live without you, though. You guys, I mean.” He corrected himself. I took it as a sign of how tired he was; not him saying he needed me specifically. Now, that would be every fantasy come true since I was fourteen years old. His dimples were the first set of pits I fell in love with, and they are the beauties that started my dimple fetish. I really need to look that shit up. It has to be a fetish or something.

I clapped my hand round the back of his neck with my thumb resting on his jaw, staring him straight in the eyes. “Don’t burn yourself out. You need to look after yourself. I hate it when you let yourself get this run down.” I said seriously, waiting for his acknowledgment of my concern. I watched his eyes dart to my lips then back to meet mine. Something passed over his face and went before I could identify the look. For a nano-second, I thought he was going to close the distance and finally, finally, lay those luscious pink lips of his on mine. Sadly not and I’m disappointed like every other time I thought he might feel something for me.

“I’m okay, Cole,” he said with a tired smile. Those damn dimples pitting his cheeks. “I promise.” He pulled away from my hand, looking around our group. “Where’s uh… Scott?”

“Gone.” I snapped, letting my arms drop looking away. I didn’t want to discuss it. It’s so embarrassing having to tell him I was cheated on again. Plus there’s always the fear Damon, Kelly, and Tommy would hunt him down and cut off his balls. Meh, I think I could live with it.

“Home? He left you here?” Damon’s tone seethed with anger on my behalf.

I shook my head, smiling before answering, “Gone for good.”

Rush stood up from his stool to go out to the dance floor with Raj and Preston. Damon happily filled the vacancy with a relieved sigh looking happy as a clam to be off his feet. “Thank.Fucking.God. for small miracles. I absolutely despise that asshole. He wasn’t good enough for you. You deserve way better than that piece of shit.” And that would be you, please. I let the thought drift through my mind anxiously wanting to say it out loud but too chicken shit.

“Aww, you’re just a big marshmallow under all that muscle, aren’t ya?” I winked in his direction. “To be honest, I haven’t given him a thought since we broke up, not until you mentioned him, oh and when I thanked Tommy for the assist.” I patted his stomach. Fark, the man is built like a god damn tank.

Damon stretched on the stool next to me silently letting my jab from earlier about his softness go – almost. He poked me in the ribs with his finger playfully. I assume to distract me from my concern at him being ill. “There is nothing soft on or in this body Coletrain.” A nickname that only he and Tommy get to use, ever. I earnestly believe that my parents got a kick out of naming me Cole with the last name Trainer. Bastards.

“I’ll bet there isn’t,” I muttered quietly knowing he couldn’t hear me, but I think he might have. When my gaze met his, he was studying me like he was trying to work something out.

I love everything about Damon, inside and out, have since we were teenagers. It broke my heart when he joined the Marines instead of coming to college with the rest of us. I’m proud that he wanted to serve our country, but I’m not sure I took a solid full breath the entire time he was gone. I grumbled thanks as Kelly handed Damon a beer and turned to watch the dancefloor.

Damon is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met and fiercely protective of everyone in our group. His beauty on the inside outweighs the beauty on the outside, and let me tell you, the outside is perfection. His almost black wavy hair looks so soft. I want to run my fingers through it while he lays dozing in my lap on a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the television. His dark hair makes his stormy grey eyes stand out almost icy, but in complete contrast, they hold warmth and kindness. The man has shoulders as wide as a moose rack, I shit you not. I love being wrapped in those bad boys, even if it is only for a quick hug. His chest and arms make my mouth water, and his ass, fuck me, you could bounce a quarter off that damn thing. And yes, I’m sure he can fuck me up and down and all around, anytime, anywhere; I would never say no to that.

Damon yawned, but it turned into a cough savage enough to make my chest hurt. With my concerned gaze directed at him, he fidgeted before lying right to my face and telling me he was okay. “I’m fine, honest.”

“Mhmm.” My answer of disbelief is evident.

“Little C, man, no Micah tonight?” Kelly inquired, his attention back on us instead of the dancefloor. His eyes burning with lust at just the thought of a shot with my employee, friend, brother, whatever the hell he is.

“Uh-uh, no way, Kelly. You keep that delicious black ass of yours away from Micah.” I pointed demandingly into his chest. The six-foot-four imposing black man attracted attention everywhere, men and women alike continuously throw themselves at him. And I’m pretty sure he’s in love with our spunky Preston.

“What?” Kelly feigned innocently while Damon snorted a laugh beside me. “I’m a complete gentleman.”

