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Home 3. All We Have Now

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Genres: Romance
Sub-genres: General Romance

Part III of "All We Have Now"

It's rated "Mature" for language and sexual content.

This is not a stand-alone story, so please read Part I+II first, if you haven't already.

To Kitt, thank you very much.

And to Irritable1, I can't even begin to thank you for all you have done for me. It was an honor and a great pleasure working with you and I'll be forever grateful for your support and your friendship.

This is the end of "All We Have". Thank you for sticking around. Now please enjoy :-)

Copyright © 2015 DavidAB; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Part 1
    • 5,316 Words
  • 2. Part 2
    • 5,934 Words
  • 3. Part 3
    • 6,984 Words
  • 4. Part 4
    • 6,172 Words
  • 5. Part 5
    • 5,202 Words
  • 6. Part 6
    • 5,928 Words
  • 7. Part 7
    • 4,364 Words

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The final part of Cody and Troy’s story. Now that they’ve arrived in California, the two try to make a life for themselves in a home that they found.

What I Loved


I thought it would be inevitable that Cody and Troy would come across some friendly humans, and I wasn’t wrong. The group seems like a nice bunch of people. Especially Wyett.

Cody and Troy’s wedding was nice, and a great way to wrap the series up.

What Could’ve Been Better

Honestly, I don’t think Michael and Dylan contributed much to the story. I would’ve preferred a direction where Cody and Troy continue to live independently.

While prior stories in the series have this grim atmosphere and tone to them, this one replaces it with more of an “everyday living-esque” tone.


The whole “Troy might be a pedophile” thing was insane and completely overblown by several characters. I’m fully on Troy’s side here – what’s wrong with checking to make sure a person isn’t infected? (Especially since he doesn’t have as much knowledge about the zombies as the group has.) Sure, he could’ve been more polite when asking, but there is nothing wrong with Troy’s automatic distrust of others (see: Maureen, the intruders at the house, the old man, etc) and a demand to see proof of non-infection.

What exactly did Troy discuss with Beverly? Troy said he would like to keep it between them “for now”, then never mentioned again.

The whole blackface thing was awkward and didn’t seem to have much of a point to it. (Plus, Cody’s somewhat excessive naïveté continues, considering how he didn’t see the issue with what he did…) Perhaps it would’ve been better for him to do something more immature, like draw a dick on Troy’s face or something instead.

This series can’t seem to figure out whether it wants to give more information about the zombies or not. Some information is mentioned in this entry (for example, somehow, they hate high frequency sounds), but it is mentioned way too late in the series to matter, in my opinion.

Miscellaneous Thoughts


I wonder how long the group can continue living in a semi-luxurious lifestyle (at least, to standards of the zombie apocalypse). Eventually, the gasoline and other perishable supplies will run out.

Where’d Wyett get that gigantic TV from, anyway? There must’ve been a lot of looting and stuff during the collapse of society.


While All We Have Now began the series on a strong note, Home ends it on a somewhat weak note. It’s not bad per-se, but it could’ve been better. The story introduces a bunch of unnecessary (in my view) characters and plot elements, and I think it would’ve been better if it had continued in the direction of being “Cody and Troy only”.

The ending wraps up the series very well, though.

3 stars.

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