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Lost Soul - John/Christian - 2. Part 2

What is there to say other than in one day a boy realises he is growing into a man.

It's a day full of the roller coaster known as emotion, it's an important day, more important than young John realises.

The Watsons have a scare, one they never expected and hope never to have again.

Please remember that the tissue warning is still in place.

John crawled into bed feeling... well he wasn't sure what he was feeling he was tired he knew that, he'd worked really hard the last couple of days helping Christian, cleaning, polishing and moving furniture, he'd helped in the garden and helped wash two of the limousines, yes he really was tired but for the first time in months he felt calm almost serene as he drifted off to sleep.

As he slept he felt a pair of strong arms holding him tight but also gently and he felt secure. There was a gentle breath on the back of his neck and he felt the kiss that followed, then there was that smell, the masculine muskiness he associated with Christian. The strong light touch of his hands as they stroked his body and aroused those feelings in the pit of his stomach as his legs felt week. He turned over and kissed the lips in front of him and he was transported to another world where he experienced the feelings of true love as he felt things welling up in his groins, he couldn't hold on anymore and exploded his boy juice drenching his bed. As he woke he realised it was just a dream and felt guilty for the feelings he harboured, then panicked, how was he going to explain the mess in his bed? He felt sure that Ethel would be angry with him, a boy of his age wetting the bed.

In his rush to get to the bedroom he didn't notice Phillip on his way down stairs, but Phillip noticed him and the embarrassing condition he was in. John quickly used the toilet, then jumped in the shower to clean the sticky mess from his body. As soon as he finished in the shower he ran to his room with a towel wrapped around his body ready to clean up the mess in his bed and wash his sheets. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw John Watson stripping his bed with fresh bed linen at the ready, John was mortified.

John Watson carried on with what he was doing, when he was done he ruffled John's hair, “It's alright young man, I'll just put these in the wash while you get dressed and then me and you can have a little chat, okay?” Quietly and reassuringly he continued, “Christian is right you are a little worry wort aren't you? Well stop worrying you're not in any trouble.” He then went to the laundry room leaving John to get dressed.

Now fully clothed Johns mind went into overdrive, 'I know what he said but I know he's angry with me well I'll save him the trouble I'll pack and go now.' Quickly he packed what he could into his school bag, ran down the stairs and straight out of the front door.

After running for what seemed like hours, but was really only about ten minutes, he stopped and looked about. He didn't know where he was as he wasn't familiar with this part of town. Then he heard a car turning into the road he knew the sound of the car, there was no mistaking the sound of John Watson's limousines, 'Oh god what do I do now, please god help me.' Then he spotted the bus shelter and hid behind it as the limousine drove past. When it was out of sight he carried on walking and walking, always listening out for the sound of the limousine's engine.

Back at the house Ethel was having her own panic attack worrying about John. “Honestly Phillip he's a sweet boy all he needs is someone to love him and help come to terms with what's happened to him. We care about him, I just want him home.” Then she sank back into the chair behind her crying with her head in her hands.

Don't worry Ethel if John doesn't catch up to him we will go out looking for him.” Just then John Watson came in the front door after unsuccessfully going after John. “John you shouldn't be trying to run after young boys at your age, let's get one of the cars and go look for him. Maybe we could get Christian and the rest of your staff to look for him too then we stand a better chance.”

Nodding his head in agreement John Watson stood regaining his breath while Phillip put things into motion. Three limousines drove around for more than two hours looking but had no luck, there was no sign of him, Christian hadn't seen John as he hid behind the bus shelter watching as the limousine drove past. The only thing that could be done now was to inform the police and Social Services.

The police and Social Services had been informed, details given, reports made and filed they had now left and everyone was sat in the Watson household quietly thinking, 'what can we do now.'

It was approaching lunch time and Phillip could feel the pangs of hunger starting to strike, “Okay everyone I think we all need to find something to do, occupy our minds or all we will succeed in is precisely nothing. John may I make a suggestion?” John Watson nodded. “Good, Ethel, Emily it's nearing lunch time and if nobody is feeling hungry yet they will soon so why don't you make us some sandwiches for lunch, get whoever you need to help you. Christian you take a couple of the men from the yard and get the limo's filled, John you come with me let's have a look in the lads room, see if we can come across anything that may help find him.”

