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Do Over 1. Do Over

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Never trust a mad scientist. The experiment went wrong, but it gives Davey a chance to redo mistakes in his life. What would you do?

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Mature story contains dark themes involving graphic violence and taboo topics that may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Please do not read further if this bothers you.

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If novels dealing with sci-fi, time travel, romance or wars are your thing, you need to read this book. If none of the four mentioned genres are your typical read, you should read this story nonetheless. 

I’ve rarely come across a story so multifaceted as this one is, so we’ll written or so immersive that it sweeps you off your feet from start to end.

dkstories captivated me from the first chapter, and took me for a wild ride that was worth every single minute spent in his world.

Davey, the main protagonist, gets transported back into his youth, and while he’s actually a thirty-something, he’s reliving his teenage years, trying to fly under the radar and not give away the fact that his mental age differs widely from his physical age. In trying to keep his family away from things that happened before, or will happen from his current point of view, he sets events in motion that he can’t stop once they are under way. 

Thank you for this book, dkstories. I can see myself rereading this book in the future. 

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· Edited by DaveinLA

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Perhaps once a year, or so, I will be doing something and think to myself, "If I could go back to a younger age and know the things that I know now, what a difference it could make in my life!"

This is an old theme - dozens of books have been published where a person has been returned to a younger age, an earlier time or a different time.  Adam Sandler starred in a movie with this theme - and I am sure there are other movies that embrace parts of this theme, as well.

But when I have those thoughts...."If I could go back in time...", I think, "maybe I should re-read Do Over!"  Something I have just done.

I wish I knew what happened to dkstories.  Such a talented writer!  There are actually four stories in the Do Over series - all four told with different results of Davey Jones returning back to a younger age.  Each is an excellent story and any one could be read without having to reference the others.  But the first one is the best one, in my opinion.

30-something Davey Jones agrees to participate in some obscure - and, no doubt, illegal - experiment to send someone's consciousness back in time.  He participates because he is sort of down on his luck and needs the $10,000 that he is to be paid for participating!  He is only supposed to be there for a very short period of time and only supposed to be able to observe - not interact.  But when the experiment actually takes place, he wakes up in his body as it was when he was 12 years old.

Davey is a smart guy - and realizes instantly that he should be careful to not  change things because changes will, undoubtedly affect the future.  But one of the first things that happens, differently to his first time around, is he has a run-in with Brian Breckenridge who he only knew as a casual acquaintance in his first time around.  Brian is a jock, popular, smart - the writer describes him as the "boy all the girls want and all the boys want to be".

And so, Davey's new life begins the rollercoaster ride that is the thrill of Do Over!

Davey and Brian become truly a dedicated couple.  Davey tries to keep the time-travel thing a secret.  Davey tries to keep his love life from his Baptist Pastor father.  Davey doesn't want his circumstances to change the future.

All of this unravels, however.  To the point of World War III.

dkstories is masterful in many ways.  He is able to spin a story that is believable but so extreme that one gasps as they read it.  His details are as extreme as the plot line - he gives the reader details about military equipment, engagements and situations that make us feel as if we are learning from a master.  He makes the characters very real, giving us glimpses into their thoughts and feelings that make the reader feel as if we actually know that character.

Do Over is a great read!  If you are perusing around GA and you reach this page, then don't wait, don't hesitate.  Click on Chapter One and begin!


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This is an exciting, well written adventure.  The characters are complex and well developed.  The story is suspenseful and thought provoking.

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Stories involving time travel and all its implications are one of my favourites. This one is particularly well thought out and executed. An enjoyable read that isn’t at all predictable and leaves the reader thinking about alternative present and futures.

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Great story. The series is in my top 5 favorites that I have read. There are actually 4 of the Do Over Series. You can find the other 3 at this site. I highly recommend all 4 stories. I just wish dkstories would come out with a 5th one where he would tell the story of the guys living a normal life.


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