“Stay away from Mica, manwhore,” I muttered the latter pointing my finger at him.

“Fine, fine, have it your way, man. But, if he ever comes to me, I’m seizing the opportunity. That is one fucking sexy twink.” He tapped beers with Damon in lazy agreement before drawing on his beer and another cough from my friend who is apparently ‘fine.’

“Ugh! You’re both impossible,” I grunted, turning my stool back to the bar to set my empty glass down. “As much fun as this is, I’m out. I have a stupidly early morning,” I dropped a twenty on the bar then tipped my imaginary hat to my impossible two friends. “Gentlemen,” I snarked. Damon winked and smiled at me.

I used the manners I was taught and said goodbye to everyone before leaving. When the thick sticky air hit my lungs outside the club it almost made me cough. Taking another breath of stuffy humid air, I rattled around in my pants pocket for my keys. When I couldn’t locate them, the search became more frantic. Shit.

“Cole, wait up. Your keys,” Damon called out, almost breathlessly while jogging toward me. The second he stopped, he began coughing.

Wow, that’s not like Damon to get winded. Especially after a short-paced run it took to get to me. His skin was pale and clammy.

“Are you okay?” I asked accepting my keys from his proffered hand. “Have you caught a summer flu or something?” I put my hand to his arm to steady him, noticing he was a little shaky. “Come on, let me give you a ride home. Do you think you can handle the bike?”

“What? Uh yeah, I guess.” He answered wearily and a little distracted. “Give me a second to message Kel. We didn’t come here together; we just arrived at the same time.” He said, covering a yawn with his fist.

“Oh,” I stuttered more than a little relieved that I would get to spend time alone with one of my oldest friends. Having his arms wrapped around me on the bike sounded like heaven even if it was only fifteen minutes. “Let’s go,” I said, taking hold of his arm at the elbow guiding him to my bike while he thumbed out a text. “I’ll bring you back to get your car tomorrow.”

“M’kay.” His voice sounding croaky and raw. He’s definitely sick.

“Come on big fella, you’ll feel better once you get home and into a hot shower. Then bed and rest for you.” I’ll wash your back, and front, and special places.

Hi there, I understand this chapter might have been a little on the boring side but there was information and a small introduction to a few of the group. Hopefully you'll find the chapters going forward will move the story ahead.

Thanks for reading and stay safe and well.

Joh :hug:

Copyright © 2022 Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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49 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Boring? It had hot guys galore

At least your priorities lie in the right place. hahaha. :kiss:

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Sorry to disagree, Joh, but this chapter was not boring but rather informative and a bit insightful.  It was a good setup for what's to come. 

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Can't say it any better than the comments above...what street is the bar located on, I'm wanting to go next Friday!!!!

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On 1/16/2022 at 3:41 PM, VBlew said:

Fun chapter getting to know more of the characters.

Glad you enjoyed it. A new chapter will be posted in a few moments. :) 

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On 1/16/2022 at 5:07 PM, chris191070 said:

Great chapter, full of hot guys.

Who doesn't like that, right?

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On 1/16/2022 at 7:03 PM, Howzat said:

@Bndmetlmost definitely not boring!

Can't wait to read more.

Thanks, Howzat, kind of you to say. Hope you're doing well and staying safe. More coming very soon. 

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On 1/17/2022 at 4:09 AM, Clancy59 said:

Hardly boring.  We got to meet more of the guys and see the close relationships between them.  

We know has a thing for Damon.  Does Damon have a thing for Cole?

Speaking of Sentinel Oaks, will we be seeing more of them soon, I hope?

You're sweet, thanks Clancy59. Yes there will be more Sentinel Oaks coming. We've changed our mind on the direction of the new chapter and for some reason Rush won't come on board with that. But, hopefully soon. 

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On 1/17/2022 at 9:57 AM, pvtguy said:

Sorry to disagree, Joh, but this chapter was not boring but rather informative and a bit insightful.  It was a good setup for what's to come. 

Oh, well I'm glad to hear it. I hope you keep enjoying what's to come. The next chapter is a little sad-ish, but the one after is very sad. So I apologize in advance. Plus, you know a little spoiler. 


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On 1/18/2022 at 2:05 AM, drsawzall said:

Can't say it any better than the comments above...what street is the bar located on, I'm wanting to go next Friday!!!!

The bar is located on the corner of Batt and Tackle, see you there. :) I'll buy you a beer. 

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