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Drums of War 4. Homestead Pride

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Members of several packs have gone missing, and most important to Dylan Davenport, the Enforcer from Homestead, his beloved mentor, Gene. What has become of them?

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Homestead Pride is a series of 5 books that tells a wonderful story about Homestead Pack from its earliest times.  These novels are ingenious and entertaining and all worthy of a reader's attention.  The books flow easily from one to the next, although books one to three can stand alone.  Drums of War however is best read in order, because of the complex relationships of the characters and history of the plot.  

Homestead Pack has a treaty with the Salt Lake City Pack who has requested help in finding two young missionaries from their pack who have disappeared.  Jon, the Alpha of the Homestead Pack, assigns this task to a very strong and experienced team of pack Hunters, but then they disappear also.  Dylan and three of his bonded friends who are all pack Enforcers are sent out to find the missing Lycans with the addition of a falcon shifter, Phuong.  Using their various powers they set off on a dangerous adventure to find the missing Lycans.  These characters are engaging and complex.  Their task is dangerous as they face many challenges along the way.  The author has a great ability in writing dialogue that is both fun and informative while sounding real.  I highly recommend this story, but believe it is appreciated more if read after the first three excellent stories in the series.  Happy reading All!

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