Everyone rose and set to the tasks appointed by Phillip, except Christian who called the office asking that the men at the yard get the limo's ready, then he went to help Ethel and Emily. Phillip and John checked young John's room but came up with nothing. As food and a pot of tea had been made they all congregated in the kitchen which was a little crowded.

Suddenly Christian shouted out, “That's it, I think I know where he may be.” As he went to leave Phillip caught him by the arm.

Christian would you like to share then we can all go and look.”

Sure, sorry, I'm just thinking that he may be making his way to the cemetery. He's sometimes confided in me and one thing he often says is that he never got a chance to say good bye to his parents properly. I know he feels guilty about that so I think he may be heading there before he does anything else.”

Excellent Christian, good thinking. Okay John you take one of your men I'll go with Christian and let's go different ways and meet up at the cemetery, may be that will improve our chances of finding him. Emily you stay here and look after Ethel till we get back.” On that note the men left for the cemetery and the women remained at home, just in case John turned up.

Just like most boys John hadn't thought anything through that morning, he hadn't eaten breakfast and now he was getting hungry. He just wanted his mom and dad but he knew that wasn't possible, he just carried on walking and put his hands in his pockets. His fingers hit on some change which he pulled out and counted, one pound and sixty three pence, not much but at least he could buy something with it.

John carried on till he got to the end of the road then realised where he was, he knew if went a bit further on there was a convenience store and just past that was the cemetery. He made his way to the store and went in to find something to eat. His luck was in he just afford the cheapest sandwich and a small carton of juice, picking them up he made his way to the till before leaving for the cemetery.

John soon found his mom's and dad's grave, there was a small marker stone there with there names on. The headstone hadn't arrived yet, he knew that there was a delay. He sat to the side at the head of the grave and tried to talk but all that came out was a gargled wailing sound as he cried and all of his emotions were let out. After sometime he quieted and realising his thirst and hunger took out the egg mayo sandwich and the small carton of juice that he bought earlier.

Once his sandwich was eaten John started to talk to his mom and dad, telling them how much he missed them, he knew they didn't have much but the caravan they lived in was home, it was where he knew he was loved and wanted. The more he spoke, the more emotional he got, curling up in as ball he lay down with his head where his mum's and dad's chests would be. In his exhaustion he cried himself to sleep.

The two limousines approached the entrance to the cemetery from different directions and parked up. The men got out and spoke between themselves before entering the cemetery. Phillip and Christian made their way to the chapel while John Watson and his companion Fred went to where John's mom and dad were buried.

As they got close to the grave Fred spotted something on top of the grave, he stopped John and pointed, “Look John, is that him lay on the ground? I can't see him moving, you don't think he's ….” He never got to finish as they ran to the grave side shouting.

The noise the men made startled John as he woke, seeing them running toward him he didn't think about his bag and jumped up running as fast as he could. He had to take the long way round to avoid them and ended up near the chapel. He momentarily stopped to catch his breath, as he did he saw Christian come from the back of the chapel so he ran toward the cemetery entrance which took him by the front of the chapel. He didn't see Phillip but felt his strong arms surround him as he tried to run, Phillip lifted him up in the air which stopped his escape and pulled John into his chest.

Christian went to take him from Phillip's arms which resulted in John screaming and shouting, kicking out to try to get free. Phillip told him no and to stay there to let John Watson know the boy was ok then took John into the chapel. After a few minutes exhausted and almost 'cried out' John calmed down and sobbed into Phillips shoulder.

Phillip sat with him in one of the pews still holding him close. “It's alright, I promise you everything is going to be okay.” he just continued to hold him and gently rocked trying to calm the boy more.

Just then he heard the door opening, when he checked he could see Christian and the other two in the doorway. He shook his head 'no' and signalled them to go. It took a few more minutes for John to fully calm down and relax. Phillip sensed that John may now be prepared to talk.

John do you feel up to talking to me now?”

Resigned to his fate the boy nodded.

