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The Legacy

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Sub-genres: Suspense, Drama

Being a lad from the mines I always wondered what it would be like to make good and become a Lord of the land... Not long ago, we remembered one hundred years since the start of the great war. This story was originally born at that time as I started thinking about my background. My family were all miners and during the war the mines were owned by the gentry, the Dukes and such... It got me thinking, what if during the war the workers(Miners) met the ruling classes? What if one of them was evacuated in the war to live with a miner and his family... Such fun!

The story starts with Myles Kaylock, grandson of Lord Vimbaston, and the people that influence his life. We see an empire being built. A legacy being born... The story then jumps with poetic licence and we find ourselves in England with the ancestor of Myles... The Marquis! 

All will be revealed.

Copyright © 2019 Kev; All Rights Reserved.

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