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Day-Glo Afterdark 1. Vega-5

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Genres: Fantasy, Comedy

2006 Summer Anthology --- Welcome to Vega-5, where every need and desire can be met, even if you don't know what they are yet. So unpack your bags and enjoy your stay, but remember, what happens on Vega-5, stays on Vega-5, unless the vid-bots broadcast it to the universe.

These works of fiction contain detailed descriptions of sex. If this causes you offence, you may rest assured that I have done my level best to offend you as much as possible. If you live in an area where reading such material may cost you your liberty, then I would advise that you flee while there is still time. If you are under the age permitted for reading such stories where you live, please remember to clean out your browser's cache directory and history file immediately after reading. Otherwise someone in authority over you will probably find it. The rest of you can read on with a clean conscience. Any likenesses to persons living, or dead, is unintentional. I retain all rights to these writs.
Copyright © 2010 Lugh; All Rights Reserved.

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Carlos Hazday

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I first read this story nearly four years ago. At the time, I commented to the author I had enjoyed it. I did so again with the second reading; maybe a bit more than before.


Biology plays a strong role in how Jayce and Keef end up meeting and becoming entangled. A different type of entanglement that that experienced by their fathers without their awareness.  This simple, cute tale does touch upon subjects of interracial/interspecies relations, family obligations, and political and military matters. Quite a lot to cram into such a limited number of words. But you can ignore all those if you want and not search for hidden meanings. The good feelings engendered by Day-Glo Afterdark are enough for me to recommend you read it.

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