Good, you know you had all of us worried about you,” Phillip changed his grip so that he was hugging John and placed his chin on top of John's head. “We were just waiting for you to come down for breakfast before we decided what to do today, I was hoping I could talk you into going to Blackpool to see the lights. I haven't been there for years, I've missed it living in London.”

I'm sorry, I would have liked that but I couldn't go with you anyway.”

Why not, John and Ethel were coming and they wouldn't leave you at home on your own.”

Mr Watson was angry with me I know he was and he was going to phone the social worker to take me away.”

Why would he do that? He likes you and so does Ethel, in fact even Christian said that he thinks you're an adorable boy.”

They might say that but Mr Watson doesn't think it and when he tells everyone what I did nobody will like me. He even said that me and him had to have a private chat, so I know I'm in trouble and he's angry with me.”

Phillip wasn't a religious man but given where they were he thought he'd use it.

John do you know where we are?”

Yeah, we're in a church this is where we had the service to bury my mom and dad.”

Well it's not exactly a church, it's what's known as a chapel but it's like a church.”

Yeah so.”

Well you shouldn't lie in a church to anyone, that would be like telling lies to God, you do understand that don't you?”

Yeah I'm not stupid.” John hadn't been brought up in a religious house but he was taught to respect the church and clergymen, in fact he was taught to respect all religions and beliefs.

Then can you tell me what you did that was so bad for John to be that angry with you?”

John was caught like a deer in headlights and he felt the shame and embarrassment that he had that morning, first he looked down at the floor then he gulped, “I did something bad. I ruined the bed. I wet myself in the night but I think there is something wrong with me because it was all sticky and I made a mess and Mr Watson found it.” He threw himself into Phillip's arms and sobbed. “Please tell him I'm sorry I didn't mean it. I promise I won't do it again if they will let me stay, I like them and I don't want to make them angry, will you tell them for me please.”

Phillip put two and two together and thinking about what he'd seen that morning and his conversations with John Watson he realised what had happened. He then spent the next fifteen minutes giving John 'the talk,' you know the one about 'the birds and the bees.' He made a point of emphasising the part about nocturnal emissions, 'wet dreams', and making it clear that it is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. At the tender age of eleven John's body was changing.

When Phillip had finished 'the talk' he held John at arms length looking him in the eye. “John I promise you now here in this chapel in front of God that you have nothing to worry about you are not being sent away, everybody likes you, we care about you.”

John threw himself back into Phillips arms hugging him and whispered, “Thank you.” He then kissed Phillip on the cheek like a boy does. At that point Phillip knew what he had to do.

Standing Phillip took the boy by the hand leading him to the door, “Let's go home son.”

Phew, what a day, I don't know about but I'm glad it over and I hope that everything turns out well. What do think will happen?

Thank you to those who are still with me and reading, I hope you enjoyed this instalment. Leave a comment and let me know what you think i appreciate all comments and I do read them.


This has been written without the aid of a beta reader or editor as that is how I want to it. The same as it is for all of the stories in the Lost Soul collection and The Boot - Three Years On.

Copyright © 2020 Mancunian; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

6 hours ago, Freemantleman said:

Heart wrenching!!

Beautifully written & topics dealt with sensitively as always !! 

Thank you for reading your comments are greatly appreciated. 

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4 hours ago, Marty said:

Oh dear... poor wee John. ❤️

What can I say he's young lad growing up with a lot to learn, let's hope he's in the right place.

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Going through the sudden loss of both his parents at this vulnerable young age is horrible enough, but throw into that, John beginning his 'change' from boy to teen? It's no wonder the lad panicked. 

If the next / coming chapters are as well and thoughtfully written as the first two, we're in for a good read.

Thank you.

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8 hours ago, Anton_Cloche said:

Going through the sudden loss of both his parents at this vulnerable young age is horrible enough, but throw into that, John beginning his 'change' from boy to teen? It's no wonder the lad panicked. 

If the next / coming chapters are as well and thoughtfully written as the first two, we're in for a good read.

Thank you.

Thank you for the comments they are appreciated, I will be doing my best, after all is said and done John deserves that of me as do my readers.

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