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Merry Christmas

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

After years of self-deception, Dan had finally seen the proverbial light, thanks to some caring friends. Scott was a game-player, brazenly wreaking havoc with Dan's heart, and he had let him. Christmas be damned, it was time to reclaim his dignity, and accept that he deserved better... much better.  

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"You are what I'm most grateful for this year. "

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A sad story of the end of a relationship, we've all been there at some point, but if you're an optimist like me you will see the hint of future hope and the happiness that is possible. A story to be read and one to look beyond. A definite recommended read.

Oh just one warning though, have the kleenex ready.

Response from the author:

Thank you so much for reviewing this story, Mancunian. Your comment is thoughtful, and hopefully, will encourage others to read this. Cheers!

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

This is as excepted well written Gary story. I would recommend it to anyone.:yes: With a good helping of Gary Magic 

Response from the author:

Thanks very much, Albert! I so appreciate the review, and never tire of hearing about this 'Gary magic.' :) 

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Another masterpiece from @Headstall. Only highly skillful author can write a story about breakup where at the end you don't feel sadness, but a relief and optimism. The story where you cheer up the protagonist for being brave and, although heartbroken, heading for the brighter future. 

Response from the author:

Thanks, Cane, for the lovely review. I hope it stirs new interest in this little story. It was a personal one for me, and it was cathartic to write. You're right that it is not a typical HEA story, but it still is in its own way. On the other side of sadness a whole world awaits. Cheers, and thanks again for your kind words. Gary

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This isn't just a Christmas story.  It is a story for all seasons, all times, because most of us have common experiences.  What stands out most for me is courage and determination to leave a toxic relation and start a new life. This Christmas gift to himself is the start of a bright, promising New Year for the main character. There is no hate in this story, just understanding and determination to create a better future. This story stands on the realistic situation and dialogue created by Headstall. It's a great story that leaves me hoping that Dan, the main character, will get his reward for his courage and determination. For me this is a great New Years read.  Maybe before the resolutions are made?

Response from the author:

This is a story about what's possible to come as much as it is about the past. I agree it fits as a good read for New Year. Thanks for the great review, buddy. I hope others will see fit to give this short story a read. Cheers